Best Survival Slingshots Reviewed In 2021

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The Scout Hunting Slingshot

97.2/100our score
The Scout Hunting Slingshot
Why is it better?
  • Easy to operate
  • Long-lasting materials
  • Great hunting potential
  • Equipped with a flip clip
  • Compatible with many shooters

Are you an avid camper? Or perhaps an experienced hunter? Have you ever wondered what would happen in dire times where you need to survive in the wilderness? With your survival being the utmost importance, proper preparations and equipment are a must to maximize your survival.

One of the most known reliable survival tools is slingshots. Known as the rocket wrist, slingshots are a great tool for survival with its hunting capability. It is valued for its compact size and its capability of hunting small to medium-sized animals, making it an amazing survival tool.

Now you might be having difficulties in choosing the best slingshots with the huge amount of slingshots in the market. Thus, we’ve curated a special list of 5 slingshots for survival reviewed for your convenience and considerations on purchasing the best slingshots for you. Here are our top picks.

In our opinion the 5 Best Survival Slingshots Reviewed in 2021 are:

  1. The Scout Hunting Slingshot
  2. NOBONDO Wrist Rocket Slingshot
  3. COOY Slingshot
  4. Easimgo Professional Slingshot Set
  5. Daisy B52 Slingshot
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Survival Slingshots Comparison


The Scout Hunting Slingshot

The Scout Hunting Slingshot

Comfort: 98
Durability: 98
Feature: 94
Materials: 98
Portability: 98
Average: 97.2


NOBONDO Wrist Rocket Slingshot

NOBONDO Wrist Rocket Slingshot

Comfort: 95
Durability: 96
Feature: 98
Materials: 97
Portability: 95
Average: 96.2


COOY Slingshot

COOY Slingshot

Comfort: 97
Durability: 94
Feature: 98
Materials: 95
Portability: 95
Average: 95.8


Easimgo Professional Slingshot Set

Easimgo Professional Slingshot Set

Comfort: 94
Durability: 95
Feature: 95
Materials: 96
Portability: 96
Average: 95.2


Daisy B52 Slingshot

Daisy B52 Slingshot

Comfort: 98
Durability: 95
Feature: 94
Materials: 95
Portability: 98
Average: 95

Our Reviews

1 The Scout Hunting Slingshot

The Scout Hunting Slingshot

Comfort 98%
Durability 98%
Feature 94%
Materials 98%
Portability 98%
Average 97.2%

The Scout Hunting Slingshot is considered as a famous hunting beast. Offering amazing durability with its heavy-duty materials and excellent build quality. The Scout offers simple, yet effective and easy handling. Making it a solid choice, perfect to be your survival partner.

Heavy-duty and Durable

Manufactured with polycarbonate construction, The Scout’s body could last years if properly handled. It also implements a strong latex, flat band, giving it huge tension tolerance and power. The yoke is also equipped with a flip clip, providing maximum durability to the band.

Easy to Handle

With its simple Y-shaped design. The Scout Hunting Slingshot is considerably easy to handle, it doesn’t require much thinking and mastery to operate this. The Scout is also capable of equipping any shooter size.

Cost to Value

The Scout Hunting Slingshot is indeed a valuable survival slingshot considering its impeccable build quality while still being affordable. Should you purchase this, it is guaranteed to provide you satisfying performance and life-long usage.

  • Easy to operate
  • Long-lasting materials
  • Great hunting potential
  • Equipped with a flip clip
  • Compatible with many shooters
  • Lacks supporting features
  • Flip clip prevents changing the bands

2 NOBONDO Wrist Rocket Slingshot

NOBONDO Wrist Rocket Slingshot

Comfort 95%
Durability 96%
Feature 98%
Materials 97%
Portability 95%
Average 96.2%

Next up, the NOBONDO Wrist Rocket Slingshot. This amazing slingshot offers you great hunting capabilities with its enormous power, accuracy, and velocity. It also has solid build material and quality. NOBONDO also provides several extras and features. Overall, NOBONDO is a very well-rounded and capable hunting slingshots.

Powerful Hunting Tool

Equipped with a triple strength rubber band, NOBONDO Wrist Rocket is able to dish out powerful shots with high velocity. Especially with the added ergonomic molded, adjustable handle grip, and its magnetic cuff. Providing increased grip and comfort for its users.

Great Features and Quality

NOBONDO Wrist Rocket comes with a complete package of two extra rubber bands for replacement, and 100 hunting steel ammo, 3 screw keys, and a flashlight shelf. Topped with its heavy-duty aluminum alloy material and stainless steel wrist brace. Making this a strong and durable tool that will last years.

Cost to Value

NOBONDO Wrist Rocket has great values to offer for its price tag. With its amazing durability, features, and power. NOBONDO is a very strong contender and considerations for your survival slingshot.

