Mission Statement

Rules for sellers and advertisers conducting business on or through this website

Savvysurvivor.com was pioneered by me as a source of quality information and services for the survivalist community.  Since then, the site has grown with the involvement of other writers, businesses and contributors.  There are other sites on the net that have more flash than we do, but this is where the content is.   I have been dabbling in direct sales of some personal items on the for sale page but am now about to branch out into a more focused business approach to the site.  In keeping with the savvy survivor philosophy, the stuff you see for sale here is going to be good quality serious duty equipment with cost effectiveness in mind for the survivor who is financing these things out of their own budget.   

There are a number of flashy clip-and-paste sites out there with automated catalog links to high quality professional grade gear full retail prices.  They remind me a lot of the kind of guys who set up shop at the Soldier of Fortune conventions.  Sure they have the quality gear and their professional credentials in the special operations community are impeccable but they will not even sell half of it to the average buyer.   Instead, they play show and tell to the "little people" and then use the old BMW dealer tactic of "maybe allowing" you to have the gear as a favor, but of course at a price.   I think the biggest players of this are the folks who deal in those $300 "survival knives" like Stryder.   I can tell you that almost no Special Forces Trooper who actually parachutes into hostile lands with the likelihood of having to ditch his gear and exfiltrate is going to want to toss a privately purchased $300 knife in some muddy river.   Several of these guys might have a $400 Robert Parrish survival knife for bragging rights, but the knife that goes in the gear for the real world mission is going to be a $35 Ka-Bar they won't feel so sorry about prying open an ammo crate with.  

Others treat you even worse.  They advertise their status as the best professional gear, quote astronomical prices or even unrealistic purchase qualifications and then offer to give you the thirty-five dollar T shirt.  

A few, like lightfighter.com do offer genuine deals on name brand gear like Blackhawk to the survivalist community.   Blackhawk gear is good gear.  Is it the best? No, but it is damn good for the money.  

So here are some ground rules.  

No merchandise with seller restrictions exclusive to government agencies will be accepted.  If you cannot sell it to the average citizen, then you have no business advertising it here.  

Products and services advertised on this site must be of genuine value to the survivalist community. 

The products must pass our quality and workmanship standards. 

The products must actually be available from the seller. 

No third and fourth party advertising will be accepted.   Basically, you may sell your own products and services, but you are not to sell referrals to others through advertisements on this site. 

If you don't have it and can't get it, don't sell it here.   You may not solicit money for merchandise you "hope to get" or "might develop" or "have coming someday".  

Used items must be represented as such.

Advertising banners, listings and links may be removed at any time at the sole discretion of the webmaster. 

Advertisers are to have no control over editorial input, but may make suggestions, especially those regarding the performance and or technical specifications of their products. 

Advertisers ARE NOT exempt from paying for any services, listings or links due to their determination that content on this site or links on it are objectionable.   Advertisers may cancel any contracts or end affiliation, but such affiliations and contracts remain in force until cancellation is affirmed by the webmaster. 

If you wish to advertise on savvysurvivor.com, contact the webmaster at alexo53@hotmail.com