I am looking for photographs (current color photos in digital format if at all possible) of land mines, grenades, boobytraps and demolitions in addition to packaging, crates, labels and anything else that can be used to identify these things.  Also of interest are  demils, cut-aways, training dummies and inert samples of land mines, grenades and commercially produced or military booby traps and packages or packing materials.   Many of these items had been discarded at the end of the cold war during the flurry of Clinton era base closures and demobilizations.   Of particular interest are those of East European, Chinese or Middle Eastern Origin but anything that has been on the international market in the last 20 years will be of some interest.   

What is almost as important as the mines themselves is the packaging they come in; labels, materials the packaging is made from, and any pamphlets, leaflets or instructions that might be packaged with landmines or commercially produced booby traps.  We have been able to find fairly decent pictures of the ordinance in Jane's and  obtainable intelligence archives but what is very important is the means to identify packaging materials for land mines, ordinance, grenades and booby trap initiation devices of foreign origin.  Even seemingly insignificant things as the little embossed tags on wire seals could be important.   If you have encountered this stuff (especially foreign) anywhere under any conditions or circumstances and have photographs and can describe what is in the photo, I am interested and your identity will be protected.  Again, digital format is preferred but not necessary.  

I am also looking for samples of or photos of any commercially or government produced demolition equipment, tools or items related to the use of mines or booby traps of any origin.   Specifically, any unique "civilian" devices that are compatible with the military MDI priming/initiation systems.  

Of particular interest are "mine wrenches" of any age or origin.   These are tools used in the arming and disarming of land mines.   They must be in good enough condition for immediate use as-is, reverse engineering and or duplication.   Top dollar will be paid for rare and unique foreign models but there is interest in recovering US models from wherever they might be.    If you think you have a tool that is a mine wrench, please contact me.  

What is of little or no interest are books or items in general circulation on the US market or common surplus store items such as practice hand grenades.   If you have an unusual item or out of print book or manual, then it might be of interest.  

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