Best Survival Belts Reviewed In 2021

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KingMoore Men’s Tactical Belt

97.6/100our score
KingMoore Men’s Tactical Belt
Why is it better?
  • Simple, but functional.
  • Light and easy to wear.
  • Material is firm and very flexible.
  • Free bucklehook included.

Survival belts are proven and tested to make traveling much better especially if you’re wearing pants that might be too loose for you to wear already. Most tactical belts were tested by the military to meet their standards because survivability is a high priority for them.

Survival belts, much like most outdoor gear, have specialized features to travel more efficiently, aside from being the usual belt to tighten your trousers. Tactical belts must be made of high quality materials to withstand harsh weather and terrain.

But there is one question that remains: what makes the best survival belts on the market? Just look at the top 8 survival belts below to exactly learn more about the things that make a quality belt fit for adventurers.

In our opinion the 8 Best Survival Belts Reviewed in 2021 are:

  1. KingMoore Men’s Tactical Belt
  2. 5.11 Convertible TDU Belt
  3. Condor Tactical Belt
  4. 5.11 Sierra Bravo Plus Work Duty Belt
  5. Klik Belts Tactical Belt
  6. Blue Alpha Gear Hybrid Cobra EDC Belt
  7. Rothco Quick Release Pistol Belts
  8. JK Survival Paracord Belt with Emergency Safety Kit
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Survival Belts Comparison


KingMoore Men’s Tactical Belt

KingMoore Men’s Tactical Belt

Comfort: 98
Durability: 98
Flexibility: 97
Style: 97
Value: 98
Average: 97.6


5.11 Convertible TDU Belt

5.11 Convertible TDU Belt

Comfort: 97
Durability: 97
Flexibility: 96
Style: 96
Value: 97
Average: 96.6


Condor Tactical Belt

Condor Tactical Belt

Comfort: 96
Durability: 97
Flexibility: 96
Style: 98
Value: 92
Average: 95.8


5.11 Sierra Bravo Plus Work Duty Belt

5.11 Sierra Bravo Plus Work Duty Belt

Comfort: 97
Durability: 96
Flexibility: 95
Style: 95
Value: 90
Average: 94.6


Klik Belts Tactical Belt

Klik Belts Tactical Belt

Comfort: 95
Durability: 95
Flexibility: 93
Style: 92
Value: 85
Average: 92


Blue Alpha Gear Hybrid Cobra EDC Belt

Blue Alpha Gear Hybrid Cobra EDC Belt

Comfort: 98
Durability: 92
Flexibility: 89
Style: 91
Value: 88
Average: 91.6


Rothco Quick Release Pistol Belts

Rothco Quick Release Pistol Belts

Comfort: 90
Durability: 93
Flexibility: 90
Style: 90
Value: 90
Average: 90.6


JK Survival Paracord Belt with Emergency Safety Kit

JK Survival Paracord Belt with Emergency Safety Kit

Comfort: 89
Durability: 89
Flexibility: 89
Style: 90
Value: 90
Average: 89.4

Our Reviews

1 KingMoore Men’s Tactical Belt

KingMoore Men’s Tactical Belt

Comfort 98%
Durability 98%
Flexibility 97%
Style 97%
Value 98%
Average 97.6%

The KingMoore Men’s Tactical Belt is regarded as a military-class survival belt meant to provide protection aside from giving you a comfortable strap on your waistline. The KingMoore Tactical Belt is made of nylon to ensure top-class protection that even the military will surely purchase.

Designed For Survival

KingMoore made sure that this survival belt is tested for military-level survival. They were able to test the full potential of their design by inviting members of the army to try out the product during their duty. The specialty technique called “soft tank grain braids” was done to weave the nylon material of the belt

Great For Everyday Use

The toughness of the material is not the only factor that made this a must-have. The KingMoore survival belt is made for any kind of overalls, and ensures utmost comfort thanks to the braiding technique done to the belt. It is also designed for traveling activities and outdoor training such as rock climbing. Your survival needs will also become easy to handle with the belt. Its firmness and its additional buckle hook made it easy to strap survival equipment, and even guns!

Cost and Value

The value of the product is also precious in terms of choosing the finest survival belt because it is mainly focused on versatility and durability. What made the product great in money-saving is its replacement or refund option if you don’t want the product you received.

  • Simple, but functional.
  • Light and easy to wear.
  • Material is firm and very flexible.
  • Free bucklehook included.
  • No other additional features.
  • Hard to tighten or loosen.

