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Combatkit Tactical Vest

High Quality European made of US and European materials, perfect camo pattern match to US issue camo patterns.   These vests are made to fit larger sizes and do not require or interfere with wearing a pistol belt or duty belt of any sort.    

Warranty service available in Europe and USA, mag pouches fit all common assault rifle magazines, canteen/sustainment pouches fit all common (and most not so common) canteens and water bottles.   Additional mounting points for PALS/MOLLE compatible pouches like the Specops X system shown below.

Each rig has a large zippered compartment behind each large front panel, upper chest pouches on each side, and large side abdominal sustenance pouches that are large enough to hold any common canteen or water bottle, ration pack, and first aid supplies.    Every vest has a large rear compartment that will hold a 100oz water bladder (not included).    The hydration kit lid has a Velcro panel for mounting name tapes or other designating patches or labels.   Variations in the vest are on the lower front pouches, which are different for each specialist application.   The rifleman gets four multipurpose magazine pouches that will hold three of just about any type of assault rifle magazine, the medic/engineer vest gets two secure zippered pouches with removable organizing panels and waterproof liners, while the Gunner vest gets two large vinyl lined pouches generously sized to fit M249 SAW drums and most common belted ammunition.  

 The rifleman vest can hold up to 18 M16, G3 or FAL magazines, or up to 12 standard AK mags.  The normal load is 12 rifle mags on the rifleman's vest, two SAW boxes/drums on the gunner's vest with the Medic vest being set up with zippered pouches on the front replacing the main ammo pouches, but you can easily hold an additional six M16 mags in the auxillary upper chest pouches without taking space in the abdominal  sustenance pouches. 

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All Vests are $289 Shipped Complete

Woodland Camo

Rifleman (out of stock)

US 3 Color Desert Camo




Special pricing available on three or more vests, contact  custom colors and patterns available.

Made in Croatia of materials from USA, Poland and Norway

Combatkit Chest Rig

High Quality European made of US and European materials, perfect camo pattern match to US issue camo patterns.    These chest rigs easily adjust out to fit even a 53" chest size (remember, body armor and heavy jackets take up space in this measurement).    

These chest rigs have the same specialist and sustenance pouches as the vests, but lack the upper chest pouches, hydration pouch, and zippered compartment.  You do get a large flat compartment behind the pouches which can be adapted for various purposes, such as a holster.   You can also wear two chest rigs at one time by mounting one facing front and the other facing rear (much like an old ALICE gear setup with a buttpack, suspenders and lots of pouches, but wearing two of the Combatkit chest rigs makes it possible to tailor this setup and split it in half very quickly when you wear one front and one rear.   Not to mention fast access to the rear harness because you can remove it without removing the front facing harness by the means of quick release buckles.  

Warranty service available in Europe and USA, mag pouches fit all common assault rifle magazines, canteen/sustainment pouches fit all common (and most not so common) canteens and water bottles.   Additional mounting points for PALS/MOLLE compatible pouches like the Specops X system shown below.    

XL Rifle rigs have larger magazine pouches and more of them.   The gunfighter rig does not have sustenance (canteen/food) pouches or first aid pouches. 



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Most Chest Rigs are $169 Shipped Complete

Woodland Camo

XL Rifle rig $199
Gunfighter rifle rig $139


US 3 Color Desert Camo



XL Rifle Chest rig $199

Gunfighter rifle rig $139



Special pricing available on three or more vests, contact  custom colors and patterns available.

Made in Croatia of materials from USA, Poland and Norway

Combatkit Modular Vest and Chest Rig

The Combatkit Modular Vest and Chest rig are fully compatible with all PALS/MOLLE webbing and will accept all compatible add-on pouches so you can custom tailor your rig to match the mission.   IE, these will accept the specialized Combatkit pouches and the Specops brand pouches we sell.   Other than the absence of the normal pouches on the "bare" units, these rigs have all of the same basic features of their host systems.   The vest is fully adjustable for height and chest, and has the same large zippered compartments in the front along with the hydration bladder pouch in the rear.    The chest rig has the same rear panel compartment, mounting points on the shoulders, and space for placing ALICE compatible items on the side straps.    Note, this is for the basic vest and chest rig, you will need to order additional pouches separately.    


US camo patterns listed

Combatkit modular vest $200


Desert Camo

Combatkit modular chest rig $119


Desert Camo

Custom and foreign camo patterns and solid colors available on special order and with discounts on three or more.   Contact for details

Specops Brand AK Mag Chest Rig  

Holds 8 AK mags and a radio.   Made completely in USA. 

