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This growing page is dedicated to our new addition to the lineup at   Combatkit is a premium gear manufacturer out of Europe with innovative designs made by soldiers for soldiers.   Combatkit gear is made of the highest quality materials and is arguably the best that is made in Eastern Europe although the company is owned and operated out of Norway, with input from military and security professionals all over Europe and Africa.   Many of the designs are influenced by combat proven advanced British kit, yet adapted for better versatility and modernized with innovations that are common to the private sector gear industry.  A unique combination of US, and European materials (mostly US, Polish and Norwegian) with Croatian cutting and assembly makes for affordable top shelf quality gear with the professional user in mind.   Viewing and handling this gear up close gives you another strong impression - this stuff is not made with wimps or small people in mind.   Nobody was trying to shave 50 cents here or there on cloth or webbing and shrinking a strap or belt here or there.   If you have a 50" chest and have been searching the world over for a tactical vest that will fit, or you are over 6"5" and don't want a vest that does not fit like a bra, this is your day.    We are talking thigh rigs that can fit a 30" leg, mag pouches that fit plenty of just about any type of assault rifle magazines, including AK-47 and FAL mags with everything in between.  Heck, you might even be able to fit Bren gun mags in these pouches.  

Durable?  Well, the Scandinavians regularly train in some pretty rough conditions, and the Croats just got finished with some pretty nasty wars in some really rough terrain, so they know their business and they know it well.    The various professional soldiers who have contributed to the designs of this gear are not doing it out of speculation, they have tried a lot of what is out there and have figured out what works and what does not work for them.    From our standpoint in the US, a lot of this is cutting edge and "out of the box" thinking that in times past would take years to filter into the regular military from globe trotting Special Forces types and mercenaries, let alone general public availability.    This isn't what you will find at your local surplus store by a long shot, but it is very similar to what you will find being used by troops on the cutting edge of today's conflicts.  

As this part of the website grows, I will be updating it with better pictures.   Believe me, the color match to the US camo patterns on this gear is perfect, and you get full compatibility on the PALS/MOLLE compatible items.   Not, "looks like" but fully compatible.   

One thing that I noted about this gear right away is that the vests and chest rigs were engineered to not require wearing with a pistol belt in order to hold their shape or hold gear.    This is in large part to the patterns of European military uniforms.   US military BDUs consist of baggy comfortable pants, a tucked in shirt (T-shirt in hot weather, long sleeve shirt or sweater in colder weather) and a lightweight "jacket" that fits more like a heavy shirt.   The belt worn with the trousers is fairly lightweight and thin but some are quite stiff.   This is in large part because a pistol belt is worn outside the "jacket" which is worn almost all of the time and a thick, heavy trouser belt will make that uncomfortable.   This pistol belt eventually grew in importance to be the basis for most US military webgear and tactical vests, when in fact it became less relevant with the use of tactical vests and thigh mount holsters and pouches that could just as well be attached to a better trouser belt like the Specops Brand Better BDU belt, and similar belts made by other uniform and gear makers.   One problem that had been encountered with using pistol belt anchored webgear and tactical vests was interference with most modern backpacks that use a waist or abdominal belt/strap assembly to take weight off the shoulders. 

The European uniforms on the other hand, usually have that outer heavy shirt tucked in with a wider trouser belt that is often used to support a few pouches, a knife and sometimes a holster.    Combat webbing would often not even include a built in belt because that belt would seriously interfere with the items worn on the exposed trouser belt.   This was not only the case with most European load bearing systems developed after 1990, it was evident in the earlier but highly advanced South African load bearing systems from the mid to late 1980s.   Onward to Combatkit and a lot of custom and semi-custom gear, set up in what we call the 'second line' of personal equipment, we eliminate the dedicated pistol and or gear belt in favor of smaller items worn on the trouser belt, and the bulk of second line gear suspended from the shoulders.   This also guarantees a better compatibility with the various abdominal straps used on newer generation backpacks that have been common among backpackers for over 20 years, and used by European soldiers for at least as long.   That is why most of the modern European webbing is worn higher on the torso - they do not want the vests or chest rigs to block the all-important large waist strap used on the backpacks.   Another factor of this that safety regulations for vehicle operators often mandate the use of seatbelts, even in combat vehicles.    Anyone who has driven a Bradley or M113 with their gear on and some senior NCO demanding use of seatbelts will appreciate a rig that does not encumber the waist.   Take my word for it, trying to find and unbuckle a seatbelt while wearing normal webgear or tactical vests is a major hassle.   You also don't get interference with rappelling harnesses and those all so familiar rope tie off arrangements we cal "Swiss Seats".   

