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Authentic Gurkha Kukri Knife

97.2/100our score
Authentic Gurkha Kukri Knife
Why is it better?
  • Authentic Full tang blade
  • Hand forged by the blacksmith.
  • From the homeland of the Gurkhas
  • Rosewood Full Tang handle
  • Highly Graded Carbon Steel blade

Have you ever been outdoors on an adventure, and discovered that you needed something extra for an unexpected situation? The Kukri knife is the perfect tool.

The Kukri knife originates in the Indian subcontinent with Nepal and India. Nepal has been associated with the Kukri knife for several decades. Not only is it associated as the national knife in Nepal, but as a symbol of Gurkha soldiers. Historically, this knife was a weapon during wartime, especially during World War II.

One look at the Kukri knife commands respect. Medium in length, sharp and curvy, it is considered a machete. According to the blade’s thickness, it’s design may differ. Today, people use it as a general-purpose blade for everyday activities such as weeding, clearing thick bushes, chopping firewood, or cutting down small trees.

Many Kukri knives are available today. We have picked out some of the best Kukri knives available online for your consideration.

In our opinion the 7 Best Kukri Knives in 2021 are:

  1. Authentic Gurkha Kukri Knife
  2. GKH-Nepal Authentic Gurkha Kukri Knife
  3. CRKT KUK Carbon Steel Kukri Knife
  4. REG-0102, Custom Handmade Damascus Steel 14 Inches Kukri Knife
  5. EGKH Genuine Gurkha Hand Forged Kukri
  6. Schrade SCHKM1 Kukri Machete for Outdoor Survival
  7. Ka-Bar Combat Kukri Knife
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Kukri Knives Comparison


Authentic Gurkha Kukri Knife

Authentic Gurkha Kukri Knife

Durability: 98
Effectiveness: 97.5
Brand: 97
Materials: 96.5
Portability: 97
Average: 97.2


GKH-Nepal Authentic Gurkha Kukri Knife

GKH-Nepal Authentic Gurkha Kukri Knife

Durability: 97
Effectiveness: 96
Brand: 95.5
Materials: 96
Portability: 96
Average: 95.9


CRKT KUK Carbon Steel Kukri Knife

CRKT KUK Carbon Steel Kukri Knife

Durability: 96
Effectiveness: 95
Brand: 94
Materials: 96.5
Portability: 93
Average: 94.9


REG-0102, Custom Handmade Damascus Steel 14 Inches Kukri Knife

REG-0102, Custom Handmade Damascus Steel 14 Inches Kukri Knife

Durability: 95
Effectiveness: 94.5
Brand: 93
Materials: 94
Portability: 95
Average: 94.3


EGKH Genuine Gurkha Hand Forged Kukri

EGKH Genuine Gurkha Hand Forged Kukri

Durability: 93
Effectiveness: 92.5
Brand: 92
Materials: 92
Portability: 92
Average: 92.3


Schrade SCHKM1 Kukri Machete for Outdoor Survival

Schrade SCHKM1 Kukri Machete for Outdoor Survival

Durability: 92
Effectiveness: 91
Brand: 91
Materials: 92
Portability: 92
Average: 91.6


Ka-Bar Combat Kukri Knife

Ka-Bar Combat Kukri Knife

Durability: 90
Effectiveness: 90
Brand: 90
Materials: 91
Portability: 90
Average: 90.2

Our Reviews

1 Authentic Gurkha Kukri Knife

Authentic Gurkha Kukri Knife

Durability 98%
Effectiveness 97.5%
Brand 97%
Materials 96.5%
Portability 97%
Average 97.2%

“The Beast” is in the long list of Kukri knives available on the market today. The  Kukri earns a top spot on the list because of its amazing features. This Kukri has a three-chirra fuller along the blade, in addition to several other carefully engineered features that make it so remarkable. It’s a well-built, meticulously constructed Kukri that is as impressive as it is useful.

