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By Alex Osinski

A hot new addition here at in the arena of survival transportation is the clever and durable Montague Paratrooper mountain bike.    As it was, this started from a request from one of my clients in Hong Kong who had heard about a new and high tech military mountain bike sold only in the US.   Up to recently, these bikes were extremely difficult to get outside of the military supply chain, but the manufacturer has ramped up production to handle the commercial demand for this model, and fortunately for us at Savvysurvivor, they were already looking for a dealer in Oregon.   The Montague Paratrooper is the "real deal" military mountain bike and not to be mistaken for cheaper models made by the same company on a similar frame.   While the cheaper models are good bikes, they are being sold by some other retailers as "the paratrooper bike" and that is not exactly true.    Only the Montague Paratrooper model has been approved for issue by the DOD.    Color choices are OD green, or whatever you decide to paint it.   There is also a "bling bling" version called the "Hummer" which has been marketed in parallel to the GM Hummer H2.   The "hummer" model features some added comforts and a sporty colorful paint job on the aluminum frame.   

The bike is the brainchild of Harry Montague who made his first folding mountain bike in 1986 and a team of Pentagon appointed developers who wanted to develop a rugged yet portable means of enhancing soldier mobility.   Military use of bicycles is not new, but had fallen out of favor with the US military after WW1 and eclipsed by the general push toward motorized vehicles, especially for use in crossing the relatively wide expanses of desert at most major US training bases and recent theaters of combat operations.   That is not to say Pentagon planners have ignored the utility of virtually silent, air portable, and fuel miserly transportation for highly mobile troops.   

The general consensus is that a man on a bike can cover twice the mileage in half the time as a man on foot, given some considerations to terrain and payload.    A person on foot can usually balance and carry much large loads than a person on a bike, but over a much shorter distance.   Likewise, few, if any troops are in good enough physical condition to match the speed and distance a bike mobile person can cover.    Long term military people are also quick to point out that years, or even months of road marches can play hell on the legs and spine, while bike riding has much much less potential for longer term "wear and tear" injuries, albeit some higher risk of short term injuries from crashes.   In the big mix, smart thinkers are still in favor of the bike.   The main reason being that long term injury from forced marches and foot patrols is inevitable, while injury from bike riding is often a matter of risk only, and at that determined by care and skill at riding.  

Enter the final design of the Pentagon working group, also known as the  Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).   This is a full duty and highly durable quality mountain bike built to take abuse and rough terrain.   The main limitation on the use of bikes by the US military has been that they are not particularly portable unless they are being ridden.   Most bikes take up a lot of cargo space which is often precious when a large force must project over vast distances, and admittedly, the bikes serve only a limited role in the big picture.   Troops like the Swiss, who usually operate close to home, have used bikes extensively, yet never felt the need for folding bikes.    Thus, the lack of easy portability had to be a major factor in developing a bike for US military use.   Traditional folding frame designs have been too weak for the rigors of military use, but the Montaque frame design has compensated for those shortcomings and can easily deploy or fold inside of 30 seconds with no loss of structural integrity when it is deployed.    A big part of this is that the chainset never changes geometry when the bike is folded, and the system uses a common removable front wheel assembly that incorporates the front disk brake that will not lose adjustment when it is attached or removed.   This is a common problem with most other removable wheel designs because the front brakes get out of whack when you reattach the tire.   By integrating a front disc brake into the bike, they avoid this problem, yet don't have to give up effective front shocks.   

The average speed of a foot infantryman over a dirt road is going to be around 3 to 5 miles per hour, assuming an "administrative" travel pace and no contact with the enemy.   Compared to a bike at around 8 to 15 MPH (depending on hills), the difference in mobility is obvious.    Note, that mobility is gained with only an additional 35 to 40 pounds of cargo (the bike, spares and maybe a carry case) going into the zone.   That formula has obvious applications to the survivalist or traveler who wants independent mobility, yet retain the option of using regular airports, taxis and mass transit.   IE, the folding bike can easily be taken into the passenger compartment of most aircraft, boats and land vehicles.    It can also easily be carried in a motorcycle sidecar since the folded size is roughly 3'X3'X1'.   That size easily fits in most car trunks, behind the seat of most king cab pickups and in the luggage compartments of most small aircraft.    Note the bike does not collapse and get smaller for storage, but folds so that it can go into a different shape of storage compartment.   It will still take the same cubic volume of cargo space whether or not it is folded.   Part of the size limitation is that the designers did not compromise on the overall size of the bike.  It uses full size 28" tires and regular full size components throughout.   Optional folding pedals help make the package a little more compact when folded, and the front wheel is removable like on most middle and higher end mountain bikes. 