2 5.11 Convertible TDU Belt

5.11 Convertible TDU Belt

Comfort 97%
Durability 97%
Flexibility 96%
Style 96%
Value 97%
Average 96.6%

Tactical survival belts are always built with an extra functionality which made it fit for survival needs. The 5.11 Convertible TDU Belt is exactly the best that has an extra function that even you will prefer to have once you go outdoors. It is built for tactical purposes such as patrolling, or if you need it for survival purposes in a way where it may not function as a belt only.

Designed For Another Purpose

This survival belt by 5.11 is built with a special design so then it won’t only function as a regular strap on your trousers. This belt can be converted from a secure tie down strap, or if you want to use it as a secondary strap for carrying a wide range of items. This can help you carry out heavy items or additional bags with ease, if you’re not using it as a belt on your waist.

Toughness Guaranteed

This tactical belt is made of durable nylon webbing. The special nylon used for the product is proven to be fade resistant to preserve the jet black color of the belt. It is also extremely tough even when frequently used outdoors because of its quadruple reinforcement when the nylon material was stitched.

Cost and Value

It is a great money saver because it costs very low, while guaranteeing a top-quality nylon survival belt that can last for years. Many people said that this is a must-buy for many adventurers because it can help them save in improvising a secondary strap for carrying as well.

  • 2-in-1 functionality.
  • Capable of carrying heavy bags as a strap.
  • Lighweight as a belt.
  • Durable.
  • Very affordable·
  • Quite hard to wear as a belt.
  • Buckle is too thick - makes it better as a strap.

3 Condor Tactical Belt

Condor Tactical Belt

Comfort 96%
Durability 97%
Flexibility 96%
Style 98%
Value 92%
Average 95.8%

The Condor Tactical Belt is a stylish belt that has handy features that made it a quality survival belt for your outdoor needs. The height, weight, length, and width of the product is measured accurately to meet the standards of customers who need a comfortable outdoor belt.

A Good Amount Of Features

Being tactical has a similarity to being efficient, which is why this survival belt has more to offer than the other belts in the list. The Condor Tactical Belt is designed for additional features. It has an adjustable design for up to 44” waistline, 2 pouches that are easy to attach, and has a quick-release buckle. It can even be used as a secondary strap, too!

Very Comfortable

The belt is one of the most comfortable survival belts in the market not just because of its material. It has an inner belt lining that properly orients the belt to prevent the “outer” belt from moving as you hike or conduct your training. This is very helpful especially when the pouch is worn.

Cost and Value

The Condor Tactical Belt is more expensive compared to most of the top survival belts listed here. However, you will find it as a high quality product because it is made for convenience thanks to its number of extra features, along with its smart design that made it versatile.

  • Inner belt allows versatility.
  • The outer belt is made of soft material.
  • Inner belt guarantee durability.
  • Pouches allow extra item storage.
  • Very affordable.
  • Quite expensive.
  • Somewhat bulky.

4 5.11 Sierra Bravo Plus Work Duty Belt

5.11 Sierra Bravo Plus Work Duty Belt

Comfort 97%
Durability 96%
Flexibility 95%
Style 95%
Value 90%
Average 94.6%

5.11 has another type of tactical belt that gained a spot on the top list of the finest belts for survival. This work duty belt, named Sierra Bravo Plus, is a heavy-duty belt that is not just all about 5.11’s speciality in creating durable nylon belts.. It also has added features that made it a very nifty survival belt in the market.

Enhanced Durability 

It is so far the most durable product in the list thanks to its heavy-duty material. It’s made of the 1680D type of nylon, which is said to be extremely durable, with duraflex hardware to make it long-lasting. It also has an inner belt which makes the outer belt an added quality for durability. Lastly, the nylon’s durability is also supplemented by its water and abraison resistant properties.

Handy And Versatile

For added versatility, the inner belt of the Sierra Bravo Plus makes movement easy to do without moving the whole belt, particularly the “outer” belt. Its design is also for operational purposes, making it fit for training drills and outdoor activities. It has a hook and loop snap closure to quickly attach and remove the strap on your waist.

Cost and Value

It is set at a fair price in exchange for great quality, making the 5.11 Sierra Bravo Plus survival belt the best among the top 8 belts for survival. It’s definitely a bargain, and you will definitely prefer it as well if you’re a fan of 5.11 – which is a famous brand for tactical gear.

  • Extremely durable.
  • Light and easy to wear.
  • Inner belt for versatility.
  • No discomfort when using the product.
  • Set at a fair price for such a high quality.
  • Its width is not recommended for large “holders” like holsters.
  • The outer belt has a tendency to move too much when worn tight.