Outstanding Durability

The sheath of this Kukri is shielded with the leather of a water buffalo. as well as a grip constructed of rosewood. This brand of Kukri knife is crafted of a durable, semi-polished, high grade carbon steel.

It has a 12 inch long blade and 5 inch grip. This knife has been crafted to form a distinct brand of rosewood for extreme strength and longevity. The blade of this Kukri knife is made of highly graded carbon. It has a balanced water purring temper located on the edge of the blade making it very strong.

Unique Design

This Kukri original has a completely plane tang handle which differs from the typical rat-tail creations. The blade and handle of the knife has a solo section that can be viewed throughout the entire handle.

Comprised of twin Rosewood sections, the joint attached firmly to the steel section of the handle. There are metal rivets on the lanyard hole of the handle, making it adjustable. One can chop wood or bushes with this durably efficient Kukri knife.

Cost And Value

What gives this knife such extreme value is the display case made of wood. When you purchase the two chakmak smaller, blunt knives,  the sharper, Karda knife is complimentary. You can use the blunt one to sharpen the blade of this kukri.

  • Authentic Full tang blade
  • Hand forged by the blacksmith.
  • From the homeland of the Gurkhas
  • Rosewood Full Tang handle
  • Highly Graded Carbon Steel blade
  • Sheath should be pure leather.
  • Does not appear to be finished

2 GKH-Nepal Authentic Gurkha Kukri Knife

GKH-Nepal Authentic Gurkha Kukri Knife

Durability 97%
Effectiveness 96%
Brand 95.5%
Materials 96%
Portability 96%
Average 95.9%

The Kukri knife is the specific type of blade that Afghanistan currently issues to its soldiers. It is made with the exact same durability and reliability as the combat-grade version of the knife. The only notable difference is the size of the Kukri’s blade.

Solid Construction

This Kukri machete is handmade by highly skilled craftsmen using top-quality materials in a traditional manner. This is why the knife is branded as being authentic. No attention to detail is spared.

The blade is made of full carbon steel, has a semi-polished finish, sharp edge, and a full-tang design. It is perfect for heavy-duty outdoor work.

Finger Gripped Handle

The handle of this gorgeously created equipment comes with a great finger grip that makes it easy for users to hold on to maintaining complete control of every movement. This allows for careful, measured movements. It also allows for greater ergonomic comfort, with decreased user fatigue.

If you wish to make precision cuts, you will need to have absolute control of your knife. The finger grip on this Kukri machete gives you total control.

Cost and Value

This Kukri knife is the second most expensive model on this list. However, with all that it offers users and its authentic design that is made to last a lifetime, it is well worth its price.

The handcrafting workmanship of this Kukri knife by the Bishwakarmas adds incredible value to this product. These people were considered extremely skilled Kaami or blacksmiths and used only the finest, quality materials.

  • Finger grip handles
  • Carbon steel 8-inch blade
  • Solid construction
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Beautiful design
  • Edge not very sharp
  • The sheath needs a little coaxing

3 CRKT KUK Carbon Steel Kukri Knife

CRKT KUK Carbon Steel Kukri Knife

Durability 96%
Effectiveness 95%
Brand 94%
Materials 96.5%
Portability 93%
Average 94.9%

This Kukri is an overall great option. It is entirely handmade, highly durable and has nice ergonomics. It has a high-quality injection molding handle and comes with a polyester sheath. The Kukri features a full tang recursive blade, made of strong carbon steel, which is great for both chopping and cutting. It has an industrial, utilitarian look and is highly durable.

Durable Blade

The CRKT KUK Fixed Blade Knife features a carbon steel blade that provides complete durability and gives users enough leverage to chop down just about anything in their way. It’s versatile and reinforced, for an impressive performance. The blade is extremely effective at chopping, slicing and cutting in a controlled manner.

Polyester Sheath

The durability of a sheath can be just as important as the durability of the Kukri knife itself. The makers of this Kukri understand this concept. As such, that is why this knife is designed from durable and reliable polyester. The sheath is strong, resistant to tearing and scratching. It also does a good job of protecting and cushioning the knife itself.