Will hold all 30 shot AK 47/74 mags and 40 round AR15/AR180 mags.   The built in radio pouch will hold most common handheld two way radios and scanners.   This is a minimalist utility chest rig for those who want to move light and compact while keeping spare firepower at their fingertips.    The straps on this rig are flat and compact, yet still retain enough padding to lighten the load of several pounds of steel magazines mounted on the chest.   Like most chest rigs, this one will not interfere with wearing a backpack,  works independently of any belt, and can easily be worn inside a vehicle.   This rig is favored by tankers and APC crewmen who need to maintain a fairly narrow "hatch profile" to keep from the snagging while getting into and out of the vehicle that is so common with other types of load bearing rigs in addition to not getting interference from seats and seatbelts.   

The pouches are among the very few on the market which will hold the 40 round HK93/33 magazines with ease.

Click here for more information and a review of this item.

$90 each 

Available in black, OD green, woodland camo, and desert tan. 



AK Chest Rig OD Green
AK Chest Rig Woodland Camo
AK Chest Rig Desert Camo
AK Chest Rig Black
Savvysurvivor price $85 Each shipped


OD Green



Tac-Force Chest Rig

A versatile and heavy duty chest rig with four mags pouches, two utility pouches and a large rear pocket.   The mag pouches will fit all common assault rifle magazines.   High quality, heavily padded and lined.   This is a stand-alone unit engineered not to interfere with other gear items or backpacks.   

 $87 Shipped


Chest Rig  Black
Chest Rig  OD Green
Chest Rig Tan


overseas orders will be billed for additional shipping charges, usually $10 to $15 for airmail.   

Specops Brand Battle Rig Modular Vest

Compatible with all MOLLE / PALS type pouches and most ALICE equipment. 

This vest is a new offering from Specops Brand and is made with their legendary attention to detail in quality, innovation and durability.   This vest is compatible with all MOLLE and PALS type attachment systems in addition to being compatible with most ALICE pouches and equipment.   This is the perfect vest to bridge the gap between your MOLLE and ALICE gear that your unit probably still issues.    This vest was specifically designed for use by US military units that have not fully made the transition over to MOLLE gear, but troops need a vest which can carry the new style utility pouches.   A Specops Brand battle belt is included with every vest, but it is also compatible with the standard USGI pistol belt and most duty belts.  




Battle Rig OD Green

Battle Rig US Desert Tan

Note, X systems pouches are priced seperately, but a Specops Brand Battle Belt IS INCLUDED with every vest.   The Battle Belt is a $40 suggested retail value.   

Contact if you want to substitute in a USGI type pistol belt instead of the premium Specops brand Battle Belt. 

Tac-Force Rifleman's Vest

This vest has six magazine pockets capable of holding all common rifle magazines, including AK, M16, FAL, G3, Cetme and others.  The pouches will hold two of the smaller magazines (M16/M4) or one larger magazine (AK/FAL/G3).  The pisto magazine pouches have adjustable flaps to accommodate nearly all common pistol magazines.    

This full featured vest also has two zippered pockets on the inside, attachment points at the rear for additional pouches, D-rings on the shoulders for use with "dummy cords" and the Wolf-hook tether, a padded and textured shoulder rest, and the back has a large pocket for a hydration pack.   The Tac-force duty belt is recommended but necessary.    The sides are adjustable using three straps on each side.    One size fits most.   

Available in Black, OD Green and Desert Tan.


OD Green


Tan / Coyote

Tac-Force General Purpose Tactical Vest

Similar to the other vests but substituting one row of rifle mag pouches for a right handed holster that will accommodate most medium and large pistols.  This vest is extremely versatile and now the vest is available in left hand versions in both Black and OD green, but NOT desert tan, which is currently available in right hand only. We generally keep all variants and colors in stock at any given time.  

Balck, OD green and Desert Tan available.   A note on the tan color, it is a darker desert tan color than the pinkish shades you see on other gear and is closer to the color that some people call "coyote tan".   The green color is more of a true olive than the brighter greens used by BHI and Eagle these days.  

Price is the same as other Tac-Force vests at $80 each.  Remember this price includes free shipping,  with priority mail shipping to any US military APO/FPO.  Other overseas orders will have a small shipping surcharge based on actual shipping costs. 

Here you see one of our customers using the TAC-Force vest on duty in Iraq.   The lighter weight construction and readily available tan colors help keep the wearer cooler than when wearing the issue vests without adding significant bulk to the interceptor armor worn underneath.   Notice how the convenient pistol holster and positioning of the pouches makes it unnecessary to wear a pistol belt.   This gives greater freedom of movement, especially when operating from a vehicle.  

