Sniper Rifles

These rifles can also work fine as hunting rifles, but they almost never are capable of the fast fire and portability that are needed in a dynamic gun battle where you need to move and shoot frequently without taking long to aim or stopping frequently to reload. Sniper rifles may be your only option for providing long range backup for members who enter a dangerous situation. It can be a real morale booster to know that your group sniper is sighted in on the renegade gang member who you have to negotiate with in order to pass through a "checkpoint" or covering you when conducting an uncomfortable but necessary business transaction with some unsavory types. Big bore sniper rifles will give you some anti-armor capability with the right ammunition and the ability to damage lighter vehicles and aircraft that could be used against you. Especially if you catch the aircraft on the ground.

Sniper rifles are usually not as portable as other kinds of rifles and usually do not offer the user the ability to quickly transition from target to target or position to position, thus they are of limited use if the user must frequently fire and maneuver while engaging multiple targets.  For this reason, professional snipers (police and military) are usually accompanied by one or more assistants who are armed with assault rifles and sometimes shotguns.  Sniper assistants also act as "spotters" whose duties include using high powered optics to help the sniper identify targets.  Spotters give information about shooting conditions (range, cross winds, smoke, obstacles, possible incoming fire, ect.), provide instant feedback on shot placement when a shot is made and give directions for correcting point of aim if a shot misses the target.

This slightly modified AK hunter variant has been outfitted with several "sniper rifle" features including camouflage, a padded stock and forearm, and a telescopic sight.  The gun is not accurate by modern military sniper standards, but if tuned and deployed properly, it can serve the purpose, but is still limited by the range of the 7.62X39 cartridge.   In all, it is marginal as a sniper rifle.  One feature I like about it is that it does have backup iron sights.  This is a common feature on Com-Bloc sniper weapons but rare on western sniper rifles.   I personally recommend having this feature if the gun is to be a multi-purpose survival sniper rifle.  

Sniper rifles are usually similar in design to hunting rifles or battle rifles but are equipped with high quality optical sights, heavy (thicker) barrels, improved (lighter and smoother) triggers, and frequently bipods. Most of the newer sniper rifles have synthetic stocks and often have fluted barrels to reduce system weight. Older military surplus sniper rifles are available on the open market. They are usually not up to the performance standards of modern police and military sniper rifles but may fulfill the needs of the survivalist.  Purpose built commercial sniper rifles are costly but available on the open market. Modern military models tend to be better long range performers than police models, but police models have more features. Some companies, such as Remington and Savage, market bare bones sniper versions of their commercial hunting rifles that have heavy barrels and synthetic stocks with attaching points for bipods.

There are many high grade sniper rifles and optics on the US market capable of incredible accuracy when used by a highly skilled shooter, but the operative phrase of that is "when used by a highly skilled shooter".   This is not a simple matter of technical competence, but for those who highly develop the unique skills of long range precision shooting.   Invest in one of these high grade sniper rifles only if your skills or the skills of someone in your group justifies it.   I personally do not see the justification in such a rifle which can cost upwards of $6,000 even for most survivalists.   Any quality rifle should be capable of 2 MOA with decent ammo and optics, even most of the semiauto rifles.   Given the target zone on most large game animals is around 1 ft wide, that translates to a rifle capable of taking game out to 600 yards or dropping a bad guy with a body shot at 500 yards, or head shot at 300.   Furthermore, high precision rifles tend to not take well to harsh conditions  or abuse.   Just skipping a day of cleaning in a humid environment after shooting some surplus ammunition can cause enough damage to one of the $6,000 rifle's bore to bring it down to the performance of a $650 rifle.   

Many military weapon makers have "sniper" or "marksman" versions of their conventional sniper rifles.  Loosely coined as "Designated Marksman's Rifles" these guns are usually modified and accurized sniper rifles.  Often not significantly more accurate than their parent configurations, but the modifications will often guarantee some better performance in the hands of a skilled user.   This HK 93 SG1 variant is one such rifle.   The usual additions are improved telescopic sights, bipods, and some tuning of the trigger mechanism.   

