Survival Outfitter

These retail establishments are very uncommon, but are a great find. They usually have the best selection and respectable prices (but be careful). My experience is that they have good prices on the items that are easy to shop, but will stick you on certain accessories where the pricing structure is less known. They also usually have some sort of attached direct marketing (mail order) business. Check the catalogs against the store prices to see what is a good deal. Often there are catalog specials and showroom specials. These businesses are also very active on the Internet.  Search keywords like "survival outfitter" Showroom specials are usually limited to stock on hand and discontinued merchandise while catalog specials are more often overstock of some kind. Take advantage of both. One of the best ways to find these places is to check through various catalogs to find out where they may have showrooms and or retail locations. It is common for these places to be located near military bases and to deal at least in some military surplus equipment.

A survival outfitter can easily be your one-stop shop for all of your survival gear, including any firearms.  That is not to say that they will have the best deals, since they are usually banking on the convenience of being a one stop shop to get you to spend the few extra bucks rather than shop around.  That is a fair way of doing business, but you should go in with some idea of what the stuff should cost. 

In some cases, these establishments do not sell guns at all.  This is commonly due to legal concerns about unwanted government scrutiny of other aspects of their business.  Namely, certain knives, martial arts weapons, gun accessories and parts.