5 Klik Belts Tactical Belt

Klik Belts Tactical Belt

Comfort 95%
Durability 95%
Flexibility 93%
Style 92%
Value 85%
Average 92%

This tactical belt by Klik Belts made it to the top list because of its high durability that matches almost all of the top survival belts in the market. The main feature of the belt is simply the material that made it one of the world-class belts for survival.

One of The Most Durable Belts

Its ads claim that the product is patented as the world’s most strongest tactical survival belt. It is made of double-ply heavy-duty nylon belt. It is also set at the right largeness to ensure durability, but not having too much width or thickness. Its cobra buckle is quick-release, but still durable because of its aluminum alloy material.

Good For Any Outdoor and Indoor Activities

The appearance of the belt is good for literally any kind of activities once you go out of your home. It has a sleek design that’s fit for any occasion – whether it’s a casual walk to the park or mall, a gathering with friends, or if you’re going on training or hiking. It’s also good for men and women, plus it comes in a variety of colors.

Cost and Value

This is the most expensive survival belt in the market despite its excellent quality in terms of toughness.Most likely, the materials itself are extremely expensive, but have the durability that can last for many outdoor activities.

  • Extremely Durable.
  • Good for placing holders.
  • Lighweight.
  • Quick-release cobra buckle makes it easy to wear.
  • Many colors to choose from.
  • No additional features.
  • Very expensive.

6 Blue Alpha Gear Hybrid Cobra EDC Belt

Blue Alpha Gear Hybrid Cobra EDC Belt

Comfort 98%
Durability 92%
Flexibility 89%
Style 91%
Value 88%
Average 91.6%

In terms of measurements, the Blue Alpha Gear Hybrid Cobra EDC Belt is regarded as the one that’s just right in terms of its overall dimensions. This even made women prefer having this belt for their outdoor activities because it is not too thick, not too bulky, nor too long to wear.

Made For Comfort

This survival belt is built to provide utmost comfort wherever you may go. It is made of nylon webbing to ensure the right level of softness needed for a comfortable belt, yet guarantees the right toughness for outdoor needs.

Completely Adjustable

What made this survival belt fit for any gender is because of its adjustability. Its width can be adjusted so then it can provide the right fit for any male or female trousers. It also has a velcro sizing to make it very easy to adjust

Cost and Value

This survival belt is quite expensive compared to most of the products listed. It does not have too much features, which is why some customers find it quite pricey to own. However, the manufacturers have the right to place a high price due to the quality of nylon material they used.

  • Very comfortable.
  • Easy to adjust.
  • Extremely light.
  • Comes in different colors.
  • Good for men and women.
  • No additional features.
  • Expensive despite its lack of added features.

7 Rothco Quick Release Pistol Belts

Rothco Quick Release Pistol Belts

Comfort 90%
Durability 93%
Flexibility 90%
Style 90%
Value 90%
Average 90.6%

This is a different class of survival belt because it is a type of pistol belt meant for military men and policemen, not just for adventurers. Hunters might find this as a useful belt for their activities because it has its specialized features that’s suitable for storage purposes.

Specialized for Efficiency

The Rothco Pistol Belts are designed to hold a number of items that you may wish to easily pull up on your side pouches. It has grommet holes to tightly attach any pouches, holsters, harnesses, gun belts, and other survival gear. It is also very easy to adjust and wear thanks to its quick release buckle and its snap straps.


It is definitely fit for the tough ones because of its high durability. The pistol belt is woven through the use of heavy polyester yarn construction to ensure tightness of the material used, as well as top-class durability. This makes it more efficient to be used as a strap for other purposes.

Cost and Value

This is one of the best survival belt in the market because it is extremely affordable. It is made with almost the same quality as the other expensive belts in the list, but assures a price that won’t cut the most out of your budget for buying survival gear.

  • Excellent for storage purposes.
  • Material is soft for comfortability.
  • Woven with utmost care and quality for long-lasting toughness.
  • Great as a carry-on strap.
  • Somewhat wide, making it hard to fit in most trousers.
  • Somewhat thick, making it good for large people only.

8 JK Survival Paracord Belt with Emergency Safety Kit

JK Survival Paracord Belt with Emergency Safety Kit

Comfort 89%
Durability 89%
Flexibility 89%
Style 90%
Value 90%
Average 89.4%

The main reason why this paracord belt from JK made it to the top list is because it’s the most durable paracord belt in the market. Nylon belts are much preferred than this product from JK. However, the unique features of this survival belt, along with its supply kit, made its quality a considerable must-have gear.

Efficiency With Good Looks

Among all of the survival belts in the list, this one has the best look so far. However, this is not just designed for the sake of good appearance. The JK Survival Belt has a unique buckle that’s capable of storing emergency supplies along the way. It also has sizing clasps to adjust it based on your size, making it good for women as well.