On the subject of multipurpose rifles, the line between a sniper rifle and hunting rifle can be pretty blurry.  In general, a sniper rifle is set up for longer ranges, but this is also not an absoloute.  In fact, police sniper rifles are commonly set up to work at shorter ranges.   In some cases, a single rifle can be modified to serve multiple roles, especially when it is not needed to be used both ways all the time.   One such rifle is the NEF Handi-rifle.  By switching barrels and or taking the gun down, it can be a very portable hunting tool or ace in the hole sniper weapon.   The heavy barrel .308 survivor model can serve as a basis for a highly accurate and very cost effective marksman's rifle that will outperform many surplus military sniper weapons. 

Large bore "sniper" rifles like the Barrett M82 / US M196 are worth mentioning in reference to the skills used by the shooter, but these rifles are not commonly used for hunting.    Sporting purposes of these rifles includes some long range hunting of big animals, and target shooting.  Many of the large bore rifles of this sort are specifically set up for target shooting and while supposedly capable of using standard military ammunition, the chamber tolerances are so tight that they will only function with specific match grade ammunition.  

Military variants like the Barrett are actually not quite as accurate as the dedicated target rifles, but they tend to be more reliable and tolerant of military ammunition which was originally designed to function in heavy machineguns.    These military rifles are primarily for precision destruction of material at moderate to long range.    This can include shooting surface laid land mines with explosive tip ammunition in order to detonate mines from a safe distance, the destruction of specific enemy equipment and disabling vehicles.    While it is next to impossible to shoot down a flying aircraft with one of these rifles, they are quite efficient for wrecking critical electronic and engine components on the aircraft while they are on the ground.    They are also used by unconventional warfare units to provide long range direct fire support in defense of fixed positions and to disable enemy vehicles.    These large bore long range rifles in general fill in something of a gray area between heavy weapons and regular firearms.   With that understanding, the survivor should realize that these rifles have very little practical use but can be one of the very few commercially available weapons on the market which can hold some more serious significance on a battlefield.  

Recommended accessories would include: spotting scope (for the spotter), dedicated cleaning kits with one piece bore cleaning rods, high quality gun cases, lens cleaning kits for the optics, bench rests or similar devices (bean bag sand bags, a U-Mat or rifle vise), precision handloading equipment (or a steady supply of match grade ammo) and a small library of books on snipercraft, one of the best being The Ultimate Sniper, by John Plaster.

Related items sold here at savvysurvivor include drag bags, optics, and rangefinders. 

Tac-Force Drag Bag

This drag bag is size and built primarily for 7.62 NATO type sniper systems, to include extra pockets for  the full loadout, like the spotting scope, tripod, bipod, rangefinder, spare mags and ammo.   Following several popular designs, this drag bag is functional, yet ads a few subtle innovative features.  The storable shoulder straps have quick release buckles all around.   The main compartment can close with snaps or the zippers.   The front/top has multiple drag handles for different styles of stalking.  The build quality is evident throughout the material selection and construction of this quality bag at an amazing price considering the professional quality of this item.   This is part of a new generation of fully professional quality field items put out by Tac-Force for the real world market. 

 $118 Shipped

The best value in sniper drag bags on the market

Drag Bag  Black
Drag Bag OD Green
Drag Bag Tan  


Tac-Force Discreet Rifle Cases



Price varies


Tac-Force Assault Style Two Gun Case

Unlike conventional assault rifle cases, the Tac-Force case incorporates a second full size compartment for carrying another rifle of equal or smaller length.   These are made to hold assault rifles and similar guns which usually have a much taller profile than your conventional hunting rifle.  Instead of running with the conventional row of single magazine pouches which can inadvertently open, the case has a large zippered compartment that can hold an entire magazine carrier or other gear.  The long zippered compartment is good for accessories and cleaning rods.  These case feature carry handles and padded shoulder straps.  The fabric is treated for water resistance.