The security aspect of a folding and portable bike for the apartment or barracks dweller is obvious.   Instead of leaving your bike out in the bike rack or hallway, it can tuck reasonably neatly under the bed or behind the couch.    This also means the bike can be stored inside out of the weather, even when in the field or in the wilderness.    Only the most dedicated and anal retentive bike rider would take a conventional bike into the tent overnight, but the paratrooper bike can easily fit in a small tent with room to spare for other gear and the sleeping mat.   

The primary use of this kind of bike is going to be for relatively short patrols and errands away from your main vehicle.   For the paratrooper, the original concept was for the troopers to quickly converge on a drop zone rally point after being dropped into what may be multiple drop zones or spread out landing areas.    For example, an Air assault unit dropping into a built up area that has no single LZ that can accommodate the entire force at once, and the multiple smaller LZs are spread apart in a way that would take an hour or two to get the troops rallied up for the mission.    Drop troops and bikes at multiple LZs uphill of the main supply rally point, and you can have your force quickly cover the ground to the rally point by bike, and relatively quietly.  

For the special forces team, gaining distance from the drop zone to a safe rallying point in a hurry may be important, and the bikes increase the speed and distance that can be accomplished, especially if there are any roads around.    For regular troops on deployment, the portable bike can make a lot of onerous camp and base errands pretty easy.   Light patrols between checkpoints, mail delivery, PX runs to the other side of the FOB, or even buying a little more sleep time because you can get out to change of duty at the guard post quicker.   The bike can then be stored in a relatively small area when you fold the frame and take the quick detach front wheel off.   Most troops have the necessary nominal mechanical ability to take care of these bikes without the need for additional specialized maintenance facilities.

The survivor can have many other similar uses for the bike, especially in those scenarios where fuel might come into shortages and it is impractical to keep horses around.   "Bugged in" at the retreat, you can cover a lot of ground on routine patrols and checks around the area, simple visits to the neighbors, and light shopping errands.    Combine a bike with NVGs and you can likely cover a fair amount of ground in relative stealth at night without needing to go through as many travel chokepoints that could pose a danger.    When "bugging out", a recon element on a bike can survey routes of travel with little or no risk to supplies in the bugout vehicle, yet the bike itself is easily transported in your BOV when you get back to it.   This is a serious consideration for those whose BOVs are vans and campers that can easily get stuck in some places along alternate bugout routes.   In the urban environment, you can cover a fair amount of ground while not being limited to the flow of traffic for the most part.   This can be an important factor for survivors who live or work in city centers and keep their main BOV and or bugout supplies outside the city center.   

The paratrooper is on the "upper middle" end of the scale of price and quality for mountain bikes and the difference between it and the new breed of halfway decent bikes from the large retailers is immediately evident when you climb on.   The bike is lighter, more responsive and rigid than lower grade designs.  Better wheel bearings, lighter weight rolling components and less overall friction on the chain mean that the average rider can climb hills better in a higher gear than one would be able to do on a heavier bike with higher friction rolling components.   In practical terms comparing my Paratrooper to the generic but pretty decent Wally world bike I have, I can power up hills on the Paratrooper that I have to walk the bike up when I am going out with the heavy bike.   Granted, the heavy bike has some accessories on it that add weight and there is an appropriate role for a $120 bike in the stable for those occasions when a bike is going to be left unattended in the bed of a pickup truck our outside a convenience store for a few minutes.   One should note that in a military deployment or survival situation, it is smart to add slime runflat material to the tires or use tubeless runflat tires even though that will add weight to the bike.   We will soon have the Paratrooper bikes available with solid tires, but the experts at the company tell me they are not popular because the added weight takes away some of the performance of the bike. 