Any version $80 shipped


OD Green Right hand
Black Right hand
OD Green Left hand
Black Left hand
Tan/Coyote Right
Tan/Coyote  Left

Tac- Force Vest Pack/Thigh Pouch

Not quite a backpack and not quite a buttpack, this add-on is made to expand the carrying capacity of the assault vest while bridging the gap between the normal capacity of a buttpack and the bulk of a backpack.  It attaches to most standard type assault vests or can be used as a separate gear pack with a single shoulder strap (not included).    Unlike a normal buttpack, you do not need to wear a belt on your vest in order to use this pack. 

This clever pack also comes with removable drop leg and thigh straps so that you can wear one on either thigh while attached to the pistol belt with or without the vest.   Velcro in the belt strap will prevent it from sliding around when worn on the Specops Battle Belt or the This is useful for specialized tools or equipment or as a general utility pouch for motorcycle riders.   The sides can zip open with or without opening the top flap buckles.    The inside has a foam pad to help it hold shape and keep odd shaped items like breaching or demo tools from poking into the wearer.    Large enough to hold even most foreign gas masks with the cannister attached.  

Available in Black and OD green.  

$38 Each 


OD Green


The Specops Brand Battle Belt is the best of the best new generation pistol/gear belts for use with load bearing gear and tactical equipment.  Adjustable for most users with and without outer clothing and body armor.   The battle belt also features velcro "fuzzy" on the inside for placement of new generation pouches and hangars like those from Tac-Force which have Velcro "hook" side on the loops to keep them from shifting around on the belt.   This whole system does away with most of the metal hooks, snaps, buckles and ALICE keepers used in the old systems.   The battle belt is still compatible with most ALICE system components.     Battle Belt, Compatible with most tactical vests.  


Battle Belt OD Green

Battle Belt Black


Tac-Force Duty Belt

Available in Black and OD green.  This is a 2" wide duty belt with built-in stiffener, and Velcro like "fuzzy side" on the inside so that compatible Tac-force.  Highly recommended for use with tactical vests.   One size fits most and is compatible with most tactical vests and duty gear.

Available in Black or OD green

$21 Each

OD Green


Specops Brand X System Pouches

X system pouches come in 2,4, or six magazine size.  The large size pouch fits a box of linked M60/240 ammo perfectly.  Much much better than having those cheesy "bandoleers flopping around or doing the Rambo thing with belts wrapped around your body.   The Smaller pouch will fit most handheld two way radios.   The versatility of these pouches makes them great add-ons for just about any military pack or tactical vest since they are compatible with just about any attachment system on the market.   X system pouches are fully compatible with just about any gear that has PALS/MOLLE webbing, like the Interceptor OTV shown at right. 

They are also very reasonably priced compared to similar add on pouches for EAGLE, Blackhawk and Specops packs.  



X-2: 3" x 2" x 7.5", 45 cu. in. $17.00


X-4: 3" x 4" x 7.5", 90 cu. in. $19.00


X-6: 3" x 6" x 7.5", 135 cu. in.


Now available in OD green, Black, Desert camo and Woodland camo 



Tac-Force Thigh Mount Rifle Magazine Carrier

This magazine carrier holds three rifle magazines, and can accomodate M16, AK47, AK74 and similar size magazines.  The pouches will not hold FAL or G3 magazines.  






It will hang below either a trouser belt, pistol belt or duty belt.  The sturdy leg straps have non-slip rubber strips woven into them to prevent the carrier from shifting around on your leg.   Fully ambidextrous.   The submachinegun version uses narrower magazine pouches.  


$31.00 Available in Black, and OD green. 

Black for rifle mags
OD for rifle mags
Black Combo
OD Combo

The "Combo" version holds two rifle and two handgun magazines. 

All variants are available in Black and OD Green.  Desert tan coming soon.  

  Specops brand combat light sheath. 

This sheath is made for the powerful little combat lights that are getting more popular with the tactical set these days.  The issue with these lights is that they are very powerful, and when you are running in a "light discipline" mode where you do not want something as powerful as a car headlight when you just want to check a map or change the batteries in your GPS.   That is where the multi-light sheath does its job.   You can leave the light in the sheath and the sheath itself acts as a light filter because it has a translucent panel mounted in the bottom of the pouch.   The pouch is set so that it can hold nearly all modern lights like the Pelican, Surefire (shown), and Tacstar.  

