The 5 Best Splitting Mauls

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TABOR TOOLS Splitting Axe, Wood Splitting MaulTABOR TOOLS Splitting Axe, Wood Splitting Maul

98.9/100our score
TABOR TOOLS Splitting Axe, Wood Splitting Maul
Why is it better?
  • Softgrip handles contour the form of hands
  • Rust-resistant, heat-forged steel
  • Riveted head won’t come apart
  • Geometry of blade optimizes wood splitting
  • Reduces amount of shock body suffers

How can you ensure your firewood is stacked in a neat, organized manner? By splitting it first into nice, even pieces using a splitting maul. You may be wondering– what is a splitting maul? A splitting maul is a tool also called a block buster, block splitter, or sledge axe.

It is essentially an ax with a long handle and it is used to split wood. What distinguishes an ordinary axe from a splitting maul is its head. The head has an ax on one side and a sledgehammer on the other.

The following review contains the best 5 splitting mauls that are currently available on the market.

In our opinion the 5 5 Best Splitting Mauls in 2021 are:

  1. TABOR TOOLS Splitting Axe, Wood Splitting Maul
  2. Estwing Fireside Friend Axe - 14in Wood Splitting Maul
  3. Spear & Jackson 3765LM Log Splitting Maul
  4. GEDORE OX 235 E-0802 Forestry Hatchet
  5. Truper 32415 12-Pound Splitting Maul
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Splitting Maul Comparison


TABOR TOOLS Splitting Axe, Wood Splitting MaulTABOR TOOLS Splitting Axe, Wood Splitting Maul

TABOR TOOLS Splitting Axe, Wood Splitting Maul

Durability: 99
Effectiveness: 99.5
Materials: 99
Grip: 99
Responsiveness: 98
Average: 98.9


Estwing Fireside Friend Axe - 14" Wood Splitting MaulEstwing Fireside Friend Axe - 14

Estwing Fireside Friend Axe - 14in Wood Splitting Maul

Durability: 98
Effectiveness: 98.5
Materials: 98
Grip: 97.8
Responsiveness: 97
Average: 97.8


Spear & Jackson 3765LM Log Splitting MaulSpear & Jackson 3765LM Log Splitting Maul, 6.5-Pound

Spear & Jackson 3765LM Log Splitting Maul

Durability: 97
Effectiveness: 97.5
Materials: 97
Grip: 96.8
Responsiveness: 96
Average: 96.8


GEDORE OX 235 E-0802 Forestry HatchetGEDORE OX 235 E-0802 Forestry Hatchet 800 g

GEDORE OX 235 E-0802 Forestry Hatchet

Durability: 96
Effectiveness: 95.5
Materials: 96
Grip: 95
Responsiveness: 95
Average: 95.5


Truper 32415 12-Pound Splitting MaulTruper 32415 12-Pound Splitting Maul

Truper 32415 12-Pound Splitting Maul

Durability: 95
Effectiveness: 94
Materials: 94.5
Grip: 94
Responsiveness: 95
Average: 94.5

Our Reviews

1 TABOR TOOLS Splitting Axe, Wood Splitting Maul

TABOR TOOLS Splitting Axe, Wood Splitting MaulTABOR TOOLS Splitting Axe, Wood Splitting Maul

Durability 99%
Effectiveness 99.5%
Materials 99%
Grip 99%
Responsiveness 98%
Average 98.9%

The Tabor tools splitting axe is a tool that is perfect for splitting wood and driving in stakes and wedges. It has a blade with optimal geometry for the maximum penetration in blasting those logs in half.

Patented IsoCore Shock Control System 

This system controls and soaks up the shock and vibrating your body feels when using this splitting maul. This shock control system decreases the amount of suffering your body sustains. Conveying two times less shock and vibrations you once felt using wooden handles.

Riveted, Inseparable Head 

This feature does not permit the head to slide down for snap off. It remains in place even when swinging this splitting ax with the most force.

Cost & Value 

The cost of this splitting tool is far less than the actual value it has. Made from a steel that is forged, heat-treated, and a coating that is rust resistant. You’re going to love the soft grip handles and the way they fit the natural form of your hands.

  • Softgrip handles contour the form of hands
  • Rust-resistant, heat-forged steel
  • Riveted head won’t come apart
  • Geometry of blade optimizes wood splitting
  • Reduces amount of shock body suffers
  • Maul it too wide to operate solely
  • Shaft near head may pose safety issue

2 Estwing Fireside Friend Axe - 14in Wood Splitting Maul

Estwing Fireside Friend Axe - 14" Wood Splitting MaulEstwing Fireside Friend Axe - 14

Durability 98%
Effectiveness 98.5%
Materials 98%
Grip 97.8%
Responsiveness 97%
Average 97.8%

This wood splitting maul made by Estwing is constructed from forged steel with a shock reducing grip. Of all the tools made for striking, this one is the most durable. All tools crafted by Estwing are American made. They are created in Rockford, Illinois, using only the finest steel in America.