To order from by paypal, use the shopping cart buttons below (all major credit cards accepted).   For money orders, wire transfers and checks, please contact   Discounts are available on orders of three bikes or more shipped to the same address (mix match models).    While we are featuring the Paratrooper here at, I can arranged for purchase of some of the similar models made by the same company.   You can learn more about the entire line of Montague mountain bikes at their website.   MONTAGUE CORPORATION

Please note: we are following the manufacturer's minimum advertised price, but to remain competitive with some other dealers, I have decided to include shipping to the lower 48 states for the time being.   This is by Fedex ground.  If you absolutely positively must have the bikes mailed, then the cost has to go with the APO/FPO/Export price structure and will go by surface parcel rates with the postal surcharges already calculated into my prices.  

I have lowered the prices on the bikes to reflect that we are no longer including the folding pedals with each bike, but will be including a kickstand with each purchase.    

Orders to Alaska, Hawaii, APOs and FPOs unfortunately will cost extra.    Service on these is by priority mail.   Warranty service is factory direct and through a network of authorized dealers.   All Montague bikes use standard industry component replacement parts.   There is a lifetime warranty on each bike, subject to manufacturer specified conditions.  

Montague Paratrooper Mountain Bike

The 18" frame version is for riders under 5'8", riders over 5'8" should get the 20" frame.   The savvysurvivor version has folding pedals (normally a $30 option) as standard.    Most orders drop shipped from the factory by Fedex ground.   If you think this may not be competitive pricing, do the math yourself and compare it to the "cheaper" Montague dealers.   $599.95 for the bike, $49.95 for shipping,  $24.95 for the kickstand and some will even charge you extra if you make payment with a credit card.   My hassle free pricing on this is one of the best deals going.  

$655 to the lower 48 states

Contact to arrange purchase


Montague Paratrooper Mountain Bike - Mailed outside continental USA

The 18" frame version is for riders under 5'8", riders over 5'8" should get the 20" frame.   The savvysurvivor version has folding pedals (normally a $30 option) and kickstand (normally $25) as standard.   This pricing is effective for all addresses outside the continental USA that are serviced directly by the US postal services.   Final cost may vary for other overseas orders.   As much as we would like to continue with the free priority mail policy for APO/FPO orders, these are costing me on average $135 each to send to Iraq and Afghanistan as opposed to the simpler drop ship arrangement I have on most domestic orders.  


$760 To AL, HI, APO/FPO

Contact to arrange purchase

Storage and carry cases

The hard case is airline approved for international flights and still has some room inside for other items when you have the bike in it.   The soft case may be used on some airlines, but restrictions and guarantees against damage will vary from airline to airline.   

Soft case: Montague's soft-sided bicycle carrying case, made of 420 Denier nylon, provides great protection at an affordable price. The carrying case features an inner pocket for the front wheel, a direct mount shoulder strap, two side handles, a double-layered nylon bottom, and the heaviest YKK zipper available. Dimensions: 36"x28"x12".  Fits most newer type Montague folding bikes.   Some carry cases will have the Hummer logo on them.  Please note, these cases tend to be backordered a lot of the time and may end up needing to be shipped separately from the bike.   

Cardboard Box - No joke, the Bikes come double boxed in a very heavy duty cardboard box that is strong enough to last through a short military deployment and can easily last through a few weeks of touring the world.   You don't have to break the bike down much to fit it back in the cardboard box and it is useful to have around just in case you need to send it back for warranty (and you will probably get it back in a new box if you do so).   You have to remove the seat, pedals and front tire to get it back in the box, but that is not hard to do.   The package ends up working out to be a little more compact than using the hard case.

Hard Case: The Airliner I is designed for checking a Montague single riding bike on a commercial airline as luggage. Simply roll the airliner up for check-in and remove the casters. Each case accommodates the entire folded bike with extra space for riding gear. Dimensions: 34"x27"x15"   Airline approved for international travel, has spare room for parts, tools and other small items.   Fits Paratrooper and Hummer.  This is probably the most secure way to store and transport one of the folding bikes along with spare parts and tools.  


