An interactive and streetwise real world guide to getting your survival arsenal together

This on-line book is a comprehensive guide for the gun shopper who wants the right hardware for the right price at the right time.   It is not simple gun-porn 'reviews' for wannabe commandoes of stuff you will never see in the real world.  This site will be packed with more practical knowledge than you will probably need.   It is optimized for fast loading, and geared it toward a person who will read the text more than simply surf page to page and link to link.  The server for this site is slow with pages that have a lot of pictures, so please bear with it until things improve.  Chances are that you will overlook some interesting links on your first few trips through.  New links will appear in areas that you have already been to so check them out from time time to time as this thing grows. 

In publishing this website, I make no claims to any political alliances or agendas.   It has been said that survival is the oldest ideology.  It transcends political borders, languages and cultures.  The controversy of survivalism is primarily the creation of sensationalist media.  I am not here to spew conspiracy theories or political agendas although most readers will notice that I have some bias in my views.  On some, I have an open mind, on most, I make no apology.

Back in the 1970's and 1980's it was cool to be a survivalist.  Today, it is acceptable for pseudo intellectuals to bash survivalism as anti-social, backward and criminal.  The fact is that survivalism is rarely a stand alone philosophy although it is the oldest ideology, the ideology of nature.  There are survivalists on every end of the social and political spectrum.  If you chose to be prepared for life's biggest unscheduled challenges you are probably a survivalist whether you openly admit it or not.

Being prepared does not mean that you just arm up, get a year's worth of food, and hide out in your bunker waiting for the end of the world.  It means getting prepared then maintaining a state of readiness as you carry out your normal day to day life.  Paranoia can be a good thing if channeled correctly.  Paranoia can keep you out of jail, at your job and in your home.  Many successful businessmen are paranoid.   Their secret is that they channel it into winning action - not hesitation, doubt and fatalism. 

The world's winners don't just take things as they come,  they get ready and they stay ready.  A recurring theme at most personal success seminars is that success comes when hard work meets opportunity.  Winners make plans and fall back plans.  Once those plans and preparations are set, they have a blueprint to work off of.   

The end of the world may be next week or in the next hundred years - I don't claim to know.   I  have read  predictions by modern and not-so modern prophets.  Many have turned out wrong, or at least have been badly interpreted by modern scholars.   As we know, World War Three never happened in 1992 as was predicted.  Nostradamus was wrong about New York getting nuked in 1991 and Art Bell has been bullshit more than once about alien spores wiping out green plant life on Earth.  Mark Koernke was incorrect about UN troops rounding up gun owners in LA.   Y2K did not cause global power meltdown.  

Over these years of haunting the gunshows, pawn shops and sporting goods counters of almost every gun seller under the sun, I have learned many of the tricks and nuances of buying, selling and trading weapons of all kinds.  Of course, I am often reminded of what I don't know. From my time in the military to now budding survivalists have asked for my advice on what guns to buy and where to buy them.   Nobody needs to be a gun expert to be a survivor.  As a matter of fact, guns are only a part of the true survivalist's preparations for the unknown, but cool guns are a fun part of it.    

The bulk of survivalism does not involve weapons.  In fact, there are some pacifist vegan types in the movement.  Others of us look at it differently.   I have seen too much evidence of the fact that protection is an issue that must be taken seriously and personally.  There is little guarantee that anyone out there will have the will or the means to protect you when you need it.  I have lived in violent places and dealt with violent people.  Most Jewish members of my extended family were killed in the Holocaust.  The legacy of authority gone evil neither began nor ended with the National Socialist party  of Germany.  

I have seen a guy bleed to death from simply because he danced with the wrong girl at a nightclub.  I have seen a friend with serious injuries because he had the wrong color of skin in the wrong side of town.  I have seen and heard a terrorist leader joke about random killing while American (Democrat) political and social leaders nod in approval.   I have seen racist demagogues outline plans of murder and genocide.  I have seen rioters drag a simple working man out of a truck and beat him half to death.   I have seen rioters burn an American Flag - the symbol of liberty - and maim a man for defending it. 

The savages of the world do not respect your life or mine.  They only respect power.  I have concluded that the best way to be ready for these things is to be armed.   When you are ready for war, you have the strength to negotiate for peace - anything else is simply begging for mercy.   

I had originally worked on this as a book, but as times are changing faster than editing and print schedules.  I have decided to put it in website form and get some help with completing it.  This allows for frequent revision and reader feedback.  It also allows the reader to skim over parts of little interest and explore the tangents of deeper interest.  I have also been working on some business links to the site that will be of value to those who visit.  Currently, this site serves no business interest and any references or links to products are not the result of paid advertising. 

The purpose of the original book was to provide a foundation of knowledge to assemble a modest survival arsenal of the best possible guns at the lowest possible expense in reasonable time.  At the time of the first draft, the United States government was passing some of the most far reaching and restrictive gun control laws in its history. The dynamics of the firearms trade will eventually resemble the drug trade of the 1980's - complete with all of the murder, corruption, intrigue and opportunity.  Rather than lament about the good old days when drugs were bad and guns were a GOD given right, I will hopefully prepare the reader for the new realities.

The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution has helped to keep  America free for two centuries.  Whether or not it will be there for our grandchildren is yet to be determined.   As long the torch of freedom burns in our hearts and the desire for liberty is on our minds, we will own and use the modern weapons of our time as our forefathers did in their time, confident in the knowledge that we all come under the higher laws of GOD and nature - laws that do not tolerate tyranny.  Unfortunately, the Second Amendment as a binding law in America recognizing the right of common people to own and possess weapons has come to an end.   This is an unfortunate reality as we step into the twenty first century.  

The age of America's recognition and support of the individual right to keep and bear arms is over.   That does not mean an end to the existence of this basic human right or an end to the struggle for the recognition of that right.  It is more relevant worldwide than ever before.  It is my wish that this site will be an international resource for information to people worldwide who see the necessity of being armed as a means of guaranteeing peace and survival. 

Your reasons for arming yourself and the premise of the book. - I define some of the ideas that in many ways define the meaning of the survivalist movement and how what they mean to the armed survivor.

Scenarios for armed survival - Not all armed survival situations are the same.  Different scenarios call for different action and different weapons.  Make an informed decision on how far you are willing to go to be prepared.

The Arsenal - The nuts and bolts of what makes a survival arsenal and what does not.  I include details on what you need to get and what you may want to get.  In case you are wondering, there is such a thing as too many guns.  Expect to see more links from this section as time goes on.  

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