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GI 30 round mags in better than average shape. Preban originals from varied manufacturers, all GI 

Note the policy on California shipments: Mag bodies and floor plates only will be shipped to CA as replacement parts for legally "grand fathered" magazines already possessed in the state.   Plenty on hand.  

$18 each 

Contact to arrange purchase of magazines

USGI 20 round mags, mix and match Colt and other brands, good functional condition.    $18 each 

Contact to arrange purchase of magazines

   Stag Arms Complete Lowers

AR type semiauto lower receiver assemblies completely finished and ready to go.   Come with your choice of M4 adjustable or M16A2 fixed type buttstock assembly installed.  

Marked 5.56mm but compatible with AR type uppers in many other calibers and configurations.   These lowers come in a dark gray/black finish that is the same as used by Colt, FN, Bushmaster and others.  It will darken when oil is applied to the metal surfaces.   Discriminating builders and shooters will appreciate the uncompromising quality of these completed receivers.   All brand new GI specification parts (apart from the semiauto fire control group) are used in the construction of these units.  No surplus and no imports.  Proudly made in USA.

Cannot be shipped directly to most customers.   Must ship to FFL for buyers outside of Oregon.   Oregon buyers may arrange for pickup in person on PREPAID orders only at many local gun shows.   These are stored with a local FFL holder and are not available for pick up at my place so don't ask.  

Introductory special.  

$250 each shipped.  Discounts available on orders of five or more.  

Contact to arrange puchase. 

Most shipments will go by priority mail to the FFL holder AFTER we have a signed copy of the FFL on file.  

Stag Arms M4 Uppers

These are set up with a 16" chrome lined barrel with M4 cutouts and semiauto bolt carrier assembly.  Fat M4 handguards, steel side sling swivel assembly, numbered flattop upper, and standard charging handle.   The quality on these is superb.   These are 100% US made by a company located in Connecticut that has been a long time contract parts manufacturer for several well known firms and government contracts.  

These are currently available in 5.56mm and are compatible with most quality lower assemblies with little or no fitting required when used on Stag, Colt or Bushmaster lowers.  Minor fitting may be required with other brand lowers, but usually it is a "snap on and go" build up.   

These are not the cheapest upper receiver assemblies available on the market, but they are arguably the best civilian M4 type uppers on the market and are competitively priced when you consider the free shipping, the included ARMS rear sight on the upgrade version, and the availability (usually in stock ready to ship).  

US customers only, no APO/FPO, 

Military servicemembers (current  active, reserve or National Guard) - get a free Tac-Force three point sling with purchase or $20 discount.  Contact 

Volume pricing available (no FFL required).

$525 Right hand

$600 Left hand eject (comes with fully functional forward assist, dustcover door and shell deflector).

AR15 type (semi) spare parts kit

Includes all commonly lost or worn out small parts for AR15 type rifles.  Only one of the parts is specific to the semi-auto AR, so most of this kit is relevant to the M16/M4 series weapons also.   Contains numerous pins, springs and detents that are most likely to ever be lost, broken or worn out through normal use.  

Made and packaged by DPMS


Contains pins, springs, detents and disconnector for AR15 type rifles.   This kit is a must have for users of AR type weapons.   Have a minimum of one kit for every two rifles.  


AR15 Type (semi) lower parts kit

This kit includes all of the internal mechanical parts for completing an AR15 type lower receiver.    DOES NOT include butt stock assembly or stripped lower.  The trigger group with this kit is specific to the semi-auto rifles.   This is the kit you need when building a working lower from a stripped lower.

Made and packaged by DPMS

Does not include buttstock assembly.


AR15/M4 type Buttstock assembly

Standard specification adjustable buttstock assembly for AR15 type carbines with M4 updates.  Fits all standard AR type lower receivers.   Included stock, buffer tube, spring and buffer and all necessary hardware.   Requires spanner, castle nut or stock wrench to install.   GI specification 6 position adjustment on the buffer tube.   Includes standard carbine buffer and spring, basically everything that mounts behind the receiver.  


