Paintball Guns

These have almost no real world tactical value, but they make great practice guns and enable the survivalist to participate in paintball sport competition which is about the best combat training available to anyone. Paintball guns that approximate the capabilities of your regular guns (within reason) will offer the best possible training value when transitioning from the playing field to the real thing. There has been a recent trend in paintball sports to develop paintball guns beyond the capabilities of regular firearms in terms of magazine capacity and rates of sustained fire. Paintball sports use lightweight guns and ammunition, thus detracting from the realism of the training, but adding to the excitement of the sport. Paintball sport competition cannot entirely replace live fire and dry drill training with real firearms, but it is a very good supplement to other training and paintball sports equipment is a good training investment.

Active participation in most paintball sports requires safety equipment that I have not put on this page.  Paintball enthusiasts have put up thousands of sites on the internet to the extent that I would have little to ad on the subject.  One thing I have noticed is that some paintball guns are more "realistic" than others.  The best I have seen are the semi-custom units made to resemble conventional firearms.   All of the guns below are paintball guns.  Their utility in training is obvious.  Prices range from around $500 to about $900.  Reasonably decent paintball guns can be had for $150 but accessories like air tanks and ammo hoppers can easily run the tab to about $200. 


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