Makes wood splitting easy 

The wedge on this tool was created to make wood chopping much easier than before. It has a heavy-duty, nylon, ballistic shaft which allows for an additional amount of protection and safety. It has a cutting edge that is 2-⅜ inches to simply cut wood.

Grip of genuine leather 

This splitting maul has been lacquered and sanded by hand, giving it a finish that is sturdy and comfortable. You get a balance and temper with this axe that is unsurpassed. The grip on this axe has a patent that decreases vibration by 70 percent.

Cost & Value 

This splitting maul is one of the original splitting tools made to resemble an axe. It has a wider head, Hardly any wood goes to waste when you use this wood splitting tool. This results in more wood going into your fireplace to heat your home.

All these fine features give this wood splitting tool remarkable value for very little cost. This axed made by Estwing is the ideal tool for outdoorsmen and hunters, forged superiorly with only the finest American steel.

  • Made of a solid American steel
  • Edge is hand sharpened
  • Specifically designed axe weighted for splitting
  • Grip is made for the reduction of shock
  • Made in USA
  • Blade may be dull
  • Rubber handle not as good as the leather one

3 Spear & Jackson 3765LM Log Splitting Maul

Spear & Jackson 3765LM Log Splitting MaulSpear & Jackson 3765LM Log Splitting Maul, 6.5-Pound

Durability 97%
Effectiveness 97.5%
Materials 97%
Grip 96.8%
Responsiveness 96%
Average 96.8%

This Spear & Jackson splitting maul is manufactured to a standard that has been recognized internationally. It has a carbon head that is drop forged, hardened and tempered for extreme durability.

Years of Innovation 

Ever since the founding of the Spear & Jackson name in 1760 it has had years of creating products. The heart and ethos of the company is a continuous innovation.

Drop forged carbon head 

The head of this splitting maul is drop forged carbon for extra durability. The shaft is created from a quality hickory wood to give it add strength. It also has a blade on the end with a hook-shape for ease in splitting difficult wood

Cost & Value 

Since 1909 there have been professional tools sold by Eclipse. All these years of expertise will prove a quality product with a lot more than monetary value.

  • Internationally recognized manufacturing technique
  • Tempered, drop-forged head
  • Shaft made from quality hickory for strength
  • End blade is hooked
  • Constructing professional tools since 1909
  • Handle came loose due to poor fitting
  • Head is sharpened unevenly

4 GEDORE OX 235 E-0802 Forestry Hatchet

GEDORE OX 235 E-0802 Forestry HatchetGEDORE OX 235 E-0802 Forestry Hatchet 800 g

Durability 96%
Effectiveness 95.5%
Materials 96%
Grip 95%
Responsiveness 95%
Average 95.5%

This forestry hatchet made by GEDORE is made of all steel. This tool is made so sturdy it practically cannot be worn out. It can be used in the garden as well as woodworking.

High polished edge

The cutting edge has been fine polished. In addition, it has an ash wood handle that is made of superior quality.

Lightweight and durable

This forestry hatchet weighs a total weight of 2.16 pounds. So lightweight but also durable.

Cost & Value 

The price of this hatchet is far less than its actual value. This tool is manufactured by a company that is internationally successful. The Gedore story is written due to a consistent proximity to customers and smart corporate decisions.

  • Well-balance, quality blade
  • Handle has a good feel in the hands
  • Hatchet is very sharp
  • Reasonably priced, nice finish
  • Lightweight and accurate
  • Sheath is a bit flimsy

5 Truper 32415 12-Pound Splitting Maul

Truper 32415 12-Pound Splitting MaulTruper 32415 12-Pound Splitting Maul

Durability 95%
Effectiveness 94%
Materials 94.5%
Grip 94%
Responsiveness 95%
Average 94.5%

The Truper 32415 is a light-weight splitting maul with a short handle capable of splitting large logs.

It may be small in appearance, but it will ensure you are prepared for the winter months.

Protection against overstriking

This splitting maul is going to provide all the steadiness one needs to split logs. You have the protection of a rubber guarded handle with a round, bevel-edged, drop forged maul.

27-inch handle

With just over two feet of a handle, you get all the control you require to split logs. It is heavy-duty, 12-pounds of power, everything the outdoorsman needs to prepare for those cold months ahead.