Cases are shipped free when ordered with a bike.  

Soft Case $100

Contact to arrange purchase

Hard Case $400

Contact to arrange purchase





Montague Paratrooper

Color Cammy Green
Frame Double butted 7005 series aluminum front & rear triangle
Fork RST® Capa CL Suspension, with disc brake mount
Rims Alex® DM18, alloy, 32 hole, "Aqua no" channel
Tires 26" x 1.95” knobby
Hubset Formula® , sealed alloy
Spokes 14G stainless
Saddle Velo ® Mountain Aero, Double Density
Seatpost Kalloy® Ultralight butted alloy, 300mm


Kalloy® Ultralight butted alloy, no rise, 5 degree bend
Stem Alloy Ahead®
Shifters Shimano® EZ-Fire Plus
Front Derailleur Shimano® Alivio
Rear Derailleur Shimano® Deore
Crankset Tracer® Romax
Speeds 24 speed

Front: Disc Rear: Alloy V-style Shimano® levers

Pedals Alloy "combat boot" double cage, bear trap platform
Bottom Bracket Sealed cartridge
Frame Sizes 18”, 20”
Stand over heights 29”, 30”
Folded Size 36” x 28” x 12”
Weight 29 lbs.
MSRP $695.00 (our price is $640 shipped)




Montague Hummer LX

 FRAME  Patented military paratrooper folding frame.
 FRAME CONSTRUCTION  Custom drawn 7005 Series aircraft grade aluminum  tubing. Oversize moncoque top tube. Double butted rear  triangle. Welded  by hand.
 DRIVE TRAIN  24-Speed Simano.®
 REAR DERAILLEUR  Shimano Deore LX. Lightweight alloy, long lasting and  quietrunning, equipped with fluorine coated bushings to  reduce friction for lighter and more precise shifting  action.
 FRONT DERAILLEUR  Shimano top swing design with compact low-friction  linkage to reduce shifting effort.
 FRONT SUSPENSION  HUMMER suspension fork with 2.5" of travel, coil  spring  system. Disc brake mount.
 BRAKES  Front disc with self centering micro adjust. Rear, alloy  linear pull V-Style with alloy levers.
 RIMS AND SPOKES  Double wall with reinforced eyelets, CNC machined  braking  surface and “Aqua-No” channel for improved  braking in wet and/or muddy conditions. Stainless steel  spokes.
 SADDLE  VELO mountain double density with comfort grip  surface.
 PEDALS  Military spec. Extra wide, double cage bear trap.
 TIRES  26” x 1.95” front and rear specific off-road knobby
 SIZES  18", 20"
 FOLDING SIZE  36" x 28" x 12"

  Suggested Retail $750 Savvysurvivor price TBA

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Paratrooper FAQ:

Here are some common questions that have been asked about the bikes:

Can these bikes be sent by airmail? 

Sometimes, but usually not.  It really depends on the mood of the people at the post office at the particular time.   The rules in the postal manuals say the box is too big, but then sometimes they are in a hurry and only measure the bikes by weight which is well within the limits for priority airmail.   The problem is the size of the box which puts it over the limit for "dimensional weight" and at that, they stick me with hefty surcharges and then make it go by parcel post surface mail.  

Do these bikes require assembly?

Yes, but the assembly required is very minimal and can be done by anyone with any remote clue of mechanical ability.   All of the necessary tools are included but having a Leatherman tool handy will speed things up.

Can I fold the handlebars over?

Yes and No.  I wanted my bike with folding handlebars or to at least be able to rotate the handlebar assembly for storage and transport.   I found I could modify it to do this by replacing the handlebar bolts with wing head bolts I could turn with a Leatherman tool.   The folks at Montague explained to me that rigid handlebars are a major safety factor in a mountain bike and highly recommend against this practice and hint that they will void the warranty if they are aware it has been done on the bike.   What they expect you to do for storage is remove the front wheel and then turn the whole front sideways.   The wheel is fairly easy to take off and put on and the disc brake seems to align better than a rim brake anyway.  

Is there a chain guard or fender available for this bike?

