Electronics, Optics and Night Vision Gear For Sale

NOTE, the selection of rifle and handgun scopes has grown and is on a different page.   CLICK HERE to see our selection of daytime and twilight optics for rifles, handguns and shotguns.  

 Stock varies on some of these items, so contact to confirm your order.    Trade offers always considered.  

We usually keep samples of these items on hand or at least available on relatively short notice.   I have been dealing with night vision gear for over ten years and know the market reasonably well and am in a position to take trade-ins on a lot of this gear.   I am currently in the market for used night vision gear and repair parts for projects and consignment sales.   In all trade or purchase and consignment deals where you would be sending a device to me, I will give an ESTIMATE of the value of your night vision gear but this can change upon my inspection of the device you are trading or selling me.   If you do not have an established reputation in the night vision business, please don't be offended if I ask for you to send the device before I settle payment.   If I sell your used NV device on consignment, I will forward the money to you from the sale once payment has cleared from the end customer and the end customer has expressed 100% satisfaction with the purchase.   There are a lot of crooks in this business who are ripping people off with deals that are "too good to be true".    I can't and won't compete in price with people who have stolen military gear or are selling vaporware night vision devices.    The devices I advertise here are devices I have on hand or know I can get from established wholesale sources I have dealt with in the past.   I have access to considerably more equipment and different products which I can obtain for a buyer on request, but these items listed below are those with which I have enough personal experience to fully answer questions about and give knowledgeable service on.  

If you are looking for a particular piece of night vision equipment that is not listed here and are serious about buying, email with the particulars of what you are looking for.   I have connections with several other night vision gear dealers and can usually obtain whatever is out there at competitive prices.   Export to Middle Eastern or African clients is not feasible at this time.   Another note to law enforcement and military clients:  while we do stock this equipment and do demonstrations on appointment, we do not provide free loan of samples.  All purchase orders must be paid in advance.   Most prices listed here INCLUDE standard shipping, but premium shipping services will cost extra.  

USGI refurbished PVS-2 starlight scope.   This is still considered to be one of the best first generation night vision scopes on the market.  It is large and bulky but very durable.   Mounts are available for a variety of guns.   This is a good starter scope or collector piece since they hold value better than similar imports.   The mount that comes with it is set up for a proprietary bracket for the USGI M14 or the M16A1, and those adapters are sold separately.   The scope does not have internal windage or elevation adjustments, but requires use of a mount like the GI version shown or the Elcan mounts which are available separately.    The image clarity on these scopes still rates among the best for first generation night vision equipment so they are pretty usable with some strong IR illumination.   Realistic range on this scope is fairly short, but can be extended with the use of an IR light on the target area.   Magnification is usually 4X $595 with military manual, AA battery adapter, and auto brightness control module.   Rebuilt, with 90 day warranty.   

Since these scopes have been declared obsolete by US military standards, they are exportable to most countries.  



AN PVS-4 Night Vision Rifle Scope 

Second generation, refurbished scope with 90 day warranty.   Comes with built in mount for AR15 type carry handle.   Adapters available for many USGI small arms.   In use from 1980 to present although phased out of most front line units,  the PVS-4 is considered by many to be the best second generation night vision rifle sight on the market.   Spare parts and competent service tech are usually easy to find for the PVS-4.   Most have Israeli markings in Hebrew and will come with an aluminum hard case. 

This is the scope that established the dominance of the US Military infantry forces in night time battle from the early 1980s to the late 1990s.   Most of what I have available are late 1980s era Israeli variants.   These are sufficient for hunting and target designation in the military environment, but NOT for the level of target identification needed in serious security of law enforcement work where you must be able to clearly identify targets at longer ranges.   The wide field of view makes this a good observation scope and camera adapters are available.  