An Emergency Tool

It has the very unique feature where you can loosen The paracord is also durable enough to serve a lot of purposes during emergency situations such as a carry-on strap or as a rope – which has a lot of uses! It also has a wire saw and a free survival kit with the following items:

  • Thermometer
  • Matches
  • Mirror
  • Magnifier
  • Safety pins
  • Fish hooks
  • Fishline
  • Wire
  • Cloth
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Buckle with flint and steel
  • Compass
  • Band-aids
  • Durable.
  • Adjustable.
  • Extra storage available.
  • The paracord can be used as a 100ft. rope.
  • Very affordable.
  • You will have a hard time turning it back to a belt once used as a long rope.
  • Less durable compared the products above.

Criteria Used for Evaluation


The survival belt, much like any other belt for your overalls, should be comfortable to wear at all times. Most quality belts are women or crafted in a way where it will feel like a part of its wearer’s trousers. Therefore, it has to be somewhat soft when worn. Another factor that adds to comfort is when the belt does not move too much the way you do during outdoor activities.


Survival gear should be durable at all times. That’s exactly why durability is a top criteria when looking for the best survival belt. Surely, you don’t want your belt to easily snap off when you perform outdoor activities like mountain climbing, especially when your pants are somewhat loose. For the most durable survival belts, look for those made with nylon.


Aside from being tough, the survival belt has to be flexible enough. There will be times where your belt might get a bit stuck on rocks as you hike the mountains, as well as other obstacles that might cause accidents. Flexibility on your gear helps avoid certain accidents, and also helps you adjust the belt easily once worn. Adjustability also plays a role on this criteria.


Style is still observed when looking at a survival belt. It may be fine to wear a tough belt that looks like a strap, but at least make sure that your belt matches the looks of your pants. If not at all, then consider looking for a survival belt with a better design.


Lastly, it will not be a worthy purchase if you’re going to purchase a very expensive survival belt but with no quality whatsoever. Since it’s a belt, many can claim that they are selling the “best” one in the market, then they will set a high value to it just to reflect its “quality”. That’s why you have to do your research on the product if you found it quite expensive.

Expert Tips

Preventing Or Treating Injury

To prevent further injuries during a hike, you can use the survival belt as a towing line to pull someone in need of help. This can help your friends go through paths that are hard or slippery to climb, and it can save someone when they’re stuck in mud or quicksand. You can use this as an emergency first-aid to hold injured limbs or holding wounds.

Use Your Belt As A Carrying Strap

For survival or emergency purposes, your belt can serve as a strap of any kind. Some tactical belts are designed to have buckles or hooks, making them an effective strap. You can attach to connect snapped straps on your bag. You can also use it as a carrying strap for your shoulder for lifting large or heavy stuff along the way.

Other Factors To Consider


You have to consider the length of the belt depending on your waistline size. This is not just all about checking how large your waistline is. Those with a short waistline may find it quite inconvenient to buy a very long survival belt due to the excess material hanging on their waist once they adjust it.


The wideness of the survival belt should be observed because it will let you know if the belt can be worn with your trousers. The wider the belt, the harder it may be to place your holders around the strap. So be sure to choose a belt that has average width to make it easy to wear, and more convenient for your holders to be placed.


The weight is not that much of a factor, but a belt that has a higher amount of weight may slow you down. Additionally, some tactical belts with a high amount of weight might be too bulky and hard to wear.

Extra Features

It may be a bit unnecessary for a belt to have some added features, but it can help you out for survival purposes. Look for options like buckle hooks, additional pouches, or features to convert it into survival tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can women use survival belts?

A: Though it says “male” or "Mens" on most survival belts, women can still use it. However, you have to consider the size of the belt if it matches yours. The width of the belt is also important to observe because garter and belt widths greatly differ between men and women. But regardless of the belt’s size, all survival belts are unisexual.

Q: What is the best material for the strap?

A: The best material possible for almost any kind of survival belt will be nylon. Survival belts are not just all about being wearable, but also for other purposes when an emergency arises. Leather is not a fitting material for such a task.

Q: Do All Survival Belts Hold Pouches?

A: All survival belts should have the capability to hold pouches. These are the belts widely used by the military, who often uses a handful of pouches during their missions. Experienced travelers and hikers often use pouches on their belts, which is why they often consider the thickness of the belt. The thinner the belt, the better it will be to attach your pouches.


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KingMoore Men’s Tactical Belt

KingMoore Men’s Tactical Belt


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