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Contact to arrange purchase.   Credit cards accepted only through paypal, US postal money orders accepted by mail.   Please confirm availability before sending money.   Note, as always, I am open to interesting trades on the items I have for sale.  I am interested in any EAA witness pistols, parts or accessories in trade.  

A note on the Tanfoglio Witness series pistols and parts.   Tanfoglio of Italy is the primary maker of guns and parts for the EAA witness pistols, but the company has also represented several small manufacturers that make parts to the same open source specifications developed by them as an adaptation of the CZ-75 design.   The Tanfoglio pattern guns and parts have been further adapted and made in several other European and Mediterranean countries.   For that reason, these parts are often compatible with several other brands of guns based on the same designs.   The compatibility is not 100%, but often good enough on magazines, safeties, grips and triggers to share upgrades and repair parts.   For more information on the Witness pistols, you can read my ongoing review HERE.

I have a new page up with information on gunsmithing the Tanfoglio/EAA Witness pistols.   



New (under construction)  Witness complete pistols for sale

Contact information for orders and inquiries


By Phone (primary) (541) 266-8810

(secondary) (541) 556-5148

Visa, MasterCard and Discover accepted with no surcharges


EAA standard Tanfoglio Witness magazines, maximum capacity 10 shots (compact .45 holds eight), any caliber (please specify)  Please specify frame size and whether or not it is a polymer frame model.  Long mags for compact full size polymer frame will include the finger rest, but please specify when you want them this way.   Note that we also stock the magazines used with the .22 lr conversion kits for both 9/40 frame and the 10mm/45/38 super frame.  

Most mags will now be full capacity.   Note that the Witness .45 is a ten shot magazine to begin with and there are no "afterban" hicaps currently sold for the Witness .45

All models (please specify frame type and caliber) $35 Each.   Email with the frame type, whether it is a regular or compact, and the caliber you need.   


Recommended holster maker for leather holsters: HB Leatherworks


Recommended holster maker for Kydex holsters: Cen-Dex

Cen-Dex holsters are made to order and the owner has extensive experience with Witness and CZ pistols.   Also available are matching magazine, flashlight and cuff cases.  


Cen-Dex to order a Kydex holster

Ambi safety for EAA witness (frame mounted) - all models.   Please specify whether you want standard or oversize levers (same price).   An example of the standard ambi safety is on the pistol pictured below.

The standard safety will be the same as your factory safety but has a lever for both sides of the gun (as seen below on the gun with the green scope mount).   The extended safety has levers that are both wider and longer than standard.  

$70 - All Models


Barricade scope mount for EA witness (steel frame models only)  Has standard weaver rail, requires drill and tap of frame.   May require relocation of serial number on some EAA import guns or you can hold it on with six of the included eight screws (drill and dap required.   Use of this mount will require removal of the rear sight, or cutting off about 3/4 inch from the back of the mount.   You will need a variance from ATF to relocate the serial number to another part of the frame before drilling all of the holes for holding the mount in, but many people report that it can held securely by positioning where you will not need to drill all of the holes.    Current colors available are bright green, red and pink so you will need to paint the mount to be "tactical" $85
Standard Weaver rail scope mount for EAA/ Tanfoglio pistols.   Also fits earlier FIE and many Baby Eagle models.  $100

Italian checkered walnut grips for EAA Witness  

Will also fit most earlier Tanfoglio pistols from FIE, Excam and others.   Please specify frame size.   These will often require a little fitting and sometimes bedding to stay on tight due to the fact that the design of the gun calls for grips to be held in place by only one screw each.    Checkering is nice and sharp on these grips and they are very thin to reduce the profile of the gun.    These are a premium quality Italian upgrade part. 


 Tanfoglo/EAA Witness Caliber Conversion Kits

Tanfoglio / EAA Witness caliber conversion kit for pistols with frame mounted safety, 22lr, 9mm, .40, 10mm, 45 ACP please specify frame size.  Includes slide, barrel, recoil spring, rod, and one standard magazine.   .357 Sig available at extra cost.    Available in interchangeable standard and compact slide variations.   