Inspected, cleaned and serviced.   Most other vendors of these surplus scopes are getting them from the same source that I get them and they put English language stickers on the scopes.   I prefer to leave the main Hebrew label on the scope, but will pull the labels off of the cast-in English labels.   One big help with the Hebrew labels remaining in place is to differentiate these now commercially available scopes from the dangerously common stolen US military units floating around.   I cannot and will not be forced to compete in price and quality with stolen military equipment.    It is not "more cool" to have "genuine" US military gear when it can mean confiscation or even jail time.   For military personnel looking to buy personal gear like this, having something with a legit non military pedigree can mean the salvation of your career if some jealous jerk rats you for having "suspect" equipment.   

$1500 with standard m16 type carry handle mount.  Flattop/M1913 rail adapter $35 extra.   Some other adapters available.  

I am expanding my stock of complete scopes and parts on these to include a few variants like the crosshair reticule model, battery adapters, and some specialized mounts.   I am not in the business of selling parts for these, but if you want a complete scope kit set up to a particular configuration, I can probably do it. 



Raptor Night Scopes Gen3

Considered to be among the best of its kind.  One of the very few sniper quality night scopes on the market.   They are very costly, but really the only valid way to engage targets at longer range with night vision.   

These are extreme duty premium grade units built to withstand up to heavy recoil .50 caliber rifles.    The Raptor series scopes are the only scopes on the market that I can recommend for serious law enforcement and security target interdiction work where target identification is your most important concern.   There are other, much less costly scopes which can come quite close in performance, but so far, nothing cheaper really matches the Raptor for brightness and clarity in actual dark conditions.   

Starting at $9500 and currently available New with spec sheet and full warranty. Mounts to milspec M1913 rail or STANAG mounts (two screw type). 


Expect backorders on these units, but I do have some excellent "clones" available at very competitive prices and with a much better warranty.  Email for details.  

If you are not in the US, don't even think about ordering it

Raptor Night Scope 6X Gen3

Limited availability item, considered the most powerful and durable of the US made Night vision riflescopes, specifically engineered for rough duty use on large caliber rifles like the Barret semi-auto .50 caliber.    Comes with both STANAG and ARMS rail adapter for use on most milspec rifle scope mounts.    Eye relief is adjustable to some degree by changing how the scope is positioned on the mount.   The huge front lens and extreme quality optics help  to keep the image sharper than what you will find with other magnified 64Lp night vision optics.   This scope has the highest magnification and resolution currently on the market in a purpose built night vision sniperscope.  

Comes with manual, mount adapters, and airtight foam lined fitted hard case.  Note, my supplier will provide only the commercial manual with these, the military owner's and maintenance manual is not available to the public.  


Currently available, serious inquiries include phone number with your email. 

If you are not in the US, don't even think about ordering it


D 740 Night Vision Scopes

These are heavy duty housings mated up with a variety of modern intensifier tubes to give the best cost effectiveness without compromising performance.    These are dedicated riflescopes which were engineered to approximate the capabilities of the Raptor system with a better warranty for non-government users, lower overall cost, and better availability of parts and service.   The D740 is now in use with some US military units.  

Maximum Recoil Rating .375 H&H, .50 BMG and .416 Rigby
Magnification 4x
FOV 10˚
@1000 meters 175 meters 
Reticule Type Mil-Dot (illuminated red-on-green)
Windage/Elevation Adjustments MOA/click
Weather Resistant Water Proof
Battery Type/Life AA(x2)/60 hours
Dimensions 9 x 3.5 x 4
229mm x 89mm x 102mm
Weight 38 oz
1.1 kg
Operating Temperature -40 F to 122 F
-40C to +50C
Warranty 2 years
Please contact for current availability and pricing.   

Prices generally range from $1800 to $4200 depending on the package we put together for you and delivery times.  

Leica LR1200 

Scanning Laser Rangefinder

Arguably the best laser rangefinder on the commercial market at any price.  Widely used by professionals who need reliable range measurements out to 1200 meters.  

$500 Currently available only in Black, hunter camo available at extra cost.  

