Articles, pictures and Information wanted

Chances are that you may not know a lot about everything, but you know a lot about something.  if you can write your own e-mails and send a picture with them, you can probably write an article for savvysurvivor.  It does not need to be perfect, I can edit it.  

As you may have noticed, savvysurvivor is growing and changing almost every day now.  The for sale section has greatly expanded and I am going to be spending more time working on this site and developing it into something better for the survival community.  

In the last few months, one of my favorite magazines, American Survival Guide, went out of business.   Critics believe that the magazine lost readership when it went more "mainstream" in an attempt to appeal to the broader audience of Mother Earth News instead of the gun and cammie set that commonly reads Soldier of Fortune.   While SOF is commonly available on military bases where you used to find ASG in the same section.  The publishers of ASG failed to realize two things.  One military people and survivalists are extremely can be loyal to the company and its advertisers, and the movement has largely been made up of people with above average intelligence in a culture that is often looking to the future.  That means that most of the readership is on the Internet in a big way.    They get their news from the Internet and commonly socialize with people online more than people at the corner bar.  Any publication directed to these people needs to have a significant online presence and ASG did not.  SOF for that matter is rather pathetic online too and that might have something to do with why they have been going downhill.  .


I had written a couple of articles for ASG that were rejected because they were too long and did not include enough pictures.  Publishing constraints in the printing business make it necessary to abbreviate articles in order to save space for advertisers and money in production and distribution.   As you may be aware, publishing costs on the Internet are dirt cheap, but people still demand good information and they will spend money with advertisers that support the right publications.  

Up to now, has been primarily a gun interest site, but the vision is to appeal to the broader interest without giving up the cutting fringe gun interests and the international relevance.   We have readers in several different countries including the USA, Canada, Mexico, Finland, Hong Kong, Israel, the Philippines, and all over the UK.

While this site has no discussion forums of its own, you are encouraged to contribute articles.   In the past, we have had a strict code of anonymity, especially in regards to pictures submitted for the gun pages.   This policy is going to be altered to give credit to those who write and contribute on non-gun articles.   Unlike a printed publication, your online articles will stay fresh much longer and can be edited during and after initial publication.   Better than a public forum board where your time is spent answering a relatively small number of people in a particular thread, your article on savvysurvivor will be treated as a real article, not just a bit of opinion with some pictures. 

So here is what we are looking for.  If you have some knowledge or an article about anything that might be of interest here, let me know.   Obviously, pictures are very important and the more the better.  It does not have to be about weapons or tactics, but anything that might be of interest to the readers.  

The only of genre articles that I will heavily edit are those with an obviously localized political slant.   It is not that we lack sympathy for the Patriot movement, Irish liberation or the maintenance of the British empire, Palestinian refugees or the right of Jews to live in the middle East, but there are plenty of sites out there that push various political agendas and viewpoints and that is not the purpose of this site. 

So here is how you can make money.  I am in the process of adding page counters to several pages on the site.   Each article will get a page counter and the more hits you get on the page counter, the larger the readership is on your articles.   The larger the readership, then the more it is worth for an advertiser to place a banner ad or item on the page.   Since this new phase is just starting out, there is no way to establish the value of an article, but once we get this rolling, we will be able to track this and actually create something of an ongoing residual income based on how long your article keeps getting readers and advertisers keep sponsoring it.  

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