The .22 conversion kit comes with the "super sight" at no extra cost.  Both front and rear are adjustable.  Rear is adjustable for windage and elevation, front is adjustable for windage only.   The super sight is an extra cost option on other caliber conversions where the default option will be fixed high profile three dot sights.  

The .22 kit is available in matte black only.  

The pistols come in several different frame sizes, types and finishes.   I recommend that if you are going to be swapping calibers on a frame, you should start out with one of the steel frame pistols as the conversion kits for them are generally more readily available.  

The 9/40 frame is the frame with the slightly slimmer grip.  It was originally developed for 9mm, and will accommodate these calibers: 9mm Para, .40, 22LR.  Also .357 Sig at extra cost.

The large frame was originally made to handle .45, and is dimensionally almost the same, but has a wider and thicker grip area.  Even though it can step down to the same calibers as the 9/40 frame, it will use different components (and magazines) when doing so.   The large steel frame can handle 9mm, .38 super, .40, 10mm, .45, .22LR and several custom calibers at extra cost, including .357 Sig, 9X21, 9X23, .400 Corbon to name a few.   Basically, anything a 1911 could do but you get the bonus of a double action trigger and double stack magazine gripframe that does not feel like a piece of lumber.

I list the default magazines with the caliber kits as the appropriate 10 shot magazines on the full size and the compact mags on the compacts, but you can email me for a substitution either way at not additional cost.   IE, you may want a compact slide and barrel assembly on a full length frame, which would require a full length mag.   No problem, just email me and let me know.

If there is a configuration you want but don't see listed in the shopping cart buttons to the right, email and let me know what you want.  Also be fully aware, these caliber conversion kits DO NOT include the frame.   These kits will usually install quickly and easily on the appropriate Tanfoglio/EAA witness frames with no significant modification.   They can be made to fit some other similar frames and guns with some modification, but I will not guarantee it.

Note, that while regular wholesale/retail prices at EAA are similar on most of these, my prices now include shipping.  In some cases, I offer the caliber conversions considerably cheaper than normal.  These conversions are parts which have been removed from brand new frames and pistol sets.   It is often more cost and time effective for me and the end user for me to purchase complete guns and strip them down for parts.   This also helps guarantee functional compatibility of matched slides and barrels.  

Upgrades such as adjustable supersights are ONLY available on brand new slides and conversion kits that I must order from the EAA custom shop, and I usually have at least some variants in stock.  It is cost prohibitive to retrofit a supersight on the standard fixed sight type slides because the supersights require a unique set of dovetail and relief cuts in the slide.   The timing of these orders is usually pretty fast, and in many cases can be effectively faster for the end customer than dealing directly with EAA.   Normal upgrade cost of the supersight on a slide or caliber conversion kit is $65, which is also the cost of the part when ordered separately.  

As detailed below, other upgrades such as ported slide and barrels, compensators, long slides, and night sights can have different costs and availability associated with them.   For example, EAA no longer will sell full length compensators or comp kits for 10mm, but will sell complete comped pistols (go figure).  

 Contact to specify frame type, caliber and finish if what you want is not listed here. PRICES NOW INCLUDE SNIPPING



Premium caliber conversion kits for Witness.   No magazine or case included. 

Available in all calibers EXCEPT .22 lr.   Matte and Wonderfinish are the same price.  As you can see on the pistols to the left, a contrasting tu-tone can really make the guns look interesting.  

The premium caliber conversions are similar to those listed above, but have the availability of custom sights, multiple calibers, and gunsmith fitted barrels for enhanced longevity and accuracy.   This is not always necessary, but it enhances the potential of the pistol.   

Available in 10mm, 40, 9mm, .38 super, .45 ACP.   .357 Sig now available at extra cost.  Gunsmith fitting recommended for .357 Sig barrels and conversions.   

Email me at if you have any questions or special requests for a custom Witness Caliber conversion or custom work on your pistol.    Basic trigger jobs start at $45 without the need for you to send in your entire pistol or frame assembly.

Contact to arrange features and price.

