1911 Pistol and Clones: Operation, Maintenance and Gunsmithing

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Obviously this page is much under construction

Reference pictures:


Tannery Shop cast steel 80% 1911 frame.   The frame is considered a non-FFL item and is not regulated by GCA 68.   

Some links and info on the OSI 1911 jig is here 

NEW, the final OSI jig prototype in action. 

Acme Arms

This is one of the steel Tannery Shop 1911 frames with most of the shape done except the slide rails.  IE, the 80% version.   The 40% and 60% frames from NOC are apparently different, and lack all or most of the holes.    The 80% frames are still not considered a "gun part" unless slide rails have been cut.   I strongly suspect that these were actually made by Safari Arms, which is a division of Olympic Arms and you can sometimes find them available through some Olympic Arms Vendors at gun shows.   Until William is back from deployment and able to coordinate new production, these are probably going to be pretty hard to find.   

Aluminum 1911 type partially finished frame.  Most of the hard cuts are done or cast into the frame, but it still needs some holes drilled and probably fitting of whatever parts you want to install.  The slide rails are also not completely in there, but can be filed to finish out.   I would not recommend this frame for a full power .45 build, but it should work great for a 1911 type pistol in .22LR using one of the widely available .22LR conversion kits on the market.   These are from an unknown producer with spotty availability.   They can sometimes be found in varying grades of finish and price.  Note, these come from a different producer than the ones that come from tannery Shop.