Shipping included in the price (surface shipping on overseas orders, airmail on US and most Canadian orders)  Don't be fooled by others who have a lower price and then nail you for high shipping costs.  This is a large and bulky item.

Available in Black and OD Green

42" fits most rifles and shotguns.   $67

42 Inch Case OD Green
42 Inch Case Black

46" extra long to fit most longer shotguns and sniper rifles. $75

46 Inch Case OD Green
46 Inch Case Black
Ready-Fire Mode. 

This is basically a really good pouch for keeping a spare loaded mag with your rifle at all times.  It also incorporates a nifty top sling loop and suspension system that is guaranteed not to slide around or come off, or interfere with the charging handle on an M16/M4/AR15 type weapon.   The Ready fire mode will fit USGI and similar 20 and 30 round magazines with ease, but the Ribbed Thermold mags fit pretty tight.

I Highly recommend the Ready-Fire for the Cav-Arms type rifles that don't have a rear sling swivel and you want to ad a rear sling attachment without having to drill or cut your stock.  

Now available for larger .308 caliber magazines.   Specifically made for the AR10, but will also work with M14, FAL, HK91 and similar rifle stocks and mags.    Will NOT work on sidefolder stocks that fold to the right.  Shown here on an M14 stock.   

M4 style fits most CAR-15 Adjustable stocks. 

M16 Style fits all AR fixed stocks  and most rifles with a similar butt stock profile.

All Versions $26 Each


Ready fire mode AR10 black
Ready fire mode AR10 OD


Ready Fire Mode M4 OD Green
Ready Fire Mode M4 Black
Ready Fire Mode M16 OD Green
Ready Fire Mode M16 Black
Stock Advisor, 



Stock Adviser Black


Stock Adviser OD Green


Specops Brand HAZ-Mat  drag bag / shooting mat.

The Specops Brand HAZ  (Hold Approach Zip) mat is arguably the largest, most versatile and heavy duty drag bag in use by US military forces.   Large enough to hold a Barrett M82 without breaking it down, or any of the medium machineguns in US inventory (with optics), this is the king of drag bags.  

You can configure the bag as a backpack, drag bag, shooting mat with or without a blast mat and of course, as a regular gun case.  

There are attachment points on the inside and outside of the case for additional pouches.  Best of all is a panel on the back side of the bag which allows for the attachment of most tactical packs.   

The blast mat is a a removable extension of the HAZ-mat which extends far enough forward to reduce the dust signature caused by muzzle brakes on the more powerful sniper rifles.    It also helps to reduce the dust signature of just about any bipod mounted weapon like the M60, M240 and M249.  Incidentally, the HAZ mat will hold any of these machineguns WITH the spare barrel bag.  For use with a tripod mounted weapon, remove the blast mat or leave it folded.    For more information, click on the link to the right.  

HAZ Mat Sniper Drag bag and pack combo.   The optional pack in the picture a  THE pack listed above but the panel will also fit other similar size packs (not included).   Currently available in Woodland Camo.  Olive Drab and Black available on special order.  The HAZ mat is compatible with X system pouches listed above

Savvysurvivor Price is $299 SHIPPED 

Woodland Camo in stock and ready to ship for this hard to get item.  

Shipping included in the price (surface shipping on overseas orders, airmail on US and most Canadian orders)  Don't be fooled by others who have a lower price and then nail you for high shipping costs.  This is a large and bulky item.

Woodland Camo


Made in USA

NcStar Rubber Armored 4X30 Assault Rifle Scope

With selective illumination

Rubber armored 4X30 scope for AR type rifles (carry handle mount)  with illuminated reticule.   The crosshair is black when the power is off (conventional) but the glows red or green when turned on.   You can thus select the color and brightness of illumination to get the best possible contrast with the background.   This represents one of the best advancements in moderately priced duty quality assault rifle scopes on the market.   The scope body is rubber armored and comes standard with flip-up lens covers.   Lifetime warranty and quality optics; nitrogen filled, fogproof and water resistant.   The built in mount follows an established design used on the popular Colt/Hakko 4X24 scopes and clones used by military and police worldwide.

