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Speed Straps

A fairly simple addition to your gear that will make life easier when packing and unpacking items in the field.   These compression straps have an easy on easy off buckle in addition to a self locking cinch mechanism for the strong 1" straps.    Using these straps, you can make soft items like bedrolls and tents as compact as possible to take up less space in vehicles and packs.   They come four to a package, two that are 24" long and two that are 36" long.   Seen here compressing an already compressed 4 piece Gore-Tex extended cold weather sleep system in a space comparable to what a lot of people can only squeeze a "ranger roll" into.  

Available in Black, OD and Tan $11 per set of four.


OD Green

Made in USA

Specops Brand HAZ-Mat Sniper rifle drag bag / shooting mat.

The Specops Brand HAZ  (Hold Approach Zip) mat is arguably the largest, most versatile and heavy duty drag bag in use by US military forces.   Large enough to hold a Barrett M82 without breaking it down, or any of the medium machineguns in US inventory (with optics), this is the king of drag bags.  

You can configure the bag as a backpack, drag bag, shooting mat with or without a blast mat and of course, as a regular gun case.  

There are attachment points on the inside and outside of the case for additional pouches.  Best of all is a panel on the back side of the bag which allows for the attachment of most tactical packs.   

The blast mat is a a removable extension of the HAZ-mat which extends far enough forward to reduce the dust signature caused by muzzle brakes on the more powerful sniper rifles.    It also helps to reduce the dust signature of just about any bipod mounted weapon like the M60, M240 and M249.  Incidentially, the HAZ mat will hold any of these machineguns WITH the spare barrel bag.  For use with a tripod mounted weapon, remove the blast mat or leave it folded.    For more information, click on the link to the right.  

HAZ Mat Sniper Drag bag and pack combo.   The optional pack in the picture a  THE pack listed above but the panel will also fit other similar size packs (not included).   Currently available in Woodland Camo.  Olive Drab and Black available on special order.  The HAZ mat is compatible with X system pouches listed above

Savvysurvivor Price is $299 SHIPPED 

Woodland Camo in stock and ready to ship for this hard to get item.  

Shipping included in the price (surface shipping on overseas orders, airmail on US and most Canadian orders)  Don't be fooled by others who have a lower price and then nail you for high shipping costs.  This is a large and bulky item.

Woodland Camo


Made in USA

Specops   All Purpose Bag

This bag was designed as a replacement for the M3 medic bag and is slightly larger.   Built of far superior materials with fast zipper access to all compartments.   A shoulder strap is not included, but you can use any military type shoulder strap on the steel rings which are securely stitched into the sides.   Available in Black, OD, and Woodland camo.   This makes a great medic bag, toiletry kit or small vehicle survival kit bag.  

$26 in OD, Woodland Camo, Black and  desert tan.  


OD Green


Made in USA

Spec-Ops HUMP 

This is a holder for your hydration system like the Camelback or one of the civilian equivalents which you would normally wear backpack style with another set of straps tangling you up when you put your gear on.   This pouch holds your hydration system and directly connects to  your existing load bearing vest or tactical vest with a six point attachment system which will keep it secure without you needing to wear another item with irritating backpack straps.  

 I found that this system is fairly easily adapted to the replacement water reservoirs and drinking tubes sold by a number of vendors, or you can even use this with the el cheapo Waterduck systems from Wally World and it will perform well in the field.    You can also adapt the HUMP to a number of packs or even attach it to the interior of an armored vehicle.    This can work well for APC and tank crew members who should not wear extra gear that can snag their movement around in the vehicle, but want to keep a hydration system handy.   The HUMP will attach directly to Interceptor OTV body armor with no additional straps or modification needed.  This does a lot to reduce the number of shoulder straps a person would be wearing while fully "geared up".   This,  in turn, reduces fatigue and enhances mobility.

Add $25 for 2 liter (aprx) hydration kit which includes Tac-Force internal bag, tube with bite valve, and neoprene black tube cover.  This kit saves cost and weight over putting an entire hydration kit into the HUMP. 