  • Highly durable blade
  • Handmade, careful construction
  • Injection molding handle
  • Comes with polyester sheath
  • Recursive carbon steel blade
  • Doesn't have custom-fitted wooden handle
  • Not great used as a chopper

4 REG-0102, Custom Handmade Damascus Steel 14 Inches Kukri Knife

REG-0102, Custom Handmade Damascus Steel 14 Inches Kukri Knife

Durability 95%
Effectiveness 94.5%
Brand 93%
Materials 94%
Portability 95%
Average 94.3%

As the name implies, REG-0102, this 14 inch Damascus Steel handmade custom knife was created to last a long time. This makes an ideal advancement to any collection. It’s as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. It’s a beautiful and fully functional knife with sharp cutting abilities that make using it a pleasure.

Handmade Leather Sheath

This blade comes with a beautiful leather sheath that makes it easy for users to store the blade. This makes it convenient to take a break from cutting and have quick access to the knife when needed.

Easy To Sharpen

In addition to having an extremely sharp blade, it can als be sharpened rather simply. The blade is crafted from durable steel that can simply be resharpened to a razor’s edge.

Cost and Value

The REG-0102, handmade Damascus steel knife is the mid-range product on our list, meaning it’s neither overly expensive nor is it cheap. However, it is completely different from many other products on the market with its handmade design and effectiveness level, making it well worth its price.

  • Handcrafted; made of genuine Damascus steel
  • Handle made of Pakka wood
  • Extremely sharp blade; easy to resharpen
  • Perfect display piece
  • Built to last for years
  • Handle is slightly too small
  • It is not rust or corrosion-resistant

5 EGKH Genuine Gurkha Hand Forged Kukri

EGKH Genuine Gurkha Hand Forged Kukri

Durability 93%
Effectiveness 92.5%
Brand 92%
Materials 92%
Portability 92%
Average 92.3%

This Kukri is a high-quality, carefully-constructed item. Doing such things as skinning a fish will require a reliable and well-made knife in order to get it done. With its extremely durable construction and sharp blade, this Kukri knife is highly recommended. It will easily become the centerpiece of your collection, a fast favorite.

Solid Construction

The EGKH is produced with great design and solid construction around the handle. The Kukri machete includes a five-inch size rosewood handle, which makes gripping easy and also gives more of a leverage for the tougher cutting jobs. The overall design of the handle is ergonomic, allowing for greater comfort and reducing user fatigue.

Extremely Sharp Blade

The EGKH Gurkha Kukri knife is equipped with an extremely sharp blade. It is also designed with durable steel that is actually easier to sharpen. This gives you years of using a greatly sharpened edge, in perfect condition for heavy-duty use.

Cost and Value

The EGKH Gurkha Kukri knife is the least expensive item on our list. As you’re getting a product that is well-designed and carefully constructed along with being from a well-reputed brand, it makes the model well worth its price point, practically being a steal.

  • The Kukri sheath is handmade
  • It comes with two additional knives
  • Easy to sharpen and maintain
  • High-quality rosewood handle
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Spine too close to the handguard
  • The sheath is too small to hold

6 Schrade SCHKM1 Kukri Machete for Outdoor Survival

Schrade SCHKM1 Kukri Machete for Outdoor Survival

Durability 92%
Effectiveness 91%
Brand 91%
Materials 92%
Portability 92%
Average 91.6%

The Schrade SCHKM1 Kukri Machete has a 13.3 inch stainless steel blade and a T-Grip handle for safety. It is the ultimate tool for when going camping, cutting bushes, or just survivalist needs. You will be prepared for anything when you have this Schrade Kukri Machete on your side.

Durable Tool 

The blade of this Kukri knife is made from a durable, powder-coated, 3Cr13 metal. It also has a black, plastic handle that has reinforced safety grips.

To give you an extra edge, you also get a ferro rod, tool for sharpening the blade, and a hole for placing a lanyard through.

