Up Front Legal Buying

Legal, up front and registered guns also have their advantages.  Most of the time, we spend our lives in scenario zero or maybe one situations.  In these situations,  the law is functionally intact and makes a better ally than enemy.  Same goes for the police, they make better allies than enemies.   Legal guns can be insured and displayed with less fear of confiscation or theft.  Thieves know that registered guns can be traced - that makes them less desirable loot than black market guns.   A thief or customer caught with a stolen gun can go to jail only if the cops know and can prove that the gun is stolen.  That means that someone had to have legally owned the gun in the first place and had the authority to then register it as stolen.  "Hot" (stolen) guns are worth considerably less on the black market because anyone in possession of one is guilty of a crime and the case can be proved fairly easily. 

So the main jist is that you are better off if a legal gun is stolen than if an illegal gun is stolen. 

Even if you end up breaking the law in the course of defending yourself, it will be to your credit that you had attempted legal remedies before resorting to an illegal remedy.  This was evident in the trial of Bernard Goetz who had applied for and was refused a gun purchase and concealed weapon permit in his home city of New York.  It can also play a role if it turns out that a used gun you bought turned out to be stolen.  If you get a receipt from the seller, you can show that you made the purchase in good faith.  Goetz had legally bought his pistol in another state and although he broke New York laws in the incident, the Jury took to heart that his actions regarding obtaining the gun were "mostly legal" and showed a genuine attempt at complying with as many laws as were practical 

Another advantage to legal buying is that if someone does accuse you of having illegal weapons, you can show that is not true since you have a history of making sure that you buy legally.  Once this is known, authorities are less likely to believe stories told about you and illegal weapons and more likely to believe that you act in good faith and are not an opponent of authority.  Many senior law enforcers are "old school" about the differences between the citizen and the criminal.  They know that citizens who obey laws are not the enemy of society. 

One disadvantage of legal buying is that records of the purchase and your ownership of the guns can be compromised by those hostile to you.  This means that legally purchased and registered firearms become a known variable to an enemy who is planning action against you.   The most common way to get the "best of both worlds" is to purchase guns on the gray market.  This means private transactions with no government records.   Such transactions are not legal in all places so you will have to check out the local situation and make the best decisions you can on this.