  • Excellent build materials
  • Heavy power potential
  • Comes with many features and accessories
  • Great grip and accuracy
  • Amazing velocity and range
  • Takes effort to maximize band pull
  • Lacks portability compared to others

3 COOY Slingshot

COOY Slingshot

Comfort 97%
Durability 94%
Feature 98%
Materials 95%
Portability 95%
Average 95.8%

The last but not least, COOY Slingshot. Daring to be different from other slingshot models, COOY Slingshot brings a fresh face into the slingshot market. With its features, this is able to provide huge power without straining your hand too much. While maintaining a strong and durable body construction.

Great Features and Implementation

COOY Slingshot implements a fairly new double-spring action into its slingshot. This helps with the stabilization and also ease of use, reducing the strain released into the hand. It also has wrist support for extra stability and a comfortable ergonomic handgrip. It also contains a small attachable flashlight.

Amazing Build Quality

The body frame is made from stainless steel, and an aluminum alloy aiming device, and a wooden handle. Resulting in a solid, durable, and comfortable device, although the band is regular rubbers. COOY Slingshot should last for a while, given that it’s maintained properly.

Cost to Value

In overall, COOY Slingshot is another great consideration for a great survival slingshot. It provides great comfort, supported by the great build quality. It also comes with several features and accessories, making it worth the bucks.

  • Excellent construction
  • Unique double-spring action
  • Offers great comfortability
  • Amass huge power without straining hand
  • Comes with numerous convenient features
  • The band is prone to break
  • The fork is considerably narrow

4 Easimgo Professional Slingshot Set

Easimgo Professional Slingshot Set

Comfort 94%
Durability 95%
Feature 95%
Materials 96%
Portability 96%
Average 95.2%

Another great survival slingshot would be Easimgo Professional Slingshot. Constructed with premium materials and features several accessories. Easimgo provides you with a durable and powerful slingshot for hunting purposes, making it a great choice for your survival slingshot.

Premium Materials

Easimgo creates its product with high-quality, premium materials. With a beautifully polished wood handle and an ergonomic grip to fit perfectly in your hand, this slingshot will be a comfortable one to use. It also comes with a magnetic leather cuff and triple high-tension rubber for sturdier aim!

Great Features and Extras

The sling shot is also implemented with a wrist stabilizer to provide better stability. Besides that, it also provides you with 2 extra tubular bands for replacement, 50 pieces of steel ammo, 50 pieces of hard clay ball, and 3 pieces of screw keys.

Cost to Value

With the offered price, we would conclude that Easimgo is a worthy purchase considering the premium quality of the slingshot. Remembering that you will also get a few replacement parts and ammo, providing you with great purchase values.

  • Durable premium build
  • Able to dish out huge velocity
  • Equipped with numerous features
  • Great grip and stability
  • Rubber bands are hard to pull
  • The band quality could be improved

5 Daisy B52 Slingshot

Daisy B52 Slingshot

Comfort 98%
Durability 95%
Feature 94%
Materials 95%
Portability 98%
Average 95%

Starting first in this list. The Daisy B52 Slingshot is an all-time favorite of many people, and it is for good reasons. Favored and loved for its simple and portable design, Daisy B52 enters itself into our list as a well-rounded portable slingshot. It also can shoot multiple types of ammo, all of this without drilling a hole in your wallet!

Portable and Compact

Being a small slingshot it is, The Daisy B52 is extremely portable and compact with its hand-fitting design. It also comes with foldable wrist support for extra convenience and stability in aiming. It also weighs a mere 0.8lbs!

Simple Ergonomic Design

Made to last with a simple and ergonomic design, Daisy B52 offers durability through its simple design with a surgical-grade tubing for its band, a black solid steel frame, an extra-wide fork, and also a rugged cuff. Enabling high power shots and long term usage.

Cost and Value

Given the affordability of Daisy B52 Slingshot. We would consider it to be very excellent in terms of cost-to-value. With a well-rounded build and quality, Daisy B52 is perfect if you’re looking for an affordable balanced slingshot.

  • Simple and ergonomic design
  • Good build quality
  • Easy to carry and keep
  • Considerably super cheap
  • Could use more features
  • Hand-grip could be padded

Criteria Used for Evaluation


Operating a slingshot requires practice and mastery. It requires hours of practice and training to be able to master it, and one of the most important factors in operating a slingshot is your stance. How you hold your slingshot determines the ability of the sling to operate with maximum effectiveness

Thus, the comfortability of a slingshot must be heavily considered. Especially when you’re in a survival setting where there is no room for even the slightest discomfort. By having reliable and comfortable equipment in your hands. You will have a bigger chance to survive whatever the wilderness has prepared for you.

There are a lot of factors that contribute to a slingshot’s comfortability. Such as its material, features, size, weight. We urge you to consider purchasing a slingshot that best suits your comfort for the best experience.