Leica 1200

Click Here for more information

 Steiner 8X30 Compact Binoculars with Rangefinder

Israeli surplus used but not abused West German (cold war era) made Steiner military grade binoculars for those who want a top name in optics without shelling out $300+ for a new pair.   These extremely durable binoculars were issued to IDF personnel who needed durable, bright and clear optics that could still be carried in the field.   The Gerber tool is shown for size comparison only.   Includes a basic stadia line rangefinder (not electronic)  in the right side lens assembly.  Fog proof, rain proof, and built like, well.. Steiner binoculars. 

Specification for brand new units:

Fully mil spec tactical binoculars with M-22 style mil reticule. Same size and shape as 8x30 Hunting but with exterior military markings. Used by many military special operations groups. Reticule is ideal for counter sniper spotter use as it works well in conjunction with popular mil dot reticule systems. CAT optics provide up to 95% light transmission. FOV 390'. Weight 18 oz.  Version without the reticule has a narrower field of view (300' at 100 yards).


Surplus military, therefore no warranty.   Some external markings in Hebrew. $150 Condition varies slightly, but at this price, they are a hell of a good deal.

Israeli surplus

Brand New, with US military M22 specification reticule markings,  full warranty.   $550

USGI Brand new

Military Marine version without M22 reticule, brand new $240

Commercial type


STEINER 7x50 B/ST Tactical  w/M-22 Mil Style Reticule Military/Government 

Features an impressive 95% light transmission for surveillance, navigation and other low-light applications. M-22 reticule is ideal for sniper spotter use and works well with popular mil dot reticule systems. Meets mil specs for ruggedness and waterproofing. FOV 385'. Weight 37 oz.  Used by several special operations groups.   Known for excellent light transmission ability and image clarity.   In my opinion, a better investment than first generation night vision equipment in this price range.  Coveted as arguably the best of the best for daytime and twilight use binoculars by the US military and others.  

Fog proof, rain proof, and built like, well... Steiner binoculars. 

$795.00 Military version with M22 Reticule (green body)
Commercial type

$520.00 Military version, no reticule.  FOV is 354' (green body)

Commercial type


All are brand new with full warranty.

7x50 Fujinon Nautilus w/Built-in Compass & Rangefinder

Considered one of the best values in high quality full featured binoculars that offer uncompromised US military specification performance at a competitive price. 

Assembled in the U.S.A. to U.S. military specifications.  100% Waterproof, Shockproof & Fog proof with Heavy-Duty Armor. 
Fujinon's most accurate compass built in - accurate to 1/4 of one degree.

$430 Includes floatation strap and carrying case. 

New model features more compact compass assembly and lower cost.



10X42 Rubber Armored Water and fog resistant heavy duty military grade binoculars.  

These use individual rear focus instead like Steiner and Leica binos instead of the more conventional central focus.   These are top quality field units that trade off some of the wide angle brightness of the NcStar for heavy duty, water resistance, and a more more compact size.   Note though, these are not tiny pocket binoculars and have a good 96 meter  field of view at 1000 meters.    



Includes lens caps, carry case and shoulder strap.   Brand new with warranty. 

  AN PVS-7B Night Vision Goggles

NOTICE, ITT has ceased production of tubes for PVS-7 goggles.  Price and availability are now subject to change.  Please email for the latest information on prices and availability for single and multiple unit orders

All of the tube housings are the same military grade unit, with price variations being in the inspected quality of the tubes, which will come from US makers unless stated otherwise.   All are current or recent production, with NO SURPLUS OR USED COMPONENTS.   We cannot and will not compete with cheaper prices of stolen military equipment.  

We grade and price the units accordingly on the basis of age, condition and performance.   If you are looking for a specific type of performance, let me know.   You generally have a "law of diminishing return" on dollar-for performance with these units.   Expect to pay a lot more money to get a little bit more performance but the performance is available for the discriminating customer.   Even the standard, and "factory second" grade units are usually better than what most of us would have used in the Desert Storm era and are in fact better than a lot of what is in current US military inventory.  It is that stuff you see most often at the cheaper prices on Ebay, some from legitimate surplus sources and some not.   

The goggles can be quickly detached from the head harness (included)  and used binocular style or on the optional helmet mount shown here on the left.   Helmet adapters are available on request. 