Cost & Value 

Truper has been manufacturing hand tools for over 40 years. It has proven itself to be one of the biggest tool companies Mexico has to offer.  All the modern advancements of technology gives the guarantee of a quality product complete with lots of value.

  • Efficient and modern technology
  • Rubber guarded handle for overstrike protection
  • Light in weight and durable
  • 27-inch handle easy to maneuver
  • Superior quality and value
  • Seems a little cumbersome
  • Handle might be too short

Criteria Used for Evaluation


Splitting mauls that are constructed of a hardened wood grain offer extreme durability to the user. Tools made of hardwood resist the chance of cracking as well as being capable of handling a lot of extreme shock.

One of the most popular woods for durability is what is called “fire-hardened” hickory. This wood makes splitting maul handles have the ultimate strength and resilience. Other common woods used are sugar maple, ash, and yellow birch make very durable handles.

An additional tip, choose a splitting maul that has the grain going up and down the length of the handle. This provides a resistance to cracking prematurely from excessive usage.


The splitting maul you purchase should be very effective. For extreme effectiveness, both the wedge and head should be a 45-60 HRC (Rockwell) range of hardness.  Additionally, it is best to seek a tempered or heat-treated steel for the ultimate in effective strength and longevity.


The materials that a splitting maul is made from is what gives it the strength and accuracy. The most popular material used to make the handle are synthetics. The reason for this is this material gives the handle a longer life than a wooden one has and it does not break as easily.

A handle made with synthetic materials is also lighter weight and withstands vibrations and shock better. Seek mauls with a fiberglass core and exterior made with vulcanized rubber or polypropylene for extra comfort. These specialized exteriors offer even more superb protection from the cold as well.

Grip and Hill

When shopping for a splitting maul, the handle should be long and straight, slightly oval in shape. This allows for adequate grip and slip that is needed for swinging and channeling the head.

Some models use a Softgrip feature on the lower handle. This is a thermoplastic rubber profile that allows the handle to fit comfortably into the contours of one’s hand. This is an ideal feature, particularly if you are not one to wear gloves. It protects and lowers the incidence of hand tiredness and sweating.


The responsiveness of a splitting maul is another feature that should be carefully thought out. In order to achieve the ultimate responsiveness, a splitting maul should have a 28 – 36 inch long handle. The actual length is also dependent on the weight of the tool’s head and the user’s height.

As a basic rule of thumb, the longer the handle the more momentum there is, This guarantees a wider swinging arc with a more forceful impact. This extra-long handle also assures the final impact of a swing be aimed toward the ground and not at your ankles.

Other Factors to Consider


A splitting maul that is portable is an excellent feature to have. Whether you are going camping, having a bonfire on the beach, or just need to split some wood in the backyard for firewood. If you are an outdoors lover, having a portable splitting maul is a great tool to have. You never know when your love for the outdoors may take you somewhere in which you need to split some wood for survival.


This is another important factor to consider when looking to purchase a splitting maul. A standard size maul weight about 8 pounds; the head is between 4 and 12 pounds. You are going to want a maul with a weightier head because it provides more inertia. This extra inertia allows for more power in wood splitting.

Although a heavier head provides greater splitting power, it is going to require more muscle power by the user. This is an important fact to consider when looking for a splitting maul you may be using all day.

The wedge designs of today are innovative and through these designs they provide more efficient splitting without the weight. In addition, do not forget to equate the steel heads; these are a bit costly, but they are worth it.


The size of a splitting maul is another important factor to consider. A maul is much like an axe but heavier; it also has a longer handle. Most mauls are an average of 36 inches in length, but some are slightly shorter. You need to ensure the size of the maul you purchase is long enough to hit the ground following a strike and not your foot.

Splitting mauls come in a number of sizes. They can be as small as 4 pounds and go up to 12 pounds. The average size most people prefer is 8 pounds.


The stability of a splitting maul is what makes it most efficient. Splitting mauls are forged into one piece making it easier to break. They were created to last for the long term and to be able to split large pieces of wood.

The cutting edge on a maul is made durable and can easily be sharpened should it come loose, dull, or lose the ability to split efficiently.

Safety Hazards

When you are splitting wood, it is essential that you look out for any safety hazards that may exist. One needs to ensure safety at all times when using a splitting maul. Injury can result due to impact from a piece of wood that gets sent into the air at a high speed. In addition, if you are not careful, it could slip from your hands, resulting in critical damage or injury.

Certain factors can become a safety hazard when using a splitting maul. These factors include your physical/mental state of health and any medication you may be taking for one. Also, ensure your equipment is well maintained and in good working condition. Wearing the right safety gear, such as a good pair of gloves, boots, and eyewear are a few items that would be smart to wear while splitting wood.

