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The optics section at savvy survivor has outgrown the old single web page I had originally dedicated to it.   I am in the process of expanding the selection of optics, but it is a slow process as I am testing everything that I am selling.   If you see it listed here, it is good gear.   The biggest product line so far is from NcStar, a Los Angeles based company with manufacturing in China that takes advantage of the newest and best optics manufacturing methods available.   Not to be confused with third rate ripoffs of other peoples designs and made by slave labor in some defunct military factory.   The NcStar optics use the newest and best polycarbonate lenses with high tech lens coatings.   This saves weight and lowers cost so you get a lot for what you pay for.   Dollar for dollar, I see this as about the best optics deal going.   They have a lifetime warranty and customer service so far has been pretty good.   What I particularly like is that many of their products are specifically designed for the survivalist and military market, including a comprehensive line of scopes designed specifically for use with assault rifles.   Many of the NcStar scopes have proven to be very popular private purchase upgrades used by US forces in both training and combat.   In many cases, they have retained or improved designs that had been used by Tasco in their better days before they  went downhill and were eventually bought out by Bushnell, which apparently has less interest in the paramilitary market.  

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Eotech sights are currently in use and endorsed by the most elite tactical operators in the world.   The Eotech is a focus free, parallax free optical gunsight engineered specifically to work on the M16/M4 series rifle, but easily adapted to other weapons.  It comes with a built-in M1913 rail mount that is also compatible with Weaver type rails.   

All of the Eotechs sold here are the newer "revision F" models with the rubberized button assemblies.   N batteries are now readily available at most large discount stores like Wal-Mart.   All Eotech sights are "night vision compatible" when used on their lowest brightness settings, however you may experience some image etching on the tubes of high grade night vision devices if you mount them directly behind the Eotech.    If you simply wear the night vision goggles or monocular and use them to view the image through the Eotech HUD mounted foward on your weapon, you will not have much (if any) functional difference between a "night vision compatible" 551 and 552 model and the "standard" 511 and 512 models.    While all revision F Eotechs are marked for law enforcement and military use, there is no current restriction on ownership in the USA.    

511 - N battery standard $335

512 AA battery standard $345

551 N battery, NV compatible $390

552 AA battery, NV compatible $425

All prices INCLUDE shipping.

$25 discount on NV compatible models shipped to any APO/FPO

Dealers and bulk orders call or email  for actual wholesale pricing on five or more units.  Understand that dealer pricing is for those who purchase in volume, not simply those in possession of an FFL or business license.  This is not "group buy" price structure and the entire order must be sent to a single address.  


NcStar 6X42 Rifle scope

Nitrogen filled, fogproof, bright optics with ruby lens coat, rubber eyepiece, lens covers and matte finish.   Fixed power, fixed objective.   This is a good low maintenance uncomplicated scope for a hunting or utility rifle.  Uses standard 1" rings (not included).   An excellent choice for a standard hunting rifle.    The scope body is long enough to accommodate most long action bolt rifles and the fixed six power construction helps avoid opportunities for component failure common to cheap adjustable power scopes in this price range.    Nitrogen filled and backed up by a lifetime warranty.


includes lens covers and lifetime warranty. 


NcStar premium grade 6-24X50mm 

adjustable objective riflescope with illuminated mil-dot recticule, target turret adjustment knobs, and 1" tall rings.   Matte finish, with removable lens covers and emerald coat lens.   Also included is a spare battery for the illuminator.  

This scope has many features you would be looking for in a premium scope.  The large light gathering objective is adjustable from 25 meters to 300 meters and infinity.   The target turret type adjustment knobs are cleverly set under removable covers.   Take the covers off, and you have sniper scope style knobs, but you can save your zero and put the covers back on to avoid inadvertent adjustment or fiddling with the knobs.   

The illuminator uses a standard 2032 "button battery" and you get a spare with the scope.    The standard mil-dot recticule is black, then glows red when the illuminator is turned on.   The Entire crosshair glows, not just a dot in the center.   This allows for effective range finding in low light situations, not just aiming, which makes this a good dawn to dusk midlevel sniper scope or long range varminter optic..   

This scope is large, and I would not recommend it for an assault rifle.   It will work best on a target rifle, sniper rifle, or hunting gun.    As a precision instrument, it should be treated with care, but is water and fog resistant.     A very good option for a mid-level sniper rifle where staying in budget is a driving concern without compromising capability.    This scope will work on most long action bolt action rifles, but you will need tall rings in order to maintain clearance between the objective lens and the barrel. 


