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"The AK is the weapon of choice for the former Soviet Army,  terrorists, freedom fighters, drug gangs and scared white people everywhere."-RT


Rumor has it that this is Chow Yun Fat standing in for infamous web personality Richard Trent.  


Mike Blackburn with his slightly improved SKS Paratrooper - an upgrade from the model carried in numerous recon missions in the Korean War as one of the first troops in a spin-off unit of the US Army Rangers, that group later to become known as the Special Forces.  
Our local custom knife maker, LC Lockett, ABS journeyman bladesmith, makes custom knives from stock steel and hand forgings the old school way with forge, hammer and anvil using time honored techniques to produce some of the best blades in the world.  

Mr. Lockett is a graduate of the American Bladesmith society school or Washington Arkansas where James Black made Jim Bowie's famous knife.  Mr. Lockett can make knives to your specifications.  Contact him at .



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