Having to suddenly fix your slingshot during a dire situation will be an incredibly bad experience. This is why you will need a reliable and durable slingshot that won’t break down in the first use. Thus, choosing great, durable slingshots will be great to be your survival partner.

This makes the durability important in our evaluation criteria, there are also several factors that contribute to a slingshots durability. Mostly being its material choice and build quality. Well-known manufacturers normally implement high manufacturing quality and assurance in their slingshots.

It is highly recommended to go for heavy-duty slingshot builds. The makings of a durable slingshot will be further explained below in the materials criteria. Some of the most durable materials are alloy aluminum, tempered steels, and polycarbonate. For your survival tool, getting a durable slingshot must be one of your top priorities.


Besides their normal usage of shooting, having multiple features are also a great plus in finding your hunting slingshot. Choosing one with many features will act as a great survival tool, considering that you could use all the extra help you can get in a dangerous situation.

Some of the popular features found in hunting slingshots are, but not limited to; handles, arm supports, torches, laser sights, and small pouches. Some newly released slingshots also produce new features such as the implementation of springs into the slingshot. Which makes it a great criterion to look for.

Another reason why features are important is that you should be getting your money’s worth in what you’re buying. Since you’re aiming for a survival sling, it should at least be equipped with several aiding features to help you in an outdoor or wilderness setting.


Slingshots are made in various ways, with various styles, models, and also materials. Therefore, by picking the right slingshot with a great material choice. You can rest assured that your slingshot will last years and won’t fail you when you need it.

There are several common materials used in slingshots, there are various choices for the material of its body, band, and also cuff. For maximum durability, it is recommended to go for heavy-duty materials. Polycarbonate, aluminum alloys, high-grade plastic, tempered steel, and high-quality wood would make a long-lasting slingshot.

For its band and cuffs. The best materials that are found in the market are high-tension rubbers, latex, with two common styles, flat-on, and tubular bands. Meanwhile for its cuffs. It is without a doubt that going for leather will be the best option. As it offers more grip and durability.

You should also heed about a slingshots description, as some slingshots might be unable to give replacement options for one of its parts. Usually, the bands of a slingshot are easily replaceable, but some slingshot models might make it unavailable to replace bands.


Next up, being able to store your slingshot in almost anywhere is a huge added value in a survival setting. With a portable slingshot, you don’t have to worry about carrying your slingshot anywhere. This provides you extra reliability and comfort, where you can invest in less space for the slingshot.

Portability comes with many determinants, with the most being its size and weight. So if you particularly prefer a small, portable, and light slingshot. You might want to focus your options on the more portable slingshots on this list.

By having a portable slingshot. You don’t have to worry about encumbering yourself in heavy gears. You will still have space for many other important survival tools for you to utilize. This is why portability is another important factor in determining your best slingshot

Expert Tips and Advice

More Value, Less Price

Since you are investing for a survival toolkit. It is wise to spend up a little more than your average budget for the best survival slingshot. A well-built slingshot would come in very handy as an emergency backup rather than cheap, poor-quality slingshots. Remember that you are investing in your safety and survivability.

Know Your Needs and Wants

Again, you are the one who knows what kind of slingshots are the best for you. Thus in choosing slingshots, you ought to pick the one that suits your needs and wants. Use and list your own priority lists and evaluate again all the slingshots you have into consideration. This will increase the chances of purchasing a great and valuable slingshot for you.

Learn to Care and Maintain Your Slingshot

With great slingshot, comes great responsibilities. To ensure the durability and capability of your slingshot, you must know how to maintain it. Especially if your slingshot has rubber as its material. Avoid exposing rubber to sunlight as it loses its elasticity. Try to keep your slingshot in cool places and don’t leave it unattended.

Other Factors to Consider


Aside from our evaluation criteria, there are also other factors to consider in choosing slingshots. Accessories, for example, is a factor to consider as you are spending your money towards something and it should be worth it. Some brands offer great amounts of accessories upon your purchase.

Besides its added value. Accessories could also help you save on having to purchase it separately. Also, accessories like torchlights, GPS, flashlights, and extra replacements are a nice addition to your survival kit in emergency cases.

This factor is highly relative, it purely depends on your needs and wants. If you’re seeking to purchase only a slingshot, it is still fine. But if you’re looking for an all-in-one package. Considering sellers that provides accessories might be a good idea.


Versatility is also important to consider, as it provides great added value in your slingshots. There are slingshots that are made for only a specific type of ammo, and there are some that could wield several types of ammo.

The common type of ammo for slingshots is hard clay ammo, steel ammo, and glass ammo. They also come in various sizes, ¼ inches,  ⅜ inches, and ½ inches. So if a slingshot has the versatility to wield various ammo, it might be an added value for you.