The Combatkit chest rigs are engineered to work with most other major items of gear like backpacks, jump harnesses, duty belts and holsters, although thigh holsters are most highly recommended with the chest rig instead of high riding duty type holsters.   It is also very easy to wear two of the Combatkit chest rigs at a time to give a balance that is very similar to that found on the older ALICE gear when you have that sort of harness fully loaded up with a butt pack and lots of pouches all around the waistline.   By wearing a chest rig on the front and having it adjusted normally riding accross the upper part of the stomach, you have room to easily mount another rig facing to the rear, with its belt and straps adjusted to work a notch lower than the front rig.   This setup makes it surprisingly easy to access contents from the rear facing rig by simply unsnapping its quick release buckles (now facing front) and taking it off to get at the stuff without taking your front mounted chest rig off.   This setup works particularly well with the light gunfighter rifle rig and the full sized medic/engineer rig that has the zippered pouches and full size sustenance pouches that the gunfighter rig lacks.   

A note regarding price structure:  I just got the initial package of samples in and the prices are still in a flux.   Prices for most of this gear (along with the shopping cart buttons) are listed HERE on the tactical vests and chest rigs pages of our sales section.  


Combatkit Rifleman's Vest

4 Reienforced Magazine pouches that hold all common assault rifle magazines

2 water bottle/sustainment pouches that can fit all common water bottles, canteens and rations.

2 Upper Front utility pouches

2 front zippered large utility pouches for maps, documents and large, flat items positioned behind the cargo pouches, in front of the chest

Quick release buckles on the front and shoulders for fast removal of the vest from a patient

Rear pouch for hydration system that fits up to 100 oz bladder

Rear drag/rescue handle

Space between sustainment pouches and magazine pouches for mounting knife,  folding magazine dump bag, flashlight or other narrow items that can mount to PALS webbing.   Compatible with Specops Brand Combat Master sheath.

Three D rings on each side of the vest for attaching lanyards or hanging items below the vest without needing to wear an additional pistol belt

Vest is compatible with PASGT armor and Interceptor IBA with full range of adjustment to fit the largest issued sizes of body armor with plates installed.    Adjustable for girth and height.   Fits individuals up to 6'6" tall and over 53" chest.  

PALS/Molle attachment points for additional pouches on the shoulders. 

Large velcro panel on the hydration pocket flap for mounting nametapes, insignia and other patches.

This vest is the do-all vest for the military rifleman who wants to have a lot of mags at his fingertips yet not leave the essential survival items behind.   It also works for the survivor or international security specialist who wants a single high quality vest that may be called into use with very different types of rifles.    Whether you are packing a FAL, AK, or M4, this vest is the best way to make sure you have enough mags on hand to take care of some serious business with the bad guys when its all about bullets and water when the day's work is death and slaughter.  











Combatkit Medic/Engineer Vest

Same as above, but substitutes two large zippered utility pockets with medical patch (removable) instead of rifle mag pouches.    These large utility pouches have removable waterproof nylon liners to protect other contents from things like ruptured IV bags.   Inside the utility pouches you have a clever arrangement of two removable panels per pouch with elastic set up like PALS webbing so you can mount items like surgical instruments, blasting caps, or small pouches inside the large zippered pouches.   Utility pockets measure approximately 4 1/4"X9 1/2"X6" (or roughly 11cmX24cmX15cm) which works out to around 240 cubic inches (give or take a little for the flexibility of the pouch itself).  

The sustainment pouches have additional pockets sewn on the side that can hold two M16 or two G3/FAL mags each (will not hold AK mags).    

Additional space between sustainment pouch and medic/utility pouches for mounting PALS/MOLLE compatible items. 

