More Bullshit from Chicago - Somebody needs to act on this

August 20, 2003

You will most likely get the most up to date information on the case  HERE at   Latest news is that the preliminary hearing date has been moved to October 7

Update Sept 22, 2003.   Two weeks to go before the scheduled hearing and the DA is now playing games.   Looks like the games have heated up a bit, and at least one of the officers involved is skipping town for a while which gives the courts an excuse to change the hearing dates.   While the stated excuse is that one of the officers is on "furlough" this is conveniently set up to confuse the schedules of people who have decided to travel to Chicago and give moral support to Mr Pritchett at the hearings.   keep an eye on the various web pages covering this game for any changes in scheduling.  

I normally keep political action editorials off this site, and quite often don't even use my own name for fear of politicizing and alienating some of the international readership with strictly US politics, but this is an issue that needs to be confronted head on.  

Most people who follow the various gun law battles in the USA look to the NRA as an organization that stands up for "gun rights" but the fact is there are hundreds of cases every month that NRA lawyers ignore as a coordinated effort on the part of prosecutors and law enforcement marches onward to effectively eliminate any resemblance of a right to keep and bear arms in this country.   

Chicago has been a particularly bad place for gun ownership.   Having been the capitol of prohibition era gang bosses and stomping grounds of the great dickhead Elliot Ness, they have a particularly hostile relationship with the individual gun owner.   The place is overrun with corruption, gangs, and out of control law enforcement.   Racism is not just present there, it is an institution.   

Enter the dual curse of being both black and a survivalist or gun owner in such a place.   Roderick Prichett, a licensed gun owner who was carrying an unloaded encased handgun in his car while stopped "DWB" (Driving While Black) in November of 2002.   The guy had a legitimate gun license, a legitimately registered gun, but the police officers on the scene decided to give him the felony treatment anyway.   Now the bottom line is that a total non-criminal is being charged with an oddball felony that is really just a back door threat against any gun owner who lives in or travels through Chicago.   

This guy has little money left to defend himself in court after the police worked him over, got him kicked out of his apartment and he was laid off from work.   The oh so vaunted Black "civil rights" activists usually tip toe around gun rights as civil rights because they are so in bed with the Neo Communists and their gun prohibition lobby.    They don't care if gun ownership is vilified, as long as it is equally vilified for blacks and whites alike (I guess Hispanics and Asians too).  

The folks over at are coordinating what defense they can for the guy, but without some more support, it is probably doomed to fail.   If you are or can in the Chicago area around the time of the hearings, it might do some good to get around the courthouse and make your presence known.   CLICK HERE for a link to the story and contact info for some folks coordinating some help for this guy.   Basically, this guy has mustered up the balls to tell the Chicago DA to shove it with his plea bargain offer and is declaring not guilty on all charges.   In response to Mr. Prichett's integrity and courage, the DA is upping the ante to serious felony charges which will basically ruin this guy's life.   They have already screwed him and his family by keeping him under indictment for almost a year.    A lot of folks in the gun rights movement in the Chicago area say that Mr. Prichett stands a very good chance of beating the charges, but nothing is a shoe in at this point.   The trial is expected to take a few days, and the most important days of the trial are probably going to be some time in November.

If you live in the Chicago area and would be willing to do a little bit of investigation and photography for a follow up story, please contact  

A little bit of information about the players in this case

Victim:  Roderick Pritchett - Black male age 26, Chicago resident with a (then) valid FOID card and a legally owned handgun.  Recently unemployed investment broker.

Arresting officers:  Edward Kos (Star no. 18020), Rodolfo Camarillo (Star no. 7168) both apparently live in Chicago and do not have any record of high profile abuse cases.   Ed Kos is apparently white, while Camarillo is Hispanic.  

Chicago area DA (but probably not personally prosecuting the case)

Cook County States Attorney Dick Devine has a personal website and a reference page maintained by political supporters.   Mr. Devine is an elected official and registered as a Democrat.   He has been active in anti-gun ownership initiatives, including several personal campaigns against legalized carrying of weapons within the city of Chicago.

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