I occasionally have some used sets available at very attractive prices, so inquire if you are looking for a decent usable set in a certain price range.   Standard grade and below units are usually shipped from my own inventory of tested and inspected units, premium grades drop-shipped from the manufacturer or distributor.   Returns will not be accepted for refund, but can be accepted for exchange within 30 days if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase.   Warranty coverage varies from six months to two years, but in most cases is one year from date of shipment.   

Available accessories include the Helmet mount (shown), magnification lenses, illuminators, laser protection lenses, additional head mounts and other items.    I do have these items available from my suppliers, but they are also often available on the surplus market cheaper.   Please inquire about accessories when you are purchasing one of the PVS-7s and if I cannot offer the most competitive price, I will point you to where you can usually find the accessories for well below retail, and often below wholesale.   That is one of the big benefits of getting the PVS-7s even over some other devices that may perform better, but lack the quantity and value of available accessories and replacement parts.   

PVS-7B Night Vision Goggles 

Pricing varies widely according to tube specifications, accessories, and delivery times.  Contact for details.    


























ITT 6015/PVS-14

US GI Military specification housings and manufacture current issue night vision monocular.   The ITT 6015 series is the current standard for US military forces in its slightly improved and better known variant, the PVS-14.   Both are nearly identical however, the PVS-14 features a manual gain knob for use in semi-lighted environments, in that the device effectively can adjust the light gain from first generation up to its maximum amplification with no loss in detail.    Both the 1015 and PVS-14 do still feature an automatic brightness control which will cause the monocular to self adjust brightness but in a narrower range than what you can do with the manual gain knob.   I most highly recommend the 6015 for private purchase by military personnel who wish to have a premium milspec compatible device yet have no problems with CID or DCIS related to allegations of stolen or misappropriated government property.    While the 6015 is made by the same company, and is 100% compatible with military mounts and accessories, it is different enough from government issue gear that it is easy for the trained person to distinguish the difference.   Both units feature a small IR illuminator. 

ALL of the genuine ITT 6015/PVS-14 devices have third generation tubes, but some are better than others.   Most PVS-14s come with a 64Lp standard grade tube or better, while some older NQ6015s came with a 51 LP tube but those slightly lower resolution tubes are mostly out of production.   The very newest and best now come with the Gen 3+ 72 LP tubes.   Note, however, what we now consider standard used to be considered "delta" grade just a few years ago.   Our devices are graded and guaranteed by the manufacturer for one year.   Apart from the warranty, spare parts and accessories for these are getting easy to find on the surplus market due to the sheer number in use with US military and Law enforcement.   The PVS-14 was adopted by the US military as a compatible transition unit that uses all of the mounts and most of the accessories of the PVS-7, in addition to some unique items like the weapon mount and camera adapters.   This advantage of being government issue, or very similar to government issue (in the case of the 6015) has been better resale value in part because of realistic expectations of the availability of spare parts and skilled service techs for some time to come.  

These units are all shipped complete with many accessories and a useful carry/organizer bag.   Included in the package is a head mount, lens covers, head mount adapter (also compatible with the PVS-7 helmet mounts that are available, but not included), sacrificial lens, lens paper, owner's manual and carry strap.   All models are waterproof, but not submersible for long periods.

Not all versions are available all of the time, but we generally have at least one or two available for immediate shipment.  


NQ 6015 with standard grade tube $3400 (usually has 64lp tube on current production units

PVS-14 Current standard military specification with 64LP tube minimum. 

Prices will fluctuate on availability, you can get lower prices if you are willing to wait on backorder.


All of these are new standard 2004 production or newer.  


CLICK HERE for more information and direct online orders.

USNV / PVS-18 (Commercial)

This device is similar in construction to the PVS-14/6015 but has several subtle improvements.  It is more compact and is waterproof.   It was engineered to bridge the gap between commercial units and military devices.  It is compatible with PVS-14 head and helmet mounts some weapon mounts, but not lens attachments like the compass, light filters or magnification lenses.   This is an excellent choice for those who want top shelf performance with the military look, but not something that would be mistaken for stolen government property.   