OD Green


Woodland Camo




Desert Camo



Made in USA

Tac-Force brand hydration pack.  

This is a fairly standard tactical hydration pack.   Tactical features include the drag handle, quick fill valve, neoprene covered tube and hanging strap.  This pack is compatible with most vests and other packs with a pocket for a hydration system, including the HUMP sold here.   

The standard features of this hydration pack are a heavy duty bladder, replaceable bladders available, a standard bite valve (sealed in plastic when new), shoulder straps with quick release buckles and a thick back pad.  

The full length rear pocket provides and access point for replacing the bladder like a lot of similar packs do, but this one also gives an insulated compartment that you can put ice cubes or heat packs in to regulate the temperature of the water in the bladder.   Symbols on the bladder warn against using it for coffee, milk or juices.   

$40 - Available in Black, OD, and Tan.

Note, the tan color from Tac-force is a darker tan similar to the Coyote tan used by other gear makers.  

Replacement water bladder with tube and neoprene tube cover  $25


OD Green
Hydration bag set    

The replacement hydration bag set is compatible with all of the TAC-force packs, the Specops Brand THE pack, Specops Brand HUMP and most hydration bladder carriers.  



Tac-Force Slim line Hydration packs

These packs are very similar to the standard Tac-Force hydration packs but are set up with a more streamlined design to save weight and complexity.  combining all of the same basic features of their tactical hydration pack with their standard water bladder, this pack is excellent for use with the Specops Brand HUMP.   Some military personnel prefer this type of pack for getting into and out of aircraft and vehicles with a minimum of extra straps and handles which can snag on things.  It also protects the water filler valve more than the standard hydration pack.

Available in Black or OD green


OD Green



Specops Brand Dry Cell On Board

The smaller cousin to the Pack Rat is the Dry Cell on board BDU pocket organizer.  This item is good for organizing all of the small items that you would carry in your BDU cargo pocket.  No more lost Leatherman tools or soaked wallets with this unit.  Comes with two waterproof inner bags for protecting contents from moisture.    This makes  a great supplement to the THE wallet listed below.   

Available in OD and Woodland Camo


OD Green




Made in USA


Spec-Ops Brand "THE" wallet  

I had my misgivings about an "oversize" wallet that retails for $25 until I actually got some sample units and tried one out.  This has to be the King Kong of wallets, but it will also probably prove to be the best wallet I will ever own.  Here's why.

For one thing, the wallet is large, but it spreads the contents out so that it never gets to thick in one spot.  That means no telltale dent in in the butt cheek from carrying a thick wallet.  The wallet also carries the bare basics of the SF standard international urban survival kit.  IE your passport and a few precious metal coins in their own zippered compartment.  If you are from a unit that uses the "challenge coin" you have a nice compartment for that too.  The wallet has two window ID pockets.  One for a military ID and one for a driver's license that would even fit the old "suitable for framing" oversize Ohio licenses.  

Oh but that's not all, the wallet has a unique closure that is fast but secure and makes it possible to wear the wallet on your belt.  You even get some grommet holes so that you may wear the wallet around your neck with the ID window facing inside or outside.  This wallet also has a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.  

This is a smaller wallet that will fit a lot of slacks and dress pants that have pockets which are too small for the standard THE wallet.  The THE Wallet Jr will not hold some larger items like a Passport but it retains most of the features like the ID card holders, shark bite closure, and a coin pouch.  

Both the THE wallet and checkbook wallet are now available in Desert tan and desert camo. 


Made in USA

THE Wallet $20

THE Wallet OD Green
THE Wallet Woodland Camo
THE Wallet Black
THE Wallet  Desert Camo
THE Wallet  Desert Tan

THE Wallet Jr $20 

THE Wallet Jr OD Green
THE Wallet Jr Woodland
THE Wallet Jr Black
THE Wallet Jr Desert Camo
THE Wallet Jr Desert Tan

Note, stock is limited on wallet JRs, but we keep several of every color standard size wallet on hand at any given time

Specops Brand THE Checkbook Wallet

The Checkbook wallet from Spec-Ops is the larger cousin to their THE wallet.  It is held closed by a conventional zipper and sports most of the same features, including a zippered internal pocket and a clear ID card holder on the outside.  