Secure and Reliable 

The front quillion of this Kukri knife offers a security one can trust. You can feel confident it will not slip from your grasp.

Cost and Value 

The cost of this cutting tool is affordable; making the value much greater than monetary. The sheath made of polyester gives the knife easy access. There is also a removable shoulder pouch, shoulder and leg strap, as well as a belt loop for storing the knife in a convenient location. These features make this a very valuable tool for cutting and defense.

  • Blade is reliable and durable
  • 13.3 inch long blade
  • Lightweight at 1 lb., 6.6 ounces
  • Front quillon give a secure grasp
  • Includes a sharpening tool, lanyard, and ferro rod
  • Sheath does not cover entire blade
  • Blade could be stronger

7 Ka-Bar Combat Kukri Knife

Ka-Bar Combat Kukri Knife

Durability 90%
Effectiveness 90%
Brand 90%
Materials 91%
Portability 90%
Average 90.2%

The Ka-Bar combat Kukri knife has a blade that is 8-½ inches in length and the overall length is 13-⅜ inches. It is made of a durable 1095 cro-van steel to provide you with the sharpest cut possible. This is the ideal tool any survivalist or outdoor enthusiast is going to love this cutting machine.

1095 Steel 

The blade of this Kukri knife is a black, powder-coated, high-carbon, epoxy-coated, 1095 steel. It is non-reflective so it will not give away your location if you don’t want it to.

Excellent tool for Camping 

This is an excellent knife to use while camping or out on the trail hiking. The blade is sharp enough to cut average sized tree branches.

Cost and Value 

You will be impressed by the value this knife has from the moment you take it out of its packaging. It comes with a durable sheath for storing and protecting the blade when not in use. It is also affordably priced so you will not damage your budget when you make the purchase.

  • 8-½ inch long blade
  • 13-⅜ overall length of tool
  • Made with 1095 cro-van steel
  • Non-reflective, high-carbon, powder-coated steel
  • Made in the USA
  • Quality control could be better
  • May not be sharpened adequately

Criteria Used for Evaluation


For a Kukri to be durable, it needs to be made from materials that will help to enable it to do so. It should be made with high-quality materials, including the elements of the sheath. The sheath should be solidly constructed and built to last, as it is one of the only things that will be holding a blade in place.

The Kukri knife is constructed with full tang. This means the blade goes all the way to the handle. This design is ergonomic to ensure the user’s firm, steady grip.  Built with the promise of strength, this knife is so durable it assures not to bend when cutting difficult objects.


The effectiveness of a Kukri arises from the level of realism and authenticity that it displays. Buyers need to be extremely careful about how realistic a Kukri is. It’s easier than you think to fall for lower quality Kukri that doesn’t have exceptional, traditional attributes. It might be apparent, but actually cutting with the knife will show the quality of the Kukri you have purchased.

Always ensure that you’re looking for specific, well-painted or printed features, such as lifelike handle, blade, and sheath. That way, you will immediately know if you are buying an authentic, versus a counterfeit or knock-off knife.


Brand recognition is important when considering a Kukri knife. Like all knives, Kukri blades vary greatly in quality from manufacturer to manufacturer. It is not recommended that you select a Kukri knife from a no-name brand.

Reputation, customer service, and a company’s history are all important considerations. Finding a brand that you can trust is a key step in finding the right knife. “Authentic Gurkha Kukri Knife” by HFGB and the “Authentic Gurkha Kukri Knife” by GKH-Nepal, are two examples of excellent brands.


The materials used to construct a Kukri knife are of paramount importance. For obvious reasons, the metal of the blade is a key component. The metal needs to be strong, durable and sharp. It should also be easily resharpened. The blade should be able to resist any dents and dings. Additionally, it needs to be resistant to corrosion, rust, and excessive usage.

The handle should be strong and heavy enough to bear the weight of the blade in a sturdy, balanced manner. Like the blade itself, the handle should be rust and corrosion-resistant. It should also be ergonomic and comfortable to grip. Cheap, inferior handles have a tendency to crack, break, or slip from the users hands; hence, rendering the knife useless.