Multi-light sheath (light not included)


The super sheath is a fully adjustable small utility sheath with an adjustable snap flap which fit items from 4" to 5.5".  It is good gear for when you might be stuffing different items on your belt at different times and you need one sheath to fit them all.  It is also far far more durable than the OEM sheaths that come with Gerber, Leatherman and similar tools and works fine as a pistol magazine pouch.  Even better, it can be easily adjusted to fit standard GI pistol belts,  police style duty belts and the MOLLE system. .  

The flaps can stretch to where the pouch will hold 10 shot 1911 mags like the Chip McCormick types favored by survivors who use 1911 pistols in the field.  The loops on the back of the pouch also will work in the horizontal position which is better for concealment or conventional vertical position.   The pouch is MOLLE/PALS compatible.  

$15 (single cell) Available here in OD or black.  

$22 (double cell)

Will fit pocket pliers tools from most makers and handgun magazines for most handguns.  Highly versatile and adjustable.  

Single Cell OD Green
Single Cell Black
Double Cell OD Green
Double Cell Black


Spec-Ops HUMP 

This is a holder for your hydration system like the Camelback or one of the civilian equivalents which you would normally wear backpack style with another set of straps tangling you up when you put your gear on.   This pouch holds your hydration system and directly connects to  your existing load bearing vest or tactical vest with a six point attachment system which will keep it secure without you needing to wear another item with irritating backpack straps.  

 I found that this system is fairly easily adapted to the replacement water reservoirs and drinking tubes sold by a number of vendors, or you can even use this with the el cheapo Waterduck systems from Wally World and it will perform well in the field.    You can also adapt the HUMP to a number of packs or even attach it to the interior of an armored vehicle.    This can work well for APC and tank crew members who should not wear extra gear that can snag their movement around in the vehicle, but want to keep a hydration system handy.   The HUMP will attach directly to Interceptor OTV body armor with no additional straps or modification needed.  This does a lot to reduce the number of shoulder straps a person would be wearing while fully "geared up".   This,  in turn, reduces fatigue and enhances mobility.

Add $25 for 2 liter (aprx) hydration kit which includes Tac-Force internal bag, tube with bite valve, and neoprene black tube cover.  This kit saves cost and weight over putting an entire hydration kit into the HUMP. 



OD Green

Woodland Camo


Desert Camo

Made in USA

Specops Brand Frontal Assault

A small multi-purpose utility pouch made as an add-on to your other gear, or you can wear it alone on your BDU belt.  It is built to hold small items for easy access.  Recommended for use with mini-binoculars, a GPS, or PVS-14 when you are not wanting to hump the whole head harness.  Lots of guys ditch the head harness in the NOD bag and have the clip on the helmet, then just want a small pouch for the NOD, well, this is it.   Has attachment loops on the back, and a lanyard ring on the front that is good for tethering the gear items you keep inside. 



Frontal Assault OD Green
Frontal Assault Woodland Camo
Frontal Assault Black
Frontal Assault Desert Camo

Available in OD, Woodland camo, and black.  Tan coming soon. 

Tac-Force Drop Leg Thigh Holster

Very competitively priced and well built drop leg holster sized to fit most medium and large semi-auto handguns.   Includes a magazine pouch at the front of the holster, adjustable thumb snap with jump cover to prevent inadvertent ejection of the pistol during rigorous activity.  

This holster matches the style and construction of the thigh mount magazine pouches listed above, with the same non-slip rubberized thigh straps, but this holster is NOT ambidextrous.    You can remove the drop leg strap and thigh straps in order to use this holster as a high ride duty holster compatible with the Tac-force duty belt. 

The holster will fit some pistols with lasers attached, but not with tactical lights.

Right hand Black or OD green.   $31
Black RH
Tan   RH
Left hand Black or OD green.   $31
Black LH

Tac-Force Duty Magazine Pouch

Compatible with Tac-Force and Specops brand Pistol belts and duty belts with Velcro on the for holding the pouch from sliding around on the belt.  The pouch can be mounted facing up, down or horizontally.   Currently available only in Black, and will fit most standard length automatic pistol magazines.   





Tac-Force M11 Holster

Sized to fit the M11 pistol/subgun and the Airsoft variants.  Same basic features as the other Tac-Force thigh holsters and ammo carriers.

These holsters are available right hand only.  They also fit most common full size handguns with tactical lights and lasers attached. 

Available in Black and OD Green 

Right Hand only











Recommended Kydex holsters and sheaths


Recommended Leather holsters and sheaths

HB leather works 


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