Like all Specops gear, it is built heavy duty and comes with a lifetime guarantee. 

THE Checkbook $20

THE CB Wallet OD Green
THE CB Wallet Woodland Camo
THE CB Wallet Black
THE CB Wallet  Desert Tan

Frontal Assault

A small multi-purpose utility pouch made as an add-on to your other gear, or you can wear it alone on your BDU belt.  It is built to hold small items for easy access.  Recommended for use with mini-binoculars, a GPS, or PVS-14 when you are not wanting to hump the whole head harness.  Lots of guys ditch the head harness in the NOD bag and have the clip on the helmet, then just want a small pouch for the NOD, well, this is it.   Has attachment loops on the back, and a lanyard ring on the front that is good for tethering the gear items you keep inside. 


$16.00 Frontal Assault Pouch

Frontal Assault OD Green
Frontal Assault Woodland Camo
Frontal Assault Black
Frontal Assault Desert Camo


Specops Brand Super Sheath

The super sheath is a fully adjustable small utility sheath with an adjustable snap flap which fit items from 4" to 5.5".  It is good gear for when you might be stuffing different items on your belt at different times and you need one sheath to fit them all.  It is also far far more durable than the OEM sheaths that come with Gerber, Leatherman and similar tools and works fine as a pistol magazine pouch.  Even better, it can be easily adjusted to fit standard GI pistol belts,  police style duty belts and the MOLLE system. .  

The flaps can stretch to where the pouch will hold 10 shot 1911 mags like the Chip McCormick types favored by survivors who use 1911 pistols in the field.  The loops on the back of the pouch also will work in the horizontal position which is better for concealment or conventional vertical position.   The pouch is MOLLE/PALS compatible.  

$15 (single cell) Available here in OD or black.  

$22 (double cell)

Will fit pocket pliers tools from most makers and handgun magazines for most handguns.  Highly versatile and adjustable.  

Single Cell OD Green
Single Cell Black
Single Cell Tan
Double Cell OD Green
Double Cell Black


Specops brand combat light sheath. 

This sheath is made for the powerful little combat lights that are getting more popular with the tactical set these days.  The issue with these lights is that they are very powerful, and when you are running in a "light discipline" mode where you do not want something as powerful as a car headlight when you just want to check a map or change the batteries in your GPS.   That is where the multi-light sheath does its job.   You can leave the light in the sheath and the sheath itself acts as a light filter because it has a translucent panel mounted in the bottom of the pouch.   The pouch is set so that it can hold nearly all modern lights like the Pelican, Surefire (shown), and Tacstar.  

Multi-light sheath (light not included)



The Recon Wrap.  This seems like such a simple thing you will think to yourself "why didn't I invent that".  If you have seen our troops in the field or spent any time in military training in the Western US, you know how much it really sucks to get lungs full of dust.  Next in line from that is getting your head all sweaty and then full of dust.  The traditional way to deal with this is the common do-rag.   This is usually cut from an all purpose cravat in the medic kits.  At best, they frequently fall off, get funky and are stiff and scratchy.  Not exactly a joy to wear on your face.    Of course there is also the Baklava.  The Ninja looking head cover that you can bake your head in while still choking on dust since it does little to filter anything.  

In cool weather ops, you can find yourself layering and unlayering with your BDUs, Gortex, and a everything in between from the woolly pully to the high speed thermal underwear they have now to regulate your temperature.  The thing is that once you start doing some strenuous activity in the cool environment, your body will heat up and your brain gets mixed signals from your cold neck and overheating body.   That is where the neck cover can come in very handy.  Wear the recon wrap around your neck to keep the chill out without having to bundle up in clothing that can restrict your movement or worse, overheat you.  