This vest is the most versatile of the breed for general survival use and by personnel such as Engineers and EOD personnel who need to carry mission specific essential items that have to be accessible when moments are critical and you don't have seconds to spare.    You don't want small items lost out of the pouches, you don't need to haul enough mags to start and finish WW III.   You can still carry a few M4 or G3 mags, or mount a pouch or two to keep some mags handy for the MP5 you use to keep the nasties away from your work.   

Combatkit SAW Gunner's Vest

Same as above, but instead of the zippered utility pouches, you get two slightly larger mag pouches that are generously sized to fit M249 SAW drums.   These pouches will also fit belted ammo for just about any general purpose machinegun like the M240, MG3, Mag-58 and similar weapons.   You can load a belt into each of the pouches and actually feed the belt directly from a pouch to the gun in patrol mode.  

The main pouches have a bit faster access than the pouches for the medic/utility vest and can actually hold more magazines than the rifleman vest if you stack them up in the pouches (it can get noisy though).    

This vest is primarily for the SAW gunner and the guy who has to carry larger mission essential items with fast access through a single buckle on each of the larger pouches.    This vest can also work for the the Medic, survivor, or EOD man who keeps essential items in an organizer bag that can be pulled out and dealt with separate from the vest.   

Combatkit Modular Vest

Similar in fit to the vests above, but has no pouches attached to it.   Fully adjustable to fit very full size people. It does retain the built-in hydration carrier, and the zippered chest pouches since they are effectively part of the structure of these vests.   

The vest is covered with PALS/MOLLE compatible webbing on the front panels and can thus be configured to suit the user with any of the commonly compatible pouches, holsters, pockets and other items.   


Combatkit Rifleman's Chest Rig

Perfect for the guy who operates out of a vehicle and wants minimum interference from his gear while sitting in the vehicle waiting for that critical moment to jump out and take care of business.    You don't want to be stopping to put on the vest or webgear that was so uncomfortable you would not wear it in the Humvee.    If you are patrolling some particularly mean streets or badlands and don't need to carry your house around your waist, this rig will do.   It will also give you just about zero interference with a backpack, rappelling harness or jump harness.  






Combatkit Rifleman's Light Patrol Chest Rig

A slightly more compact version of the rifleman's chest rig gives up a sustainment pouch to gain ammo capacity and the ability to mount additional ALICE compatible pouches, items or canteens.   This gunfighter's rig was developed for use by troops who operate primarily out of a vehicle and the bulk of extra survival items is more of an encumbrance than a benefit.    The operator who uses this rig has his survival supplies somewhere else and is geared up to fight without much else cluttering up the chest rig, yet leaving room on the body to easily wear a THE pack, large ruck or an additional gunbelt.   Load up a dozen assault rifle mags of most types, or cram it tight with 16 USGI M16 mags (without magpuls) for enough to deal with all the bad guys at the party with a little left over for good measure.  

Like with the other Combatkit gear, you can mount a radio pouch or other PALS/MOLLE compatible narrow pouches on the shoulder straps and of course, this chest rig is still adjustable to fit the big buys.   Unlike some of the other Combatkit chest rigs, this one does have a narrower profile so it can work well for smaller people without the irritating "full wraparound" that some smaller people complain about with full sized modern chest rigs that make it difficult to reach into the pouches that are situated all the way to the sides.    The top flap access pouches behind the magazine pouches still have ample room for other items.   


Combatkit Medic/Engineer Chest Rig

This rig replaces the magazine pouches on the standard rifleman's chest rig with the Combatkit standard medic/utility pouches that you see detailed on the medic vest.  





Combatkit SAW Gunner's Vest

Same as above, but replaces the utility pouches with SAW pouches that will hold belted ammo for all common light and medium machineguns. 

Combatkit Modular Chest Rig

This popular design is becoming almost a standard throughout the industry.    The Combatkit version features PALS mounting points on the shoulder straps and a more supple material on the inside than some of the other makers do.   Compatible with all PALS/MOLLE and most ALICE gear.   Features inside pockets and quick release buckles on the back and shoulders.   Adjustable to fit the biggest of brutes.   


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