These scopes come with a built in mount for either the AR15/M16 carry handle or the Ruger mini-14.  The Mini-14 mount is configured to work like those which replace bolt lock mechanism cover (B-Square and Ramline) those scope mounts typically cost around $40 each.   Considering the added value of the built-in flip up lenscaps and this package is a total winner for those survivors who pick the Mini-14 as their utility rifle.   Even better, you can use this scope with just about any model of Mini-14 and still have use of the iron sights, so there is no reason to need to pay the premium price for the "Ranch Rifle".   In fact, you will be better off with the standard receiver version because it has better backup iron sights.  

The compact size and easy mounting of the AR version of this scope makes it an excellent choice for the survivor who is upgrading a basic AR for that bit of extra versatility.   Both models give sufficient eye relief for use with or without eyeglasses or protective goggles.  It will also mount to the detachable carry handle of the M4 carbine. 

The scope is now available with rings for mounting on just about anything that has a Picatinny or weaver rail.  The rings sit low in a general purpose fit and are unique for these rubber armored scopes.   If you are going to mount this on a flattop M4 or AR,  I highly recommend using a scope rail riser like the GG&G Scout rail or ARMS SWAN Sleeve, or even some of the cheaper knockoffs.   


 This scope has gotten rave reviews with US personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan.   Easily fits the carry handle of any M16 or M4 without the M203 sight installed.   APO/FPO buyers get free priority mail shipping, email for discounts on three or more.


NEW! Available with conventional rings for Picatinny/weaver rail mounting.  

With Rings for M1913/Weaver rail   

Same excellent scope with built in mount for 181 and later series Mini-14 and Mini-30 type rifles.



Comes with spare battery, lens cloth, and flip up lens caps standard. 


NcStar 3-9X40 Rubber Armored Scope

This is basically the same now classic scope that Tasco had provided to Colt in 1986 with the introduction of the Colt Delta Elite heavy barreled AR15A2 rifle.  Once sold for as much as $250 per copy, this bright and rugged scope was a favorite in the Tasco product line before the company went defunct in 2001.   Still manufactured on the same equipment later bought by the producers of the NcStar optics, this full size scope incorporates some subtle improvements and a much more competitive price.  Suitable for any rifle where durability and versatility are on the user's list of requirements.   


Rings included

Duplex reticule, nitrogen purged, lifetime warranty.

Raptor Night Scope 4X Gen3

Considered to be among the best of its kind.  One of the very few sniper quality night scopes on the market.   They are very costly, but really the only valid way to engage targets at longer range with night vision.   

$6,495 New with spec sheet and full warranty. Mounts to milspec AR flattop M1913 rail only. 

Contact for current price and availability - serious inquiries only, no export.

AN PVS-4 Night Vision Rifle Scope 

Second generation, refurbished scope with 90 day warranty.   Comes with built in mount for AR15 type carry handle.   Adapters available for many USGI small arms.   In use from 1980 to present although phased out of most front line units,  the PVS-4 is considered by many to be the best second generation night vision rifle sight on the market.   Spare parts and competent service tech are usually easy to find for the PVS-4.   Most have Israeli markings in Hebrew and will come with an aluminum hard case.   

$1500 with standard m16 type carry handle mount.  Flattop/M1913 rail adapter $35 extra.   Some other adapters available.   
Rail adapter
PVS-4 Scope

Classic AR15/M16 4X24 Scope with Bullet Drop Compensator

This classic design was pioneered by Colt and the US Army to develop a general issue scope for use with the M16 series rifle.   The first scopes of this type  were made under Colt contract by Hakko of Japan and while they met with only limited use by the US military, they were used extensively in law enforcement and by other nations which had adopted the M16 series as their main rifle.   The originals are still made on a limited basis and sold under the Colt name for around  $275 each.   