Enter the Recon Wrap.  A fairly simple tubular hear garment made from a highly elastic spandex like material.  A little imagination gives over a half dozen options for wear.   The dye in the camo versions goes all the way through the fabric and matches the woodland pattern on your BDUs, unlike what is seen in the imported camo bandannas.   Lightweight and versatile, this item is a winner.  


OD Green
Stars and Stripes



Made in USA

Better BDU belt 

I picked up a couple of these to see how good they are.  Like all Spec-Ops gear, the belt sets itself apart from the others because it is heavy duty.   Now I wear them almost every day.   They look just as good months later as when I pulled them out of the packages.   

It is rare to find a nylon pants belt that is still stiff enough to support sheaths and holsters, but this one does the trick.   The wide design offers decent back support and keeps my shirts tucked better than most conventional belt.   Not to be used as a back-up rappelling belt, but it is still plenty strong.    The material in the belt is stiff enough to support most belt holsters.   The standard size will fit up to a 38" waist even though the label says it only goes up to 36", large will fit the fat boys.   If you have any doubts, you can get a large size and then trim the belt to fit.  


Available in Black, Olive Drab and Dark Blue.  


Dark Blue
Large OD
Large Black
Large Dark Blue


Made in USA

Specops Brand Rigger's Belt

This is the super duper BDU belt on steroids with a heavy duty steel buckle and tie in point for tie-in for emergency rappelling, helicopter doorgunners and jumpmasters.   The belt is made from super thick material with super heavy duty hardware throughout, but still made to be threaded through normal trouser loops.   The heavy duty tie in ring is engineered to function as a real rappelling or tie in attachment point with a working load of 400 pounds.  The belt can hold as much as 1200 pounds.   Not to be mistaken for the emergency use only type belts.   Note, due to the size and thickness of the webbing and extra velcro used in the construction, this belt will not work on some pants with narrow loops.   It was made to work with BDU trousers and tactical pants.  

The tire in ring has its own retention strap so that you don't have to worry about it flopping in the way when you are not using it.  Note that the tie-in ring functions entirely independent of the belt buckle.  All of the hardware on this belt is steel, not aluminum like you see in weaker belts that only look like riggers belts. 

Rigger's Belt, medium 24"- 36" waist


Rigger's Belt, large 36" - 48" waist



The Specops Brand Battle Belt is the best of the best new generation pistol/gear belts for use with load bearing gear and tactical equipment.  Adjustable for most users with and without outer clothing and body armor.   The battle belt also features velcro "fuzzy" on the inside for placement of new generation pouches and hangars like those from Tac-Force which have Velcro "hook" side on the loops to keep them from shifting around on the belt.   This whole system does away with most of the metal hooks, snaps, buckles and ALICE keepers used in the old systems.   The battle belt is still compatible with most ALICE system components.     Battle Belt


Battle Belt OD Green

Battle Belt Black


Leather Safety Gloves

Premium leather gloves with padded knuckle and finger area for protection against abrasion.   Optional liners are woven with Kevlar to reduce cuts.    The granular material in the knuckles is heavy, and makes these excellent bag gloves and training gloves.  Not safe for full contact sparring without pads.   The knuckle protection is great for those who are still in the "learning curve" with stick type weapons like Escrima sticks, Nunchaku, and Bokken.   May not be legal in some areas.  

Kevlar liners sold separately,  one size fits most.  

$39.00 Black only



$12.00 Kevlar liners. 

Tac-Force Neoprene Tactical Gloves

These gloves are engineered to maintain finger dexterity while providing warmth, comfort and protection from minor impact an abrasion.   Feature neoprene construction with rubberized grip pads to help maintain control while climbing, driving, or operating equipment.  Not designed for rappelling.  Designed for a snug fit with Velcro secured wrist bands.   

Specify medium or large.  If you have any doubt as to which size is best, go with the larger size.  

$16 per pair Black only






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