Includes spare battery, scope rings, and lens covers.  lifetime warranty.

3-12 X 50mm Mil-dot scope with 30mm Tube  

This is the shorter, heavier and more durable brother to the 6-24 scope listed above.   Skips some bells and whistles in return for stronger construction, more compact length, wider field of view and brighter 30mm tube.   This scope uses a one piece main tube design that one should expect in a premium grade tactical scope.  Built tough for a field environment and suitable for semi-auto rifles.    A good solid scope for a Designated Marksman's Rifle or survivor's utility rifle.    Also available with illuminated small cross reticule and small dot reticule.  

Please note that while this scope is a full size scope, there is not a whole lot of  space available between ring mounting points.   The best and most secure mounting for this scope is to use three or more rings, and that means the scope should be mounted on a flat rail mount.   It will usually not work on two piece mounts found on most bolt action rifles. 

For more information about this scope, CLICK HERE



Includes 30mm rings, soft case, lens covers and spare battery for the illuminator.

Has amber green lens coat and finger adjustable windage and elevation under conventional metal caps.   Lifetime warranty


Tall rings $10 extra

NcStar Compact length 1" tube Scopes

4X30 Compact fixed power scope with illuminated duplex crosshair.   Also 4X30 standard and 2.5X30 pistol scopes.  

A good solid compact scope recommended for semi-autos and guns where you can use a compact scope.   Shorter scopes tend to be brighter and have less parallax error than longer scopes of equal quality.   Rings NOT included.  Uses standard 1" rings.   Nitrogen purged and fog proof.  Non illuminated (but otherwise similar) models available at lower cost, but otherwise the same specification.    

All models feature fully coated optics, duplex reticules, nitrogen purged internals to minimize fogging, lens covers and rugged construction.   Illuminated models feature standard red illumination that is  adjustable for brightness.   The fixed power 4X30 scope features a rugged one piece tube design found in scopes costing hundreds more, like the Nikon Monarch UCC series.   As with usually, even these NcStar scopes have a lifetime warranty.   

4X30 Compact Illuminated rifle scope: $55

2.5X30 long eye relief pistol / scout scope, $60   includes rings.   

NON-illuminated 4X30 compact riflescope at $25

NcStar Rubber Armored 4X30 Assault Rifle Scope

With selective illumination

Rubber armored 4X30 scope for AR type rifles (carry handle mount)  with illuminated reticule.   The crosshair is black when the power is off (conventional) but the glows red or green when turned on.   You can thus select the color and brightness of illumination to get the best possible contrast with the background.   This represents one of the best advancements in moderately priced duty quality assault rifle scopes on the market.   The scope body is rubber armored and comes standard with flip-up lens covers.   Lifetime warranty and quality optics; nitrogen filled, fogproof and water resistant.   The built in mount follows an established design used on the popular Colt/Hakko 4X24 scopes and clones used by military and police worldwide.

These scopes come with a built in mount for either the AR15/M16 carry handle or the Ruger mini-14.  The Mini-14 mount is configured to work like those which replace bolt lock mechanism cover (B-Square and Ramline) those scope mounts typically cost around $40 each.   Considering the added value of the built-in flip up lenscaps and this package is a total winner for those survivors who pick the Mini-14 as their utility rifle.   Even better, you can use this scope with just about any model of Mini-14 and still have use of the iron sights, so there is no reason to need to pay the premium price for the "Ranch Rifle".   In fact, you will be better off with the standard receiver version because it has better backup iron sights.  

The compact size and easy mounting of the AR version of this scope makes it an excellent choice for the survivor who is upgrading a basic AR for that bit of extra versatility.   Both models give sufficient eye relief for use with or without eyeglasses or protective goggles.  It will also mount to the detachable carry handle of the M4 carbine. 

The scope is now available with rings for mounting on just about anything that has a Picatinny or weaver rail.  The rings sit low in a general purpose fit and are unique for these rubber armored scopes.   If you are going to mount this on a flattop M4 or AR,  I highly recommend using a scope rail riser like the GG&G Scout rail or ARMS SWAN Sleeve, or even some of the cheaper knockoffs.   


