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One of the best online financial tools on the net.  Their services allow a person to send accept funds originating from a credit card account with some of the best security the Internet has to offer.  Paypal services can also link to a bank account to give you the ability to send and receive money by email.  It is the next best thing to digital cash and the preferred method of payment for a lot of small internet retailers and semi-professional auction sellers.   

Non Profit Organizations. Note that most of these organizations will not financially support us for sending people to their sites to hear the message, but all of these organizations have worthwhile causes and are deserving of your support.   These organizations are fully endorsed by the publishers and editors of savvysurvivor.com

Second Harvest - North America's number one domestic food relief program.  They have been rated as one of the most efficient charities in the US.  The value of this organization to the survivor is obvious.  With national grain and food reserves at an all time low, private food distribution organizations will be on the front lines of hunger relief in a disaster.  The better prepared they are, the lower your chances are of having to fight for food. 

Refugee Relief International - The humanitarian relief organization started by a few Soldier Of Fortune regulars who are willing to give medical relief to freedom fighters and their families in places where other relief organizations fear to go.  The brave medical staff of RRI is entirely volunteer and your donations go directly to the logistics and supplies they need for their operations. 

Habitat for Humanity - One of the better housing relief organizations out there.  With better distribution of decent housing, people will be less likely to commit crime and more likely to contribute to the economy.  It is also one of the few private organizations that promotes private ownership of homes rather than the expansion of state owned temporary housing that is aimed at making government the landlord of the working poor.


Update: September 2002 Public Notice

Several non paying advertisers are being deleted from the site.  The banner ads slow down page loading and as yet, not a single banner advertiser has paid any commissions on traffic sent to their sites.  In exercising my options under the various affiliate agreements, I have opted to delete these advertisements and retain full editorial control over content at savvysurvivor.com  

Furthermore, any and all agreements made between advertisers that have not paid commissions, "per click" referral bonuses or other payments considered in whole or in part of various advertising agreements are null and void and savvysurvivor.com is under no obligation to adhere to any such agreements to limit content, links or competing advertisement under such agreements.  

As a public notice, I am going to have to call out a lot of what is happening in the dot-com industry.  The great big reality check of the dot-com bubble is coming to fruition, and that is the big separation of the bullshitters from the real businesses that participate in the online marketplace.   Like the Enron fiasco, a lot of investors are learning the difference between those who "make money" on the Internet, and those who "take money" on the Internet, or are in "Internet related" businesses, usually losing money hand over fist while the executives of such companies are leasing new BMWs for their bimbo executive assistants and investors rarely have a clue as to the real bottom line.   

I takes a unique blend of real product, real customer service, price and community to sell on the Internet.  Some firms have figured it out, and a lot have not.   Pay per click advertising is for most website operators, a chump game.   It pollutes your website with other people's content, slows download times, and can offend your readers with pop-ups, unwanted downloads, and spam email solicitations.   Hardly any small website operators make real money using pay-per click advertising outside of the porn and gambling industries.   The real Internet advertising money for firms that actually have good pay plans for their employees use more conventional banner space rental plans.   Some of the gun related websites like AR15.com have gotten wise to this and have gone more or less conventional with this plan.   Another middling plan is commissions based on sales generated through your website.   

Commission based pay plans work like this.   The website operator put a banner or link a website that has some built-in codes that will activate when a web surfer goes from the operator's website to a commercial website and then buys something.   The operator of the "referring" website then is supposed to get a commission on the purchase.   Not unlike the commissions of a salesman who would be selling for the company.   And, just like what a lot of commissioned salesmen have to deal with, the company will frequently either deny or conceal that any commissionable sales took place in order to avoid payment of a commission.   

A lot of this comes from internet based companies attempting to go with some variations of tried and true things that have been going on in the mail order business for decades.    The most common scam of Internet related retail referral businesses, especially those in the automotive trade, is selling merchandise that they don't actually have,  or even have available.   Many of these "businesses" serve to do nothing but mislead shoppers and screw over real brick and mortar businesses that have invested time, effort, and money into making items available to customers in their local markets.  

I would advise anyone who is looking at getting started in operating their own website to look at a few major factors.

First, consider the social aspect of the web.   Web based discussion forums are a major social outlet for a lot of people who otherwise live in relative isolation.   Whether that isolation is physical or merely social, many relationships are built on the Internet these days, including many client relationships.    

Second: Forget making money through pay-per click advertising unless you are operating a porn or gaming site for the express purposes of making that money from web surfers.   If you want to make money from advertisers, establish your traffic first, then offer free links and advertising, then after traffic is established and you have built relationships with advertisers, start hitting them up for money.   Don't get greedy about it or they will be down the road, but you should be able to collect enough to at least pay your hosting fees.  

We have to consider that a lot of the money "made" on the internet is done in a parasitic fashion.   Traditional sponsorship advertising like you find in newspapers and television implies that the advertiser pays for the content of the program and in turn, the viewer is obliged to at least be exposed to the advertiser's message.    While some advertisers on the Internet ascribe to this general model, like those in the internet porn business do, others set theirs up in a parasitic mode which is engineered to force exposure to their advertising message even though they pay nothing toward website content. 

Internet pornographers for example often sponsor small websites that will display free porn pictures, but surrounded by links to the pay website for the prospective customer who wants to view the sources of the sample pictures.   That is all pretty straight up traditional model advertising applied to the Internet.    On the flip side are parasitic marketers who will attach their code to your computer or even an unrelated website without the knowledge, consent or compensation.   

Parasitic marketers use the same methods that hackers and crackers have used to break into your computer and control its operations.   They usually hide behind a thin veil of legitimacy by separating their code generating hacker programs from their open marketing operations, but it becomes obvious when a certain company's advertisements show up on your computer screen when you don't want them, that someone is paying someone else to give you a message without your intent or consent.   These people rarely sponsor any real entertainment, news or informational internet content but only view the Internet as a tool they use to generate money for themselves with no regard for the amount of obstruction they put on the bandwidth or productivity they cost other businesses and individuals.  

In the constant flux of change here at savvysurvivor.com we have decided to not use advertisers which engage in ANY parasitic marketing agreements and will actively pursue those who use such mechanisms that interfere with the operation of this website or any persons who attempt to conduct business with this website.   


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