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Backorders and availability - If you have ordered merchandise and not gotten it yet, click on this link.  


Uptade 28 July 2005 We are now accepting regular phone orders paid by credit card and debit card.   This includes Visa MasterCard and Discover.  Call (541) 266-8810 to place an order.  If the phone is busy or you cannot otherwise get through email and include a contact phone number one of us can reach you at.  DO NOT send complete credit card transaction information in a single email.  

Note, the Paypal shopping cart feature on this website is now permanently disabled from processing payments which must all process through the new company.  I am working to remove the various HTML elements as time permits.  

DEPOLYMENT DISCOUNTS - If you are ordering from an APO/FPO address and take more than five of the same item in a single order or any order totaling over $1,000, inquire about our deployment pricing.   Many items now have a two tier system of deployment deal pricing which is basically a subsidy we decided to put in to help out troops who need to buy gear out of their own personal funds.   

TAC-FORCE Sniper drag bags in stock, now in Black, Tan and OD Green - These are considered one of the best deals in a professional quality drag bag currently on the market. price is only $125 shipped anywhere in the US or any APO/FPO.   The full featured drag bags are currently in use by professionals worldwide.  Click on the picture to the left to check them out. 

Coming soon:  Lots of AR parts and parts kits.   Complete civvy legal M4 flattop uppers with 16" stepped and chrome lined barrel, GI side sling swivel, fat handguards and ARMS flip up rear sights for only $525 shipped.  (Uppers now in stock) All top quality US government contract manufacture from flash hider to charging handle.   Lower parts kits IN STOCK at $65 each.  Click here for more info as this stuff comes available   

Just on the market, the Tac-Force chest rigs for all common assault rifle magazines.   These professional quality and cost effective chest rigs are just what a lot of us have been waiting for.   Click the link here or on the picture to learn more about them.   Quantity pricing available on five or more units, mix and match colors.  


Combat kit gear at  We are proud to announce this premium European made gear to the product lineup here.   Combatkit gear is designed by soldiers for soldiers, and made of the best materials.    The gear is designed in Norway, made in Croatia, and used throughout the world primarily by European professional soldiers.    Features include correct pattern match for US Woodland and Desert Camo, mag pouches that accommodate all common assault rifle mags, water bottle pouches that accommodate all common water bottles and canteens, heavy duty fasteners, and edge tape that actually matches the camo pattern of the gear that it is used on.    We are the US distributor for this equipment and will be set up to handle both retail and wholesale orders.   CLICK HERE for more updates on this new line of gear We have plenty of sample items in stock, but please inquire about stock BEFORE placing an order if you have questions or concerns about delivery schedules and our ability to deliver large orders.    

Night Vision gear in stock - PVS-14 and USNV-18 currently in stock, these items are brand new with full warranty.    Several third generation NV devices available on short notice.  D740s available in Gen 2+ and Gen3.   Email for competitive prices and delivery times if you are currently in the market to purchase professional grade night vision gear. 

Notice to those who have ordered super jigs in the last few months CLICK HERE 


Click here to go to the links page for discussion forums and related subjects  Note, some of the social and political statements made by people posting on other sites are neither supported or endorsed by the editors or writers at .  We do not control the content of these other sites, but consider much of the knowledge exchanged on these sites to be cutting edge in the international survivalist community.

Business advisory - A new section that deals with some current news in the gun and weapons related businesses on the Internet.  -

Wanted items and information related to land mines, grenades, demolitions and booby traps, click here for more details.  


Sponsors and Sponsorship - This is not a commercial site, but this page will give you some links and information on how to keep us up and running.  Please check this area out and see what advertisers will be featured elsewhere in the site.  

Click here to learn more about what will have to offer you in the futureThis section should answer your questions about the general content and editorial philosophies of this site in general and give you an idea of where it is going. Includes contact info.  


Savvysurvivor Articles - How-to and gear reviews


Handgun Training  

Rifle training for the survivor (under construction)

 Landmine Awareness and Survival   

Survivors' supply cache - the bucket cache

Primitive survival - best info for the live-in-the-woods-and-eat-bark crowd

Consumables and the survivor

Courses and Instruction: relevant training for the survivor




Gear Reviews

Night Vision

PVS-5 Night Vision Goggles ITT 6015 / PVS-14 Night Vision Monocular Raptor Night Vision Scope  PVS-7 Night Vision Goggles USNV-18 Night Vision Monocular D740 Night Vision RIflescope



Kimber 10mm Pistol Romanian AK rifles Walther P22 pistol Stinger Pen Pistol CETME RIFLE The Kimber CDP EAA Witness pistol HK UMP .45 Subgun and USC carbine The FN FAL & L1A1 Polytech M14 Rifle Kimber TLE/RL Combat Pistol Robinson M96 Expeditionary Rifle  HK21 Machinegun Saiga AK riflesValkyrie Arms 1919A4 - SA FN 5.7 Pistol Armalite A180B Elite shoguns of HK - Benelli and Fabarm SIG Sauer Pistols


NcStar 30mm Fat Body Riflescopes  Leica 1200 Rangefinder  

Gun Parts and Accessories

Pneumatic Recoil System For A15/M16 Rifles Knight's Rail Interface Systems  ACE ARFX lightweight stocks HK 26.5mm Flare Pistol  FOBUS Holsters Beta C Mags


Motorola T7200

Cobra Remote mount CB

Nylon gear

 SpecOps THE Backpack   Tac-Force Discreet Rifle Cases     Specops Brand X System Pouches   Specops Brand AK Chest Rig Specops Brand Battle Rig   Combatkit Gear Tac-Force Drag Bag  Tac-Force Drag-Mat Tac-Force Chest Rig

Montague Paratrooper mountain bike

Body Armor

Surplus German Body Armor Ballistic Test USGI PASGT Armor Ballistic Test 


Wanted: information and articles.  Do you think you have something to share with the survival or shooting community?  Click Here to find out how you can do more than just a posting on a discussion board and maybe even make some money.  