One of the most important features is that the Kukri should be portable. The portability of a Kukri knife ensures it can be used as a survival tool. Portability makes it easy to carry it along with all the other outdoor-adventure or cutting gear you have. It’s even better if the Kukri comes with its own carrying bag as this aids in giving it more security. The Kukri is not too cumbersome and presents any issues when relocating it.

Expert Tips/Advice

Tips on How to Handle a Kukri Knife 

There really is no special “how to” guide on handling a Kukri knife. It is a pretty simple tool that the uses needs to practice in order to develop a skill to use.

  • The first tip is holding it. Hold in a position which maintains the thumb straight out and directly over the index finger. Do this as you close your fist and grasp hold the handle. (This is the hold for combat, training, exercising, or close meetings).
  • If you will be slicing, peeling, and swing the knife, you need to grasp hold and place your thumb along the spine of the blade for balance.
  • When carrying the blade (not in use) keep it waist level with the edge (belly) of the blade facing away/down on the other side of the user’s hand.
  • When taking the knife out or putting it back in the sheath, ensure the blade’s spine touches the inner rear of the scabbard.

Determine How You will use the Knife

Most knife users are seeking something they will use for chopping and cutting. A Kukri can be used in forested areas or fields with densely grown vegetation. The blades, when sharp, are designed to cut through this vegetation without the need for numerous swings. For example, you can clear a pathway easily with only one or two hits of the knife’s blade. This is usually enough to suffice, particularly when using a high-quality Kukri blade. 

Other Factors to Consider

Product Purity 

The Kukri blade is the first feature that you should consider when shopping for a Kukri knife since it is what does the cutting. For this, you need to consider both the blade length and material. Most Kukris are high carbon steel because it is a durable material, but some lesser knives are made from cheap steel. It is also crucial to go for a blade material that does not rust or dull quickly.


The blade length is how effective the knife performs. It also depends on your intended application of this product. If you intend to use your Kukri as a machete ensure it is one with a long, thin blade. If looking for a knife for other purposes, choose one of the smaller blades as they prove to be more sufficient.

This is because they are easier to handle, requiring less movement during use. For the showcase, any blade length is possible and it is entirely left up to personal preference.


This is an important feature of the Kukri knife, if you do not get how to grip this knife it could become a disastrous experience. By following the tips above, you can ensure you are gripping your Kukri knife to ensure the ultimate performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Kukri suitable for?

A: The Kukri is the most commonly used utility knife. In the past, it was mainly used by soldiers in the military. But today, it is the most used multipurpose tool in the fields and homes in Nepal and around the world. Its use has varied from building, clearing, cutting, chopping firewood, digging, slaughtering animals, cutting meat and vegetables, skinning animals, and opening cans.

Q: Is the Kukri the best knife?

A: To this day, the standard military issue Kukri for Gurkha forces are traditionally handmade. This is a task that takes four men the entire day to accomplish. There are no machines used, and as such, no two knives are alike. The Kukri, they say, has never broken in battle.

Q: What are the two small knives that come with a Kukri used for?

A: Karda and Chakmak are the two accompanying knives that come at the back of the sheath of a kukri. "Karda" is a small utility knife, and "Chakmak" is an emergency sharpening knife. Karda has one sharp edge, whereas Chakmak's both sides are blunt to sharpen/strop.

Q: Why is there a notch in a Kukri knife?

A: History has it that, during the 19th century, the Nepalese models of the Kukri blade were made with a notch right in front of the Kukri handle. It's been suggested that Kukri knives were used to intercept enemy blades or to keep blood from flowing onto the handle, thus making it less slippery.

Q: Can a Kukri cut through bone?

A: If you have the proper Kukri and its blade is properly hardened, shaped, and sharpened for that activity, it should be possible to cut bone without damage. But even then, most metals will show wear from repeated exposure to cutting bone.


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Authentic Gurkha Kukri Knife

Authentic Gurkha Kukri Knife


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