$195 base cost plus:

$30 Extended slide and barrel.

$65 for super sight option

$55 for LPA adjustable rear sight (shown)

$50 ported slide and barrel (not 10mm)

$120 night sights (installed)

$80 each additional barrel

$40 per barrel for hand fit of barrel to slide

$50 dovetailed front sight.  

Competition full slide conversion for EAA witness (any model) Includes complete top end for pistol with long slide, compensated barrel, adjustable sights and a spare slide stop.   This will usually require some minimal fitting by the end user (instructions included).    Available in 9mm, .38 super, .40, 10mm, and .45 standard.    9X23, .357 sig, .400 corbon at extra cost.   Blue finish only.    Sights may differ from picture. $475

Sightly used .45 competition top end with dual port comp and dovetailed front sight (removable for pistols that have scope mounts installed.  $425

Comp Kit only, available in 9mm, .38 super, .40, 10mm, and .45 ACP.  Single port for compact slides, dual port for full length slides.  Specify frame size and slide length when ordering.   Includes barrel, comp, guide rod and recoil spring.     Note that a Witness with a single port carry comp will end up being only slightly longer than a standard model.   Fitting the comp to the slide is recommended, but not required.   A basic installation is quick and easy for anyone competant enough to take the gun apart for cleaning.   Dual port (for standard slide) shown above.   Email to specify frame type, caliber and finish.


Tanfoglio / EAA Witness extended and threaded barrel (odd threads for comp) 9mm, 40, 10mm, .45 ACP Usually a drop-in installation $165
Double action trigger with adjustable overtravel stop requires some skill to install.   Same model fits all Witness and most other similar guns.  

Single action trigger is engineered to prevent the trigger from returning to the forward double action position, and it adjustable for overtravel.  With a much shorter length of pull and release, this trigger is preferred by speed competition shooters but not recommended for daily defensive carry.   This trigger is used to convert the gun to an adjustable single action mechanism.  Your frame mounted safety will remain intact, but this trigger is not for use with guns having a slide mounted decocking safety.  





Tanfoglio / EAA Witness standard barrels, Please specify frame size .22lr, 9mm, .38 super, .40, 10mm, .45 ACP.   unthreaded, unported

Note, I have large frame .40 barrels in stock which are used to convert a 10mm Witness pistol to .40 with no other parts needed for the caliber conversion.  You can use your 10mm slide and magazines with this barrel to run .40 ammo in a 10mm pistol.    Same cost as standard barrels and probably not available from any other EAA/Tanfoglio parts vendor in the USA.  

$85 standard or compact (specify frame size and caliber by email to 



Tanfoglio/ EAA Witness match grade 6" barrels, available in 9mm, .38 super, .40 cal, 10mm, and .45 ACP.   These barrels are a higher quality than standard and some have polygonal rifling.  Expect improved accuracy, velocity and much longer service life in any caliber using this extended barrel.   May require minor fitting to your pistol.   Please specify whether for large frame or small frame model if you are ordering 9mm or .40.   Do not use soft cast lead bullets with a polygon rifled barrel.     

$165 std rifled

Please specify model and caliber by email to 

$185 polygon rifled (subject to availability)

Valtro 1911 pattern pistol.  A single stack 1911 pattern pistol made in Italy under the guidance of famed American gunsmith James Jardine.  The picture does not quite do the gun justice.  Many regard it as having the best factory Blue finish on the market.  All of the features you see here are standard.   The Valtro pistols make extensive use of forged steel parts, not castings, no cheap alloys and almost no plastic.  You are looking at a steel frame and steel parts along with real cut checkering on the front strap.  The guns come equipped with a stainless steel magazine and accept all magazines designed for the 1911 pistol.  Recommended are the Wilson 10 shot magazines.  

