Standard of Ethics

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Standard of ethics and the condition of firearms and accessories

Here is the generally accepted standard of ethics among gun dealers and collectors.  It is used to as a guideline for grading the value of guns and accessories.   It can also be used as a general guide for grading the value of other equipment, but gun dealers and gun owners are often sensitive about the value of their items and a general standard was developed by the NRA back in the early part of the 20 century.  It has not changed much over the years and has been adopted by many others.

Conditions grade in several levels, with some exceptions made for unique items and items that have been specifically damaged or rebuilt.

General guideline:

Bad - The gun is damaged or deteriorated to the point that it is not realistically salvageable.  

Poor - The gun is damaged and not usable.  Missing parts or has damage to the point that it may not be safe, reliable or accurate, but it is repairable and the majority of significant parts are intact. 

Fair - The gun exhibits signs of wear and use, but is safe and serviceable.   It may have some pitting in the bore, but not enough to seriously affect accuracy.   This is the common condition for beat up surplus guns.   May require adjustments, minor parts replacements and corrosion that does not render the gun unsafe or inoperable.  

Good - In safe working condition with minor wear on working parts and surfaces.  No broken parts or significant corrosion or pitting that would interfere with proper functioning.

Very good - In perfect working condition, no appreciable wear on working surfaces.  Any well cared for guns and gear should be in very good condition.  

Excellent - New to slightly used condition.  No appreciable wear on any finish except on some sharp edges.  

Like new / as new - Not previously sold at retail, as in current factory condition.  Should include all or most of whatever packaging the item was with when it left the factory or distributor.  

Note, many low grade guns and gear items come from the "factories" in unusable condition and require fitting, tuning and upgrades right out of the box.   That is where the various informed opinions of the people involved have to figure out which alterations detract from the "original" value of something and which alterations enhance the value of the item.