CAR-15/XM177 type Buttstock assembly

Old style collapsible  buttstock assembly from the pre-M4 era.   Brand new production and the same model found on some early M4 rifles.    This is built to the same specifications on the same machinery as the collapsible buttstocks on the early Colt carbines.   Includes standard carbine buffer and spring, basically everything that mounts behind the receiver.  


M16A2 Buttstock assembly

Standard fixed buttstock assembly, complete with buffer tube, spring and buffer.   This is a very solid stock assembly and still arguably the best fixed stock available for the M16/AR15 type rifles.    This one is 100% GI specification with the trap door in the back and a compartment for a cleaning kit (not included).   


Norgon Ambi Mag Catch for AR15/M16/M4 

A very clever device that does little to alter the appearance or function of the M16 mag release, but functionally gives left handed users the ability to quickly release magazines the way right handed people can do with their trigger finger.   Vastly speeds up the tactical reloading process for the left hand user without taking away any function for the right handed user.  Easy to retrofit onto any AR15 or M16 rifle. 



AR type Ambi safety lever

This ambi safety/selector lever works in AR type semiauto rifles and some other guns designed to use AR parts.  


Specops Brand HAZ-Mat  drag bag / shooting mat.

The Specops Brand HAZ  (Hold Approach Zip) mat is arguably the largest, most versatile and heavy duty drag bag in use by US military forces.   Large enough to hold a Barrett M82 without breaking it down, or any of the medium machineguns in US inventory (with optics), this is the king of drag bags.  

You can configure the bag as a backpack, drag bag, shooting mat with or without a blast mat and of course, as a regular gun case.  

There are attachment points on the inside and outside of the case for additional pouches.  Best of all is a panel on the back side of the bag which allows for the attachment of most tactical packs.   

The blast mat is a a removable extension of the HAZ-mat which extends far enough forward to reduce the dust signature caused by muzzle brakes on the more powerful sniper rifles.    It also helps to reduce the dust signature of just about any bipod mounted weapon like the M60, M240 and M249.  Incidentally, the HAZ mat will hold any of these machineguns WITH the spare barrel bag.  For use with a tripod mounted weapon, remove the blast mat or leave it folded.    For more information, click on the link to the right.  

HAZ Mat Sniper Drag bag and pack combo.   The optional pack in the picture a  THE pack listed above but the panel will also fit other similar size packs (not included).   Currently available in Woodland Camo.  Olive Drab and Black available on special order.  The HAZ mat is compatible with X system pouches listed above

Savvysurvivor Price is $299 SHIPPED 

Woodland Camo in stock and ready to ship for this hard to get item.  

Shipping included in the price (surface shipping on overseas orders, airmail on US and most Canadian orders)  Don't be fooled by others who have a lower price and then nail you for high shipping costs.  This is a large and bulky item.


Made in USA

Tac-Force Drag Bag

This drag bag is size and built primarily for 7.62 NATO type sniper systems, to include extra pockets for  the full loadout, like the spotting scope, tripod, bipod, rangefinder, spare mags and ammo.   Following several popular designs, this drag bag is functional, yet ads a few subtle innovative features.  The storable shoulder straps have quick release buckles all around.   The main compartment can close with snaps or the zippers.   The front/top has multiple drag handles for different styles of stalking.  The build quality is evident throughout the material selection and construction of this quality bag at an amazing price considering the professional quality of this item.   This is part of a new generation of fully professional quality field items put out by Tac-Force for the real world market. 

 $125 Shipped

The best value in sniper drag bags on the market

Available in Black, Tan and OD green


Tac-Force Discreet Rifle Cases



Price varies


Wolf Hook Sling/Tether

While lots of people have what they consider "tactical slings" which are rarely compatible with other field equipment an operator wears in the field, the Wolf Hook is specifically engineered to integrate with all current US issue load bearing systems and vests.    It is the only system that allows full retention of the weapon while firing one handed and offers the hands down fastest means of deploying an M4 or CAR15 type rifle from a rest mode to aimed fire from the shoulder.  Not to be confused with the "tie you up and choke you"  police style tactical slings or some improvised para-cord arrangement that can come untied (or impossible to untie).  