The company invites a side by side comparison with the best custom and semi custom (Kimber, Wilson, ect)  1911 handguns on the market.  They have several competing models on hand at their San Rafael California indoor range available for comparison.   Jardine commonly gets $2500 for one of his hand built guns to the same standards and there is usually a two month wait.  Valtro pistols are now usually on hand and ready to ship and built to the highest standards.  I have personally seen one cut in half because it did not make the QA inspection at the import facility in California.   These boys take their work seriously and cut no corners in quality,  materials or performance.   It does not leave the import facility unless it is perfect.  No break-in, no hassle with tuning, no addition of another $500 worth of work and parts, take it out of the box, load it up and you are good to go. 

Want an idea how smooth and crisp the trigger is? Click your mouse.  No grit, almost no overtravel and it clicks the same every time.  All sharp edges are de-horned and larger surfaces are polished, not only does it look good, but it helps you clear leather faster.  This is an out of the box masterpiece equally at home as a carry piece or competition gun built to last at least a hundred years.  These will be shooting long after the Tupperware pistols by HK and Glock have bit the dust.  

Note, the price is not negotiable on these pistols and there is no law enforcement discount.   FFL holders may obtain dealer pricing AFTER they have your license on file.   Call Bullseye Precision at (415) 453-7465  Like any premium 1911, there may be a wait list for the availability of these pistols and you may see higher local market prices for them when they are available on hand for immediate delivery.   


There are a few 1911 pattern pistols exported from Italy.   While the Tanfoglio 1911 is not brought over in the Tanfoglio name, it is suspiciously similar to the Charles Daly 1911 pistols and may share some parts commonality with the Valtro.  

The Jardine/Valtro pistols are built to the highest standard and marked as "Valtro"  although they may share source some components from the same producers as Tanfoglio does on their 1911s, the difference is going to be in the level of fit and finish and Valtro warranty work (if it is ever needed) is handled through Valtro in California.  


(415) 453-7465 

Streamlight M3 Tactical Illuminator

This is a lightweight flashlight that attaches directly to just about anything with a Picatinny rail that is now becoming standard on several makes and models of handguns, optics and rail hand guard systems.   The M3 is similar in appearance and operation to the M6, but is flashlight only, thus considerably less costly.   The light can work without being mounted, but is generally intended to be used as a pistol mounted weapon light although many M4 RIS/RAS users like them mounted in front of a foregrip.    This light fits all Glock handguns with rail systems and most 1911 type pistols with rails including the Springfield Operator and the Kimber TLE/RL.   The beam is focus adjustable and provices 80+ lumens of light.   In other words, it is real bright, but not super bright.   It is bright enough that it will safely illuminate any normal target for identification within normal handgun engagement distances and aiming one at a shooter will make it fairly difficult for that person to aim a weapon at you.    



Glock Combat Light

The Glock Tactical light is an excellent cost effective option for most standard polymer pistols with rail mounts dimensioned to take the M3 and of course, the Glock rails which are specifically engineered to work with this system.   This light also works well with the full size Springfield XD pistols.   It features a full 6 volts of power, adjustable beam and innovative switch system.   A slight variation in the locking bar on this light makes it faster and easier to put on and take off of Glock pistols, but that feature in turn makes this light not lock on very tight to steel frame pistol accessory rails like those on the Kimber TLE RL, and Springfield Operator (use the M3 or M6 on those guns).   


Remember, this price INCLUDES shipping and any applicable credit card fees.  

Springfield super compact XML 

This is a subcompact tactical light for small guns like the Springfield XD compact and may fit the Walther P22 (I have to double check on that).   It is a full 6 volt power light, but with a slightly smaller bulb than the M3/M6 and uses a single 6 volt battery instead of two longer lasting 3 volt batteries for power.   Still amazingly bright for its size.  Made under contract by Insight Technologies for Springfield Armory.     Will fit most guns with light rails.  



Tac-Force M11 Shoulder Harness

This shoulder harness is an adaptation of the shoulder rig originally developed by DeSantis for use by the US Secret Service with the Uzi in the late 1970s and costing well over $100 if you can find one available.  This harness allows the wearer to comfortably carry an M11 or similar gun and one spare magazine.   The user can then deploy the weapon without removing the harness, or quickly detach the weapon from the single point mount.   This harness will also work with most Uzi models, most Cobray pistols and subguns and Airsoft clones. 

