Rogues gallery


This is a rogues gallery of people and businesses who we have encountered on the net and had some dealings with.   Most good, some bad.   A lot of people have asked for their business with us to stay private, so they are not included here. 


Bad News Crew

Distant Thunder Tactical

Also kown as "DTT".  This was an aspiring custom gear maker who took trade items and cash deposits from a whole lot of people, mostly from , and then did not deliver any goods or refunds.   After repeated attempts by email to resolve various issues, he eventually ignored all attempts to contact.   This could have been just some guy who got into more business than he could really handle, but apparently as time went on, there was little attempt to resolve any of these issues.    I had sent a couple hundred bucks worth of stuff in what was supposed to be a trade deal, but nothing ever materialized and I don't have any of the stuff back.   I cut this guy a lot of slack because I remember a period when I had oversold on AR drilling jigs and was backordered close to six months worth of production.    I kept up communication with people and eventually cleared up all of that backorder situation all the while orchestrating a move from California to Oregon.   This guy apparently can't move a few miles down the road without "losing track" of what apparently added up to a few thousand dollars worth of business.   If anyone happens to run into this guy and gets some more up to date phone or email contact info on him, let us know as a whole bunch of people would like to talk to him.    We really don't know what happened with this guy since his disappearance from the net was fairly abrupt, but some of his last announcements had something to do with health problems.    Contact  if you get more info.

900 Perry Road
Red Lion, PA 17356

Karl R. Weinke
1956 Cherry Manor Dr.
York, PA 17402
Attn: DT

Another screwy ripoff deal.  Payment made by this guy for $305 in merchandise was reversed.  As soon as the merchandise was on the way to Canada, the transaction was reversed.  His claim was that Paypal had frozen his account and reversed his transactions.  The people at Paypal have been evasive about this, but then Mr. Miller has stopped responding to emails.   Whatever the deal is, it does not look like it is safe to do business with this guy or his Paypal account.

Jason Miller
61 Kelsonia Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
M1M 1B2

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