The first clones of that scope came into the US in the late 1980s and were of fairly decent quality.   Nearly all of the clones have been made in China, but not all clones are created equal.   Many are just slammed out with little regard for quality control and no warranty.   While they may share the same basic and proven design, it is not uncommon for many of these generics to suffer a failure rate of 75%, meaning three out of four have such a problem they are not worth using.   The thing is, even with that high faliure rate, you could afford to buy four, throw out the three bad ones, and then have one good one for less than the cost of the "original".   Now we finally have a couple of importers cracking the whip on quality control and even incorporating a few improvements, like what NcStar has done.    Probably the most "soldier proof" scope for the AR15 type rifle.   Currently in use by many cost conscious military and police organizations including the IDF.

Here NcStar has opted for a longer tube and slightly different lens arrangement to give a wider field of view than the originals had.   The bullet drop compensator is calibrated for the .223 cartridge in something of an averaged format for cartridge type and barrel length to match the specs on the M16A2 rear sight.   Thus you can zero your rifle at 100 yards, and then adjust for point of impact at other ranges by simply dialing the range on the scope the same way you would dial it in on the M16A2 or M4 rear sight.   The scope features nitrogen purged internals and fully coated optics for water resistance in rugged environments.   The NcStar warranty and my personal inspection of each unit assure that these are a winning deal every time. 

$42 Includes lens covers. 

3-12 X 50mm Mil-dot scope with 30mm Tube  

This is the shorter, heavier and more durable brother to the 6-24 scope listed above.   Skips some bells and whistles in return for stronger construction, more compact length, wider field of view and brighter 30mm tube.   This scope uses a one piece main tube design that one should expect in a premium grade tactical scope.  Built tough for a field environment and suitable for semi-auto rifles.    A good solid scope for a Designated Marksman's Rifle or survivor's utility rifle.    Also available with illuminated small cross reticule and small dot reticule.  

Please note that while this scope is a full size scope, there is not a whole lot of  space available between ring mounting points.   The best and most secure mounting for this scope is to use three or more rings, and that means the scope should be mounted on a flat rail mount.   It will usually not work on two piece mounts found on most bolt action rifles. 

For more information about this scope, CLICK HERE



Mildot Reticule

Includes 30mm rings, soft case, lens covers and spare battery for the illuminator.

Has amber green lens coat and finger adjustable windage and elevation under conventional metal caps.   Lifetime warranty



Tall 30mm rings

Tall rings $10 extra

NcStar premium grade 6-24X50mm 

adjustable objective riflescope with illuminated mil-dot recticule, target turret adjustment knobs, and 1" tall rings.   Matte finish, with removable lens covers and emerald coat lens.   Also included is a spare battery for the illuminator.  

This scope has many features you would be looking for in a premium scope.  The large light gathering objective is adjustable from 25 meters to 300 meters and infinity.   The target turret type adjustment knobs are cleverly set under removable covers.   Take the covers off, and you have sniper scope style knobs, but you can save your zero and put the covers back on to avoid inadvertent adjustment or fiddling with the knobs.   

The illuminator uses a standard 2032 "button battery" and you get a spare with the scope.    The standard mil-dot recticule is black, then glows red when the illuminator is turned on.   The Entire crosshair glows, not just a dot in the center.   This allows for effective range finding in low light situations, not just aiming, which makes this a good dawn to dusk midlevel sniper scope or long range varminter optic..   

This scope is large, and I would not recommend it for an assault rifle.   It will work best on a target rifle, sniper rifle, or hunting gun.    As a precision instrument, it should be treated with care, but is water and fog resistant.     A very good option for a mid-level sniper rifle where staying in budget is a driving concern without compromising capability.    This scope will work on most long action bolt action rifles, but you will need tall rings in order to maintain clearance between the objective lens and the barrel. 


Includes spare battery, scope rings, and lens covers.  lifetime warranty.


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