$28 Available in Black or OD green.  

Right handed but adaptable for left hand use.   Two harnesses can be combined for dual carry by replacing the magazine pouch with the additional  single point weapon holder.   


The Specops Brand Battle Belt is the best of the best new generation pistol/gear belts for use with load bearing gear and tactical equipment.  Adjustable for most users with and without outer clothing and body armor.   The battle belt also features velcro "fuzzy" on the inside for placement of new generation pouches and hangars like those from Tac-Force which have Velcro "hook" side on the loops to keep them from shifting around on the belt.   This whole system does away with most of the metal hooks, snaps, buckles and ALICE keepers used in the old systems.   The battle belt is still compatible with most ALICE system components.     Battle Belt



Specops Brand Vapor Holster

The Vapor holster is an advanced thigh holster specifically engineered for today's dynamic military tactical environments.   The holster uses a Kydex insert that is capable of holding the pistol under most circumstances on tension alone, yet allowing for a fast draw by the user firmly grasping the pistol and pulling it from the holster.   The holster also uses a retention strap with positive locking buckle for airborne/air assault and extreme activities where you want the extra level of retention.    The external panels of the Vapor are set up with MOLLE webbing so you can attach other pouches directly to the body of the holster.   The split adjustable belt strap design of the holster makes it compatible with just about any belt rig currently on the market and it can attach directly to Interceptor Body Armor. 

Currently available in OD green and Black.   The inserts shipped with these are made to fit the Beretta M9 but will fit some other similar pistols without modification including the Taurus PT 92/99 series and most EAA Witness pistols.   Note, NEVER use this holster to carry a weapon cocked with a round in the chamber.    Left hand models available.  


Specops Vapor Holster



  Tac-Force Duty Belt

A good solid one size fits all duty belt that will support most tactical holsters and police/security type duty gear.   It is also compatible with most of the newer US military load bearing equipment that does not use the small mounting grommets found on older pistol belts.   These belts feature "fuzzy" size Velcro on the inside and will match up with the "hook" side Velcro found on many Tac-Force belt pouches and thigh rigs.    That keeps the various belt pouches, holsters and thigh rig mounting points from shifting around during wear and storage.   


Tac-Force Drop Leg Thigh Holster

Very competitively priced and well built drop leg holster sized to fit most medium and large semi-auto handguns.   Includes a magazine pouch at the front of the holster, adjustable thumb snap with jump cover to prevent inadvertent ejection of the pistol during rigorous activity.  

This holster matches the style and construction of the thigh mount magazine pouches listed above, with the same non-slip rubberized thigh straps, but this holster is NOT ambidextrous.   A left hand model is now on the market and I keep them in stock at all times.  

The holster will fit some pistols with lasers attached, but not with tactical lights.

These holsters will fit all models of Tanfoglio pistols other than those with scopes or long compensators installed.   Will also fit Beretta M9/92F, most 1911 variants, HK USP, Glock ect.   

NOT recommended for HK P7, or Tokarev TT33 and variants.

The leg extension and thigh straps are entirely removable and the holster can be configured as a duty type holster with the duty belt shown above.  Clever arrangement of velcro strips in the back of the holster and on the belt make the system secure without shifting around.   

Right hand only, available in Black or OD green.   $28

Tac-Force Duty Magazine Pouch

Compatible with Tac-Force and Specops brand Pistol belts and duty belts with Velcro on the for holding the pouch from sliding around on the belt.  The pouch can be mounted facing up, down or horizontally.   Currently available only in Black, and will fit most standard length automatic pistol magazines.   




Tac-Force M11 Holster

Sized to fit the M11 pistol/subgun and the Airsoft variants.  Same basic features as the other Tac-Force thigh holsters and ammo carriers.  These holsters come right hand only.   

This is also a good functional budget holster for standard sized semi-auto handguns with a tactical light installed.   Features the same duty belt compatibility as the standard thigh holster. Note this holster has only a single retention strap and is NOT authorized for 

Available in Black and OD green Right hand only.


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