Expert Advice/Tips

When looking for a way to cut wood for a fire there are a few tips you should take into account. This next section offers some expert tips and advice on the subject of splitting mauls.

Should you use an Axe or a Maul?

These tools have two very different functions. Even though you can use an axe to split wood, you are causing yourself a lot of excess work. The axe gets stuck in the log, resulting in you having to tug with extra force to release it. However, a maul’s head has a wider wedge which opens up the log for a more proficient split.

When you use a maul, it requires you to raise it over your head and bring it down several times. This action necessitates a great deal of balance. When the maul is balanced adequately, it puts less stress on your body therefore creating more force and less effort by you. The shape and style of a maul is what helps to determine its balance. The way this is decided is by taking an average measurement of the head’s weight and the handle’s length.

You will discover that the process of swinging a maul is made easier when the balance is accurate. Regardless of how heavy the pole and head is you will profit by more efficient and accurate swings.

How to safely use a splitting maul

The first step to using a splitting maul is to find a large stump or wood to use as a base. This ensures you should miss your target you will hit the stump and not the ground or any rocks nearby. Should that happen, you could damage your maul (or yourself) by a rock that might ricochet from the hit.

Place the logs you wish to split on the large stump and get ready to get started. If there is already a crack or split in the log you want to split you can use this as the place to start. Since the wood has already started separating, it shouldn’t be too hard to split it apart. Try to avoid any knots in the wood as this will make splitting the log more adverse. Knots are a bit of a challenge to split. Therefore, you will recognize the maul naturally tries to avoid knots by curving around them. Should you split directly through a knot it can result in injury to yourself or someone nearby.

As a final tip in regards to using a splitting maul, it is always easier to split fresh wood. As wood ages, it becomes dry, making it complicated to split. When you cut down a tree try and split it as quickly as possible, then you can allow it to dry out and be ready to burn.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is better for splitting wood, and Axe or maul?

A: The answer to this question depends upon what size wood you are cutting or splitting. If the wood pieces are small, or you want to cut around the edges, then a splitting axes will work best. The axe is lighter in weight, easier to swing, and works much like a maul does. However, it is recommendable to have one of each on hand to get the maximum out of your wood splitting experience.

Q: How does one use a splitting maul?

A: There is a definite process for the use of a splitting maul as follows:

  • Ensure the wood is stabilized in the center of the chopping block
  • Take a careful look at the wood
  • Get a steady aim prepared
  • Chop down on the wood in a steady up and down process
  • Split it up into smaller pieces
  • Repeat the first 5 steps

Q: How long should the handle of a splitting maul be?

A: The ideal length should be 36 inches--some prefer a longer and lighter splitting tool--a splitting axe

Q: Should I sharpen my splitting maul?

A: Yes, it is advisable to sharpen a splitting maul; however, not to overdo it. Afterall, it is only meant to split wood and not cut down a tree as you would with an axe. So it does not require any tedious sharpening to be done.

Q: What is the best weight for a splitting maul?

A: : The answer here would have to be around 8 pounds. However, this could vary depending on your needs. To the unfamiliar person, it may appear that all splitting mauls are alike. As a matter of fact, this could not be further from the truth.

Q: Is it better to split wood when it is green or dry?

A: Certain woods, such as liveoak, split easier when it is green. On the other hand other wood such as pine splits easier when it is dry or even a little brittle. You should stack your split firewood in a manner in which the air and sun can dry it out. This way it will be ready when you need to use it for firewood. Even though you can burn wood that is not completely dry there is a loss in the heating capacity.

Q: What does a splitting maul look like?

A: There is a definite process for the use of a splitting maul as follows:

  • Ensure the wood is stabilized in the center of the chopping block
  • Take a careful look at the wood
  • Get a steady aim prepared
  • Chop down on the wood in a steady up and down process
  • Split it up into smaller pieces
  • Repeat the first 5 steps

Q: What is the best time of year for splitting wood?

A: The best time is during late winter/early spring to split wood. This permits the wood the most time required for it to dry out. You should cut all the ends of the wood to be as flat as possible in order for them to stand securely for splitting.

Q: Does splitting wood build muscle?

A: Splitting wood can burn 400-500 calories in an hour. When you are splitting wood it gives you the perfect cardio and core workout like nothing else can. The action of bringing the axe down the center line and back up gives your body the same work out as crunches do.


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TABOR TOOLS Splitting Axe, Wood Splitting MaulTABOR TOOLS Splitting Axe, Wood Splitting Maul

TABOR TOOLS Splitting Axe, Wood Splitting Maul


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