3 Ways To Fish For Survival

Fishing is a popular hobby because it’s a nice way to spend a relaxing afternoon. But that’s not
what it was originally created for. Fishing is first and foremost a way of sourcing food. When
you’re out on your own and you’re trying to gather food for the night, fishing is one of your best
options. You’ll have to use a different method depending on what environment you’re in, whether
that be lakes, rivers or even on an ice sheet. Here’s everything you need to know about fishing
for food.

fish for survival

Spear fishing is probably the oldest form of fishing there is. Long before the advent of rods and lines, people were using spears to catch fish. The technology has moved on a lot since then and you’ll be using a speargun instead (you can get good quality ones online from Neptonics).

You’ve got a couple of options for spearfishing; you can try spearfishing from the shore but you might struggle to catch anything. You’re far more likely to find success if you go diving with your speargun. Just remember that it can get a bit dangerous down there so always follow proper safety procedure when you’re under the water.

Make sure that you know how to handle your gun properly as well, especially if you’re diving with other people, otherwise, you could end up having a serious accident.

Ice Fishing

ice fishing rod and reel

Finding food in the winter is a whole lot harder. A lot of the animals are hiding away and the lakes are frozen over. But you can still source food from the water with ice fishing. Ice fishing is another technique that’s been around for thousands of years and if you’re going to be successful, you need to be incredibly patient.

There aren’t going to be that many fish around and they’ll retreat to the bottom of the lake when the cold sets in so you’ll be waiting a long while before you catch anything. It can be pretty dangerous too so always double check the thickness of the ice before you step out there. Keeping the hole covered is important too, if the fish see the light shining through the water, they’ll avoid the area.

Saltwater Fishing

If you’re near the coast then the ocean is a great source of food to sustain you. Saltwater fishing is one of the best types of survival fishing because you’ve got a varied range of fish in there and they tend to be quite a bit bigger than the fish you’ll find in rivers and lakes.

If you’re new to saltwater fishing you’re best off starting on the pier. It’s easier to catch fish in the shallower
waters near to the coast. When you start getting a bit more experienced, you can jump in a boat and head out to deeper waters where you’ll find the bigger fish.

If you want to survive on your own out in the wild, you need to master these survival fishing
techniques so you’ve always got a good source of food.

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