September 11, 2001 - It wasn't our  wake-up call

It now seems that every webmaster on the net now has a lot to say about the events of September 11 2001.   We read about how this was "a new Pearl Harbor" and the great "wake-up call" for America.  We will probably all remember where we were and who we were with when we first heard of the attacks.  I was nestled away at a commune in rural Northern California and through several tricks of fate, in the company of folks whose political views were a little to the left of Jane Fonda.   When I first heard of the events, people were dismayed at my reaction.  Many sat in shock, worried panic and shame that "we" must have done something as a people to deserve this.  I merely went to the fridge, pulled out a beer and then went online to see if there were any decent pictures or info.   My food was stored, guns ready and gas mask handy, just like they have been for the last ten years.   That is the peace that the survival lifestyle gives you.   A  state of readiness makes a commonly  crippling crisis to others little more than an inconvenience as dealing with crisis is an exercise in the known.  Not unlike basic math is for a competent high school student.  Everyone in the survival community has known for a long time that something like this was not
a matter of if, it was a matter of when.   Frankly, I wondered what took the Arabs so long to pull it off.

Back in the heyday of the survival movement in the mid 1980's, most survival writers predicted that the eventual conflict that leads to direct attacks on the US would involve our alignment with Israel and an enemy that is most likely of Middle Eastern origin.   Many were marginalized as kooks for pointing to predictions by Nostradamus and the biblical book of Revelations for clues about the nature of the conflict.  The attack on the World Trade Center in the early 1990s was also a clear indicator that New York and the WTC in particular were going to be targets of this enemy.  We have known that weapons of mass destruction have been on the open market for at least ten years and the enemies of America are capable of coming up with suicide commandos who will sacrifice their lives to fulfill their missions.  

The Islamic world has been in a declared state of war against the United States since at least the late 1970's  yet we have been constantly told by the "doves" in our society that there is nothing to fear from radical Islam and that the Christian concept of "love thy neighbor" is the best and only way to deal with them.  Oh sure, a few of the Arab countries make the pretense of getting along, as long as we feed them money through oil purchases and tourism, but remember that the oil would not be worth camel piss if it were not for Yankee ingenuity coming up with a productive use for the dead dinosaurs, and that it is not too hard for rational people to suppress bloodlust hatred when someone is handing you money.  This conflict is neither new nor  the product of US foreign policy.   Islam was practiced in many parts of the world as a faith of war and conquest long before many tenets of it were adopted by the first Spanish to bash Indians in the New World.   Like it or not, there are several concepts of modern culture that have been influenced by Islam, not the least among them the concept of Justice by the sword.   Believe me, when the Taliban are ducking those Daisy cutters dropping from the sky, they will figure out right quick what brought that shit about.

The United States is viewed in many parts of the world as the Rome of modern times, the pinnacle of Western Culture. It is said that the roots of western culture are where this war began.    The other side is that the U.S. is a nation built by those who were mostly cast out of the "old world" as exiles, refugees and even sold away as slaves.   We are seen by many as a nation of uppity mongrel serfs who have taken more than our allotment from our "betters".  Their hatred of Israel is not so much a hatred of the Hebrew religion, but of the establishment of what is in many ways to them a white Euro centric colony in the Middle East, again established and built into a modern country in short order by "uppity exiles and mongrels".  Unlike the Americas where such success can be attributed to vast natural resources and the mingling of many cultures, Israeli success has to be considered an expression of the values of progress and the ability to accept that "the way things are" is not the "way things should be."   That is probably the most crippling aspect of what held the "old world" back from achieving what we have accomplished in the US.

The lunacy of the American media in characterizing Mr. Bin Laden as a sexually dysfunctional loner with a grudge against the party-hardy West is not just stupid, it is dishonest.   Not all activities of men can be distilled into pseudo sexual theories.   What does seem glaringly evident to me is that the folks who only look at it this way were many of the exact same people who mysteriously died after putting white powder up their noses.  Hmm, maybe someone had their bait pretty well figured out?

Now, the survivalist community must weather innuendos and allegations of involvement with the anthrax attacks and severe scrutiny not only from the usual "watchdogs" but newly empowered law enforcement agencies apparently on a hunt to enforce whatever laws they make up as they go along.   This is what I did not expect in light of so much plain and obvious evidence of the sources of these attacks.   Not only are the sources of these attacks plain and obvious, even the outlets of modern culture predicted and warned against the damage to our freedoms that could be done if we react badly to these attacks.  The Dialogue of Denzel Washington in the movie "The Siege" rings so true today that I am mystified as to why it has been largely ignored in and by our government.   All I can say folks, is stock your bunker and watch the show; these times are only going to get more interesting.


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