Contact alexo53 for current prices and specifications.  These run on average $500 less than a PVS-14 and will otherwise match the capabilities of the PVS-14.  

D-121 Multipurpose Monocular

This unit is a versatile multipurpose commercial monocular built with functionality and economy in mind.   They are available with a host of accessories to be usable as a head mount monocular, weapon sight, or paired with a bridge to be used as flight/driving goggles.   Features a heavy duty housing, built in IR illuminator,  and two year manufacturer's warranty.   Comes with storage case.   Accessories available at extra cost. 

The D121/131 was engineered as a cost effective alternative to the entirely US made ITT 6015/PVS-14 series.  These are built with a combination of US and import components and while not being compatible with US military standard accessories, there are a number of comparable and well built accessories available for these.   Most second generation units have import intensifier tubes, while the third generation ones are made with US made tubes.  The housing are metal.  

Note that while this unit is weapon mountable, there is no reticule in it, so you would need to use either a NV compatible night vision scope or a laser to actually aim a weapon that you have this mounted to.   These are water resistant, but not submersible.

Please inquire as to availability before arranging payment.   Not all variants are available all of the time.  

 D121/131 monoculars vary in price according to grade and configuration.  

121 Gen 2+ Standard $1300 (exportable)

131 Gen 3 with B grade tube (has some flaws in the image) $1650

D-300 Gen 3 standard, very similar in appearance to D-131 but has slightly larger housing and much wider field of view.  Compatible with some PVS-14 accessories $2100

Head mount $100

Weapon mount (Picatinny/Weaver rail compatible) $60


 NcStar Rubber Armored Binoculars.  

These are among the better import optics currently on the market.  Good, bright and clear full featured binoculars that give performance without breaking your wallet.   Unlike Steiner's and Lecias, you don't have to cringe at the thought of taking these out to the field and putting them to some real world use.   Would I loan out my Steiners?  Hell no.   But for a convenient set of glass to leave in the truck for whoever needs them,  these are the ticket.

Includes soft case, strap, soft retained lens covers (not the hard plastic kind that get lost in minutes)  and importantly, a lifetime warranty.    The people at NcStar aim to be the premium manufacturer for Chinese sporting optics with an aim for the military user who is buying out of private funds.  

These are not to be mistaken for third rate junk.   While most of the components are made in China, the Company is managed from Southern California and is working inroads to the sporting and survival crowd with quality binoculars and riflescopes designed for the military / paramilitary user.   Optics are fully coated and nitrogen purged for crisp images from edge to edge.   Just ten years ago, you would expect to pay over $300 for a pair of binoculars like this.   Large sets include tripod adapter thread mounts at the front of the hinge.  

7X35 - $35 Black only
7X35 Black

10X50 - $50 Black or Camo

10X50 Black

10X50 Camo

12X60 - $65 Black only

12X60 Black

16X60 - $65 Black only (large set)

16X60 Black

20X70 - $75 Black only (large set)

20X70 Black

10-40 X 60 Zoom - $100 Black only (large set)

10-40X60 Zoom

Includes carry case,  lens covers (front and rear) all packed in a quality gift box.  

Shipping is free on any order that includes a NcStar binoculars and most models are in stock most of the time. 

NcStar 8X21 mini-binoculars

These low cost compact binoculars are handy enough to keep in the pocket of a coat or in the center console of your vehicle.   They feature a central focus and right eye fine adjustment. Rubber armored and nitrogen sealed for use in the real world.  

$10 per pair, your choice of  camo or black.  



Belarus made weapon mountable Corsak IR laser.  Unlike most IR lasers, this laser has a standard size tubular design which is more compatible for various mounting options than what is currently on the US market.  It is the best way to aim a gun when you are using night vision goggles.  The X and Y axis adjustments are unique to the compact design and the dot is adjustable for brightness to work with different types of night vision equipment.  The dot can even be adjusted for full visibility at longer ranges with cheaper first generation night vision gear.   The maximum output is 5MW.  Unlike a conventional red laser dot scope, the projected beam and dot from this scope is not visible to the naked eye.   