I personally give this item my highest endorsement and consider it to be the best field sling system that anybody has come up with in a long time.   This is readily compatible with conventional slings and nearly all assault and load bearing vests.   Highly recommended for use with most assault rifles and fully ambidextrous with minimal alteration for use with some rifles.   Very easy to install with or without removing your standard issue sling.   The Wolf hook is compatible with most rifles, shotguns and submachineguns that have a rear sling attachment.   Highly recommended for use with the M4 carbine


Available in Black, tan and OD green. 



Available in OD green, Black, and tan.  Recommended for left handed shooters.  


$30 each

Mamba Tactical Sling

This is a deluxe sling engineered specifically for assault rifles like the M4 and M16/AR15.  It is the best tactical assault sling currently on the market - bar none.   It offers more adjustment and versatility than any other assault sling currently in production by anybody.  

After testing some of these slings on a few rifles, I have concluded that this is not readily usable by left handed shooters without modification of the rifle and sling.   I cannot recommend this type of tactical sling for left handed shooters, but in fairness to Spec-ops, it was the best sling of its type that I have tested, therefore I will still carry these as a stock item.   Spec-ops will be coming out with another sling that lacks some of the features of this one, but should prove simpler and more compatible with left handed shooters and a wider variety of rifles.   

Also, for those who understand the difference between operation in a field environment and operation in a tactical environment, note that tactical slings are generally not used in the field environment because they interfere with other gear.   

Long M16 model - Fits full size M16/AR15, HK91 and FAL/L1A1

Short M4 model fits M4, Mini-14, CAR-15

Colors are Black and OD

All Versions -  $35.00

Rail Mount Grips

These grips mount to any USGI/Picatinny compatible rail.   You have the choice of two variations, heavy and light.   Both come with a full warranty and are easy to install or remove.   The light model is made of a Zytel like plastic material and is very strong but light.   The heavy model is made of a heavy alloy and is coated with rubber for a sure grip.   Some people like the extra weight to stabilize the rifle, others prefer to have the lightest weight package possible.   Both preferences are valid, so I am offering both grip options with no difference in price.   The light model is marked the same as those issued with the USGI SOPMOD kit.    Adds stability and handling to any rifle, shotgun or submachinegun with a rail handguard.    Readily compatible with Knights, GG&G, ARMS and most similar rail systems and clones. 

KAC marked Polymer $55

Milspec (sterile) polymer $35

Metal with rubber overmold gripping surface $25

Ready-Fire Mode. 

This is basically a really good pouch for keeping a spare loaded mag with your rifle at all times.  It also incorporates a nifty top sling loop and suspension system that is guaranteed not to slide around or come off, or interfere with the charging handle on an M16/M4/AR15 type weapon.   The Ready fire mode will fit USGI and similar 20 and 30 round magazines with ease, but the Ribbed Thermold mags fit pretty tight.

I Highly recommend the Ready-Fire for the Cav-Arms type rifles that don't have a rear sling swivel and you want to ad a rear sling attachment without having to drill or cut your stock.  

Now available for larger .308 caliber magazines.   Specifically made for the AR10, but will also work with M14, FAL, HK91 and similar rifle stocks and mags.    Will NOT work on sidefolder stocks that fold to the right.  Shown here on an M14 stock.   

M4 style fits most CAR-15 Adjustable stocks. 

M16 Style fits all AR fixed stocks  and most rifles with a similar butt stock profile.

All Versions $26 Each


Ready fire mode AR10 black
Ready fire mode AR10 OD


Ready Fire Mode M4 OD Green
Ready Fire Mode M4 Black
Ready Fire Mode M16 OD Green
Ready Fire Mode M16 Black
Stock Advisor, 


Available in Black and OD Green

AK47/AKM 7.62X39 European 30 shot magazines.   Most appear to have been unused before being packed in a heavy coat of oil (not cosmoline).   Will fit all variants of AK rifles that take standard Soviet magazines.   $15 each 

Contact to arrange purchase of magazines

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