In a survival context, having a versatile slingshot will provide so much help and value. As you have to make do with whatever ammo or makeshift ammo you can find in the wilderness. So, considering a versatile slingshot is a great idea for your survival.


Although you’re looking for slingshots to protect you in survival situations. You mustn’t neglect the protection from the slingshot itself, as there are numerous cases of self-injury from slingshots.

Mostly the injuries are from slingshot bands that snapped while being pulled and ricocheted back to the user. Which causes great harm and could potentially disable you. This is another reason why you shouldn’t invest in cheap quality slingshots, as there are potential safety hazards.

Several manufacturers have noticed this problem and created several solutions, for example, there are slingshots with extra safety measures by further securing the yoke with durable clippers to prevent snapbacks.


Next is the effectiveness. Although all great professional slingshots didn’t differ much in terms of performance, you should still consider the effectiveness of a slingshot. You wouldn’t want to purchase a slingshot that can’t be used for hunting, especially if you’re buying it for survival.

Some determinants for the effectiveness of slingshots are, but not limited to; velocity, maximum force, speed, and tension. These are some factors that you have to consider when purchasing a slingshot. Check for in-depth reviews for each performance to ensure that you get the best value from your purchase.


Another factor would be slingshot styles. Slingshots already exist since ancient times, and along with the progression of time. There are various types of slingshots that are now being used commonly. Starting from the band type, where there are flat-types. Or above the yoke types.

The construction of the body of the slingshot varies as well. There are simple, traditional Y-shaped designs. There are also professional, ergonomically designed shapes. And also unique pistol-like shapes. You have to consider what kind of slingshot style that you prefer as well before purchasing a slingshot.

Ease of Use

Lastly, ease of use should be in your consideration as well. You wouldn’t want to purchase a slingshot that is hard to operate, in survival settings. You will highly appreciate a simple, easy to use, yet effective slingshots.

Since there are a lot of slingshot styles being made and sold in the market. You have to keep an eye out for its ease of use. A great slingshot would be a slingshot that is easy to use while still offering great performance and features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can a slingshot kill?

A: Yes, a slingshot can potentially kill a human being considering it's pulled with enough force and hits a vulnerable part of the human. Making slingshots capable as a tool for self-defense. The lethality of a slingshot is one of the biggest factors on the restriction of slingshot possession in some countries.

Q: Can a slingshot kill a bear?

A: It is possible to kill a bear with a slingshot, but it would take a huge amount of effort, time and also luck. If you accidentally encountered a bear, it is advisable to retreat and escape rather than confronting the bear with only a slingshot.

Q: Can slingshots be as lethal as a gun?

A: Slingshots are lethal weapons. If used properly by an expert, it could kill an opponent from long distances. It’s even more accurate than a handgun from distances between 10 to 30 meters. Although it has a slow reloading rate, making it an excellent self-defense tool.

Q: Are slingshots legal to purchase in the USA?

A: Unfortunately, slingshots are considered illegal in the USA. You are prohibited from selling, buying or owning slingshots in the USA. Although there are several exceptions in a few states, where you can own and hunt with slingshots. Please check with your local state laws before attempting to purchase a slingshot in order to avoid breaking the law.

Q: What can a slingshot kill?

A: Since slingshots aren’t as lethal as other alternatives such as bows, crossbows, and guns. You can consider hunting small to medium-sized prey. Such as rabbits, quails, pheasants, squirrels, doves or other small birds and rodents.

Q: How far can you shoot with a slingshot?

A: A slingshot range varies, starting from 15 feet up to 200 feet on certain occasions. Given that it is properly wielded by an expert. Slingshots can hit something as far as 200 feet, although it requires a great amount of training and power.

Q: How do you preserve the slingshot’s rubber?

A: You can preserve the longevity of a slingshots rubber by properly maintaining it by adding talcum powder into the rubber band. Avoiding long exposure under direct sunlight and storing it in a dark, cool place also helps in preserving the life of a slingshots rubber.

Q: How do I replace a slingshot band?

A: First, you must remove the old band by cutting it. After that, with your replacement band in hand. Dip the end of your new band in metho or any kind of denatured alcohol. Next, slip the ends of your band over the yoke tips, make sure that they reach over the lip! Finally, leave the slingshot to dry before using it again.

Q: What is the best slingshot ammo?

A: Some of the best slingshot ammo that is commonly used by experts are glass/marble ammo, steel ammo with varying sizes. One of the recommended marble ammo is Trumark’s Slingshot Ammo.

Q: Can a felon own a slingshot?

A: Sadly, a felon is prohibited from owning any kind of weapon, slingshots included. So if you are an ex-felon. We would seriously advise you to not purchase any kind of slingshots, you would want to speak with your attorney for more legal information.

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The Scout Hunting Slingshot

The Scout Hunting Slingshot


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