The laser takes a standard CR123A battery the same as used in the Sure-fire lights and several brands of night vision equipment.  The lasers are shipped to US customers in the "laser pointer" configuration with a push button on/off switch, but a momentary pressure switch on a cord is included (see picture).   The size is more suited or large handguns, rifles and submachineguns, but not compact or service size handguns.   The adjustment system on Corsak lasers is engineered to withstand heavy recoil and requires special adjustment tools which are included with each laser.  

High quality heavy duty military specification but certified for civilian use.  The diode is under 5mw.  Mounts included with the lasers will usually be 1913/weaver rail compatible, but barrel clamp mounts are also available.  The rail mount has been specifically engineered for compatibility with the Knight RIS/RAS and mounts by GG&G.  The mount is also compatible with the ARMS SIR system.  

These lasers are more compact and versatile than the PAQ-4 series lasers and cannot be considered stolen or misdirected government property since they were designated for the public market and are commonly used by hunters in Europe.   As such, I can take orders for this unit from outside the US without import or export restrictions commonly applied to the PAQ-4 or other US made IR lasers.   


Due to some quality control issues on the laser diode production side, we have decided that the lasers need to be graded on quality.   This will also reduce the confusion you see on differences in pricing between vendors.   Beware those who are selling a "generic" quality unit,  they can be a crap shoot.  All of the lasers sold by us will come with a mount, both switches and battery and are warranted within their level of performance.   The difference in grade is only in diode clarity and dot quality.   All of the units are equally durable and otherwise have the same features.   All models are adjustable for power level so that they can be used different grades of night vision equipment.  

Also now available is the Corsak Visible laser.  It has all the power and durability of the IR model but lacks the power adjustment and is considerably cheaper.   Give s a bright and clear 5MW red dot.   The Red laser is submersible but will need to be cleaned out if you have it in water for any significant period of time.  The internals are air tight, but the housing itself is not.   The body of the laser is a little shorter than the IR version, but is the same diameter and uses the same mounts.    These are $150 each with battery and mount.   An integrated rail mount that holds both an IR and visible laser is now available.   


Don't be fooled by vendors who claim to have these on hand then they don't by the time your money gets to them.  All of the lasers I have are individually inspected for quality before shipment.  I have rejected as many as 30% of a shipment from the manufacturer, so don't get fooled by someone selling them cheaper "as-is"  with no guarantees.  Orders originating outside the US for five units or more can be shipped almost immediately.  Some restrictions will apply (IE, if your country is on the state department shit list, you are out of luck).   Volume discounts will still apply for dealer level pricing.

Visible lasers - One model only $ 150 


First quality hand pick These have a consistent dot when viewed through third generation optics on all power settings.   $350 Equal in performance to others selling for more than twice the money.   

Standard Quality units have mildly  inconsistent shaped dot at close range and or a faint secondary ghost dot on higher power settings.  These flaws are not readily apparent when viewed through through first or second generation optics at moderate ranges.  $295  This is the most common grade used with Gen 1 and Gen 2 optics and the most common model sold by various vendors.   

Second Quality units have a more  inconsistent shaped dot and a more pronounced ghost dot that is visible through most night vision devices.   It is still usable for moderate distances.  $185 Not recommended for professional use.   These are still good for training, hobby use, and as a laser pointer.   

Backorder, dealer pricing on five units or more - inquire to 

Streamlight M6 laser/light combo

This is a 6v High intensity flashlight/laser combo with a built-in mounting system originally developed in conjunction with the Glock rail system, but compatible with several others that came along later, including most of the New S&W autos with rails, the Springfield XD/HS2000, Springfield TRP, and many other pistols with a standard light rail.   The laser is a bright VISIBLE laser.   The switch system allows you to set the unit for laser, light, or both.   Uses two CR123 batteries (included) and includes an extra high intensity  flashlight bulb.  


Includes spare bulb for light module, storage case, adjustment tools and batteries.


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