Survival Mobility

The newest section of, a collection of articles, ideas, and advice on mobility and survival.  

Click here to go to the section Index and keep your eyes open for more as this web grows. - Minor updates may 2003

NEW, high gas mileage, high cool factor, and damn near idiot proof.   Custom US made bikes that defy to be called moped.   The French may never forgive us for our newest sacrilege against a favored Paris mode of transport.  CLICK HERE to check it out.   

Savvysurvivor is proud to announce the addition of the Montague Paratrooper bike to our product lineup.  The Montague Paratrooper is the only current issue DOD approved folding bicycle for combat units, and only recently made available to the public.   

Click on the picture to the right to learn more about this amazing bike.  



The Survival Pantry

High speed low drag food for the survivor - Click here to read the new chapter (under construction)

Retreat Rations: Food storage and do it yourself survival pantry secrets and recipes for wild game and preserved food - smoked Salmon. 

Gardener's secrets: Gardening for survival and living off the land.   Learn about wild and cultivated organics.  e


Survival Snaring - One of the most efficient ways to harvest wild game and put meat in the pot.

BYOB,  don't just bring your own beer, brew your own beer.  The Savvy Survivor learns some brew making secrets to put some thriving into surviving.  This page walks you through the process from kit to mug.  - fully illustrated.


Essential Gear

 Check out this section for more info on the gear and toys that can make the difference.  Click here to enter

The Savvy Survivalist Guide to Gun Shopping

A tell it all like it is online book about the ins and outs of getting your survival arsenal together.  I am still writing this one so look for updates every week.  You will find expanded sections and new links in several areas.  

Introduction Start here This section includes some of the background for the site and some idea what to expect in the rest of the text. 

The Premise More information on the philosophical and practical aims armed survivalism. 

Scenarios This section is growing with information and guidelines for survival scenarios.  It will grow to include several articles on organizational structure and methods, so check back often and look for additional links. 

The Survival Environment - Critical factors to consider in terrain, topography and weather. 

The Arsenal

Basic Arsenal This section covers you basic weapon needs as a survivor.  Expect to see expanded sections with more how-to. 

 Rifle, Handgun, Shotgun, Subcaliber gun, Essential Gear

Supplementary Arsenal About the other toys you want. This section is growing and several of the pages are under construction. 

Security and legal considerations

Section body This section will be expanded into a sub web.  It has useful real world advice on how to protect yourself from being a victim of crime or the law. 


Market factors and their effect on price and negotiation This section is growing with information and resources on the economics of buying and selling weapons and survival gear. 

Used Guns - values, expectations and standard of ethics This section is expanding with information on grading and determining the appropriate pricing for used guns and related items 

Where to buy

Section index and sources This section includes information on how and where to look for sellers of what you are looking for.  There are several chapters on how to fund the survival arsenal and conduct transactions safely.

Finance Sources and resources for funding and the economic factors.


An A to Z explanation of terms Check this section when you run across terminology you do not understand, there is a good chance you will find the answer inside here. 

Lockett Knives (updated)   

 Survivor Monthly - Archives and Editorials

Interceptor Armor Controversy - April 2004 Mexican Standoff - More than just border issues July 2004
THE BLOG, by John Wesley Rawles,  Author of Patriots

One of the most highly regarded  survivalist gurus finally has a regular spot on the web.   Expect this to be a goldmine of good information for survivors and patriots.

Night vision gear: is it worth it? A review of some night vision gear cramming the pages of the magazines we read.  Jan 2002 Privacy and the Internet (if there is such a thing).     A new guest article.  March 2002
September 11 2001.  Another day of infamy, but neither the first nor the last Nov 2001 Doomsday investing - The deal of the metal mongers and the survival gold standard.  3/02 (update commentary 12/02)
Gun Show Schedule - 2005 Gun Shows: the good, bad and ugly Oct 2004
 Is Waco still relevant? March 2001

Extremism and resistance to gun prohibition  July 2005

HR218 The Trojan Horse of 50 state concealed weapon entitlement for law enforcement. Jan 2002 - Update July 2004
How to camouflage your guns Jan 2002, update sep 2002) Editorial: The Laws of War Sept 2002
Stolen Items Alert IDPA - Good fun and training for the survivor. 
The Battle Which Looms Ahead in - 2004 - Updated Jan 2003 with UCR links and my interpretations of the data used to argue what will be perhaps the last major battle of an era in gun control.   Paranoia killsCommentary on the Chicago nightclub disaster
More bullshit from Chicago August 2003 Info and updates on the Pritchett case Fourth Generation War and the Survivor updates may 2004

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