 This scope has gotten rave reviews with US personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan.   Easily fits the carry handle of any M16 or M4 without the M203 sight installed.   APO/FPO buyers get free priority mail shipping, email for discounts on three or more.

NEW! Available with conventional rings for Picatinny/weaver rail mounting.  

Same excellent scope with built in mount for 181 and later series Mini-14 and Mini-30 type rifles.



Comes with spare battery, lens cloth, and flip up lens caps standard. 


NcStar 3-9X40 Rubber Armored Scope

This is basically the same now classic scope that Tasco had provided to Colt in 1986 with the introduction of the Colt Delta Elite heavy barreled AR15A2 rifle.  Once sold for as much as $250 per copy, this bright and rugged scope was a favorite in the Tasco product line before the company went defunct in 2001.   Still manufactured on the same equipment later bought by the producers of the NcStar optics, this full size scope incorporates some subtle improvements and a much more competitive price.  Suitable for any rifle where durability and versatility are on the user's list of requirements.   


Rings included

Duplex reticule, nitrogen purged, lifetime warranty.

Red Dot Scope for HK

Small red-dot scope with built in mount for HK rifle type receivers as used in the Mp-5, HK 91,93,94 G3 and most clones like the Century Arms CETME, Special Weapons HK clones, and even several of the Airsoft replicas.  May require minor tweaking on off-spec receivers, but actually is more universal in fit than the HK/ARMS claw lock system.    An excellent optic for less money than most HK scope mounts alone.   Comes with two batteries.   This scope mounts on the mounting pads shaped into all genuine and most HK clone receivers.  The "claws" built into the scope are adjustable for variations in manufacture and the body is aluminum which can easily be cut and shaped to match up the mounting.   Once mounted, this sight puts the red dot inline with your iron sights and can be lined up with your short range setting for close range use while turned off for "see through" use using longer range settings.  Also excellent for bringing out contrast in low light situations.  Easily adjust to zero by co-witnessing your iron sights.

$60 No additional mount required

Fits most clones.

NcStar Scout package for SKS and m44 carbines

The package includes a forward scope mount, rings and a 2.5X30mm long eye relief illuminated reticule scope.  Shown here on an SKS "Paratrooper"  model.    This sort of optics setup is particularly good for people with "aging eyesight" or just about anyone who wears glasses and wants a fast aiming optic on a rifle.   It gives the precision and target identification of optics with the speed of iron sights.   On rifles like the SKS,  it is probably the best optics setup for avoiding interference with operation of the rifle.   The mount replaces the gas tube and will probably require some fitting.   I can do some modifications to the mount before I send it if you let me know what sort of Rifle you will be putting it on.   A similar package is available with a mount for the Moisin Nagant M44 carbines.   Note that while the SKS mount will still allow use of the iron sights, the M44 mount will not. 

$80 with mount


M44 / Moisn Nagant

 Streamlight M6 laser/light combo

This is a 6v high intensity flashlight/laser combo with a built-in mounting system originally developed in conjunction with the Glock rail system, but compatible with several others that came along later, including most of the New S&W autos with rails, the Springfield XD/HS2000, Springfield TRP, and many other pistols with a standard light rail.   The laser is a bright VISIBLE laser.   The switch system allows you to set the unit for laser, light, or both.   Uses two CR123 batteries (included) and includes an extra high intensity  flashlight bulb.  


Streamlight M3 Tactical Illuminator

This is a lightweight flashlight that attaches directly to just about anything with a Picatinny rail that is now becoming standard on several makes and models of handguns, optics and rail hand guard systems.   The M3 is similar in appearance and operation to the M6, but is flashlight only, thus considerably less costly.   The light can work without being mounted, but is generally intended to be used as a pistol mounted weapon light although many M4 RIS/RAS users like them mounted in front of a foregrip.    This light fits all Glock handguns with rail systems and most 1911 type pistols with rails including the Springfield Operator and the Kimber TLE/RL.   The beam is focus adjustable and provices 80+ lumens of light.   In other words, it is real bright, but not super bright.   It is bright enough that it will safely illuminate any normal target for identification within normal handgun engagement distances and aiming one at a shooter will make it fairly difficult for that person to aim a weapon at you.    




Glock Combat Light

The Glock Tactical light is an excellent cost effective option for most standard polymer pistols with rail mounts dimensioned to take the M3 and of course, the Glock rails which are specifically engineered to work with this system.   This light also works well with the full size Springfield XD pistols.   It features a full 6 volts of power, adjustable beam and innovative switch system.   A slight variation in the locking bar on this light makes it faster and easier to put on and take off of Glock pistols, but that feature in turn makes this light not lock on very tight to steel frame pistol accessory rails like those on the Kimber TLE RL, and Springfield Operator (use the M3 or M6 on those guns).   



Remember, this price INCLUDES shipping and any applicable credit card fees.  

Springfield super compact XML 

This is a subcompact tactical light for small guns like the Springfield XD compact and may fit the Walther P22 (I have to double check on that).   It is a full 6 volt power light, but with a slightly smaller bulb than the M3/M6 and uses a single 6 volt battery instead of two longer lasting 3 volt batteries for power.   Still amazingly bright for its size.  Made under contract by Insight Technologies for Springfield Armory.     Will fit most guns with light rails.  




Raptor Night Scope 4X Gen3

Considered to be among the best of its kind.  One of the very few sniper quality night scopes on the market.   They are very costly, but really the only valid way to engage targets at longer range with night vision.   

Currently available March of 2005

$9900 New with spec sheet and full warranty. Mounts to milspec AR flattop M1913 rail only. 

Contact for current price and availability - serious inquiries only, no export.

AN PVS-4 Night Vision Rifle Scope 

Second generation, refurbished scope with 90 day warranty.   Comes with built in mount for AR15 type carry handle.   Adapters available for many USGI small arms.   In use from 1980 to present although phased out of most front line units,  the PVS-4 is considered by many to be the best second generation night vision rifle sight on the market.   Spare parts and competent service tech are usually easy to find for the PVS-4.   Most have Israeli markings in Hebrew and will come with an aluminum hard case.   

$1500 with standard m16 type carry handle mount.  Flattop/M1913 rail adapter $35 extra.   Some other adapters available.   

Classic AR15/M16 4X24 Scope with Bullet Drop Compensator

This classic design was pioneered by Colt and the US Army to develop a general issue scope for use with the M16 series rifle.   The first scopes of this type  were made under Colt contract by Hakko of Japan and while they met with only limited use by the US military, they were used extensively in law enforcement and by other nations which had adopted the M16 series as their main rifle.   The originals are still made on a limited basis and sold under the Colt name for around  $275 each.   

The first clones of that scope came into the US in the late 1980s and were of fairly decent quality.   Nearly all of the clones have been made in China, but not all clones are created equal.   Many are just slammed out with little regard for quality control and no warranty.   While they may share the same basic and proven design, it is not uncommon for many of these generics to suffer a failure rate of 75%, meaning three out of four have such a problem they are not worth using.   The thing is, even with that high faliure rate, you could afford to buy four, throw out the three bad ones, and then have one good one for less than the cost of the "original".   Now we finally have a couple of importers cracking the whip on quality control and even incorporating a few improvements, like what NcStar has done.    Probably the most "soldier proof" scope for the AR15 type rifle.   Currently in use by many cost conscious military and police organizations including the IDF.

Here NcStar has opted for a longer tube and slightly different lens arrangement to give a wider field of view than the originals had.   The bullet drop compensator is calibrated for the .223 cartridge in something of an averaged format for cartridge type and barrel length to match the specs on the M16A2 rear sight.   Thus you can zero your rifle at 100 yards, and then adjust for point of impact at other ranges by simply dialing the range on the scope the same way you would dial it in on the M16A2 or M4 rear sight.   The scope features nitrogen purged internals and fully coated optics for water resistance in rugged environments.   The NcStar warranty and my personal inspection of each unit assure that these are a winning deal every time. 

$42 Includes lens covers. 

  NcStar Red Dot Scopes

These scopes all feature standard zero magnification and red dot reticules with approximately 2 MOA dots suitable for most rifles, pistols and shotguns at moderate ranges.   They are built mainly for low parallax speed aiming in a close quarters dynamic environment, but are sufficient for point targets out to 200 yards if your gun and your shooting skill are up to it.   They are  sealed to keep out rain and fog but NOT submersible.  

The 30mm Scope will also work with most mounts developed for other 30mm scopes like the Aimpoint Comp M and Comp M-XD.  This includes most of the various railgrabber and gooseneck mounts used with the M4 SOPMOD and similar systems.



$42 - Each model either includes rings or has a built - in rail mount.

specify 30mm, 42mm or 45 mm when ordering 




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