No specifically.   It is a "field" bike, not a city cruiser.   That means you get mud and water up accross your back when you go through a puddle and can tear your right pant leg when pedaling hard.    There are a number of aftermarket fenders that mount to the seat post which fit on the paratroopers with little hassle (have your Leatherman handy for installation).  Likewise it will fit a lot of fairly standard bike luggage racks on the rear since the whole rear section of the bike is fairly conventional in shape.   On the pant leg issue, you need to blouse your boots, tuck your right pant leg into your sock, or wear shorts.   

Can I mount a speedometer on the bike?

Yes, regular aftermarket speedometer/odometers mount up pretty easily in a conventional fashion.

Can I mount an electric power assist system on the bike like the one found in the ZAP bike systems?

Yes, but it requires some adaptation.   Montague will be coming out with their own power assist version of this bike in the next few months and I think getting it with the power assist already built in will be the best way to go.  

Is there a cheaper version of the same bike?

Yes, and we will soon have them available.   Contact 

Can I get a discount on a group buy or multiple bikes?

Yes, discount levels are at three and ten bikes, and you can mix and match sizes and styles.   Group buy rules are that I need to have a single contact person for payment and to arrange shipping, but I can arrange shipping to group members with different shipping destinations.   All of the bikes have to be ordered at the same time to be eligible for the discounts.   The discount level fluctuates a little bit but is usually at least $50 per bike on a three bike deal and $70 per bike on a ten bike deal.   

What is the best way for me to get one of these bikes on deployment?

Order it before you leave, and give me at least a week before you are shipping out.   I can mail the bike direct to APO/FPO units in Iraq and Afghanistan but it costs a lot more to do so.   Another option is to have the bike shipped to your stateside support unit where they can handle reshipment on a military transport into the theater of operations.   

Do you give any sort of discounts for military, law enforcement students or elderly?

No, but I do give group purchase discounts on three or more bikes shipped to the same address.

Which shipping method do you use?

All of the standard orders are drop shipped by Fedex ground from a warehouse in the Seattle area that most of the internet based Montague authorized dealers are using, while the export and APO/FPO orders are shipped out of my inventory here in Oregon.  

What is inventory/availability usually like?

Right now we are pretty much past the times of serious backorders on the bikes and 90% of the orders will ship within a couple days of the payment going through.   I keep a small number of sales samples on hand primarily for shows and the upcoming modeling sessions with the savvysurvivor bunker bunnies.  

Where can I get the bike serviced if I buy it online?

Just about any bike shop can do basic service on the bikes and there are a Montague certified storefront dealers who are also warranty service stations in nearly every state in the US.   We also offer phone tech support and tech support by email.   You can contact Montague directly for warranty issues after the purchase and can get some service on the bikes even if you are not the original owner.   Keep the shipping box the bike came in.   It is excellent for storage even if you don't plan on needing to send the bike back for warranty work.   I hate to admit it, but the shipping box the bikes come in work better for me for storage than those $100 nylon bags.  

Are you an authorized Montague dealer or just a vendor?

We have some limited resources for service and support but are primarily a vendor with dealer status.   That means we can also sell the rest of the Montague product line.   We are also usually interested in buying and refurbishing used Montague folding bikes from vendors and dealers.   We do actually stock our own inventory of Montague bikes although usually drop ship customer orders from the warehouse if those orders are placed from outside Northern Oregon or southern Washington.   

I placed an order with you at a show or event and want to know the status of my order.

Contact and or the contact information for the salesperson on your order form.   Note, the model has not been into giving out her personal contact information and is not a service rep (yet).   You will want to talk to the actual salesperson who handled your order if you did it with us at one of shows or conventions.   That information should be at the top of the second page in your buyer's packet.    It can take us up to several days to consolidate the orders after a trade show or convention and get them faxed in to the company for shipment but if your bike is not on your doorstep within three weeks, definitely contact us because there is probably some sort of problem and we want to get on it sooner than later.

What is the usual lag time from the time I order a bike to the time I get it?

Usually around a week and a half for US orders, occasionally as long as three weeks, never a full month.   Overseas orders take considerably longer